The warm weather is finally here and not only has June brought us a decent amount of sunshine, it's also delivered a cracking selection of fiction and non-fiction books to add to our to-be-read piles. Scroll through this month's recommendations, add any books that take your fancy to your wishlist using the heart symbol. Or add them straight to your basket, save 10% and donate 25% of your spend to get more books into UK school libraries.

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Fiction Books of the Month

This month's Book of the Month selections include outstanding love stories now out in paperback to edge-of-your-seat page-turners. Take a look at some of the fiction books we've loved this month and scroll to the bottom of the blog to buy.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin - "An intimate alliance of a lifetime, the power of play, the pull of work - this outstanding love story set in the gaming world is a soulful joy."

The Illusions by Liz Hyder - "Deeply dark velvety depths combined with a vibrantly challenging tone ensure a thrilling historical tale set within the world of illusions."

Central Park West by James Comey - "Drawing on thirty years in law enforcement with the FBI, this is an authentic, fast-paced thriller, bursting with tension."

The Summer Skies by Jenny Colgan - "An absolutely gorgeous feel-good novel and relationship story, set in the skies and beautiful islands off the Scottish Highlands."

Hokey Pokey by Kate Mascarenhas - "Set in a glamorous hotel in 1929, this genre-bending page-turner ripples with suspense and brilliantly bizarre gothic twists."

Yellowface by Rebecca F Kuang - "Envy, ambition, arrogance, appropriation and racism — this smokin’ hot story of literary subterfuge cuts to the core of contemporary culture and human behaviour."

The Discreet Charm of the Big Bad Wolf by Alexander McCall Smith - "This fourth book in the charming Detective Varg series delivers a delight of whimsy, humour, mystery and humanity."

Mrs Porter Calling by A. J. Pearce - "An utter delight of a read as we step back in time to the extraordinary efforts on the home front from the offices of magazine Woman’s Friend"

The Last Dance by Mark Billingham - "An addictive and oh-so smart start to a new crime series by one of the best."

The Spider by Lars Kepler - "What a tangled web Lars Kepler weaves with The Spider, the ninth instalment in The Killer Instinct series."

Identity by Nora Roberts - "With murder and identity theft at its pounding heart, this edge-of-your-seat page-turner is packed with suspense, romance and fresh-start resilience."

Non-Fiction Books of the Month

From the senses of animals to taking back control of your life, our Non-Fiction Books of the Month for June are here to help you explore the world we live in. With inspiring memoirs and inventions that rocked the world, every aspect of life is expored in this collection. Shop with us and get 10% off every purchase and you can donate 25% to UK schools.

An Immense World by Ed Yong - "Step out into the unknown with this absolutely stunning foray into our world through the senses of animals."

Rural by Rebecca Smith - "A beautifully thoughtful book, in equal parts memoir, a love letter to our countryside, and examination of what the future holds for rural life."

Moderate Becoming Good Later by Toby Carr, Katie Carr - "An inspiring sea-borne adventure packed with poignancy and love"

Walking Meditations by Danielle North - "Truly beautiful inside and out, this calming and restorative book of walking meditations connects with heart and mind."

Deeper Mindfulness by Professor Mark Williams, Dr Danny Penman - "A handbook and accompanying audio programme for anyone wanting to slow down, take control back, stop procrastinating and take action to make your life the best it can be."

Biocivilisations by Predrag B. Slijepcevic - "A welcoming yet fiercely challenging and provocative read shining a light on the way we look at the science of life."

Nuts and Bolts by Roma Agrawal - "A history of seven small inventions that rocked the world"

Lost in the Lakes by Tom Chesshyre - "A thoughtful and characterful exploration of one of our most visited National Parks"

No Comment by Jess McDonald - "A candid, eye-opening and often shocking account, exploring the reality of being a direct-entry detective in the Met with the responsibility to 'keep London safe for everyone'."

Debuts of the Month

With paperback releases and brand new stories from brand new names, our June Debuts of the Month are a great way to discover something new. Whether you're looking for a sultry story or a quirky crime, take a look at these new releases and maybe even find your new favourite author.

Ledge by Stacey McEwan - "Abandon all thoughts of this world and live on The Ledge, a trapped village containing an intrepid heroine seeking revenge."

Don't Swipe Right by L.M. Chilton - "Do Swipe Right on this quirky crime novel about a woman whose past dates keep getting murdered"

Mrs S by K Patrick - "Sultry, heady and intense, Mrs S captures the timeless intricacies of falling into queer obsession"

There's Been a Little Incident by Alice Ryan - "Tackling the weightiness of grief with a lovely lightness of touch, this delightful debut brims with funny family bonds and the glow of having a place to come home to."

The Minuscule Mansion of Myra Malone by Audrey Burges - "This wonderfully unique relationship story, containing more than a touch of magic, is an absolute joy of a read."

How Far We've Come by Joyce Efia Harmer - "Highly original debut novel which uses a timeslip device to illuminate the legacy of slavery"

Good Husbands by Cate Ray - "A shocking letter threatens to destabilise three families in this compelling thriller laced with ethical dilemmas and surprising twists."

Ghost Girl, Banana by Wiz Wharton - "From Kowloon and London in 1966, to Hong Kong’s 1997 handover, this stirring page-turner explores identity and belonging as family secrets are unleashed through a mysterious inheritance."

The Seawomen by Chloe Timms - "An all-consuming far-reaching tale set on an island where men rule using fear as a weapon, and a woman dreams of freedom."

Trespasses by Louise Kennedy - "A raw, passionate, brutal yet beautifully written book set in 1970s Ireland."

Fledgling by Hannah Bourne Taylor - "Set against contrasting Ghanaian and British landscapes, this touching memoir explores nature’s power to offer us hope, purpose and a sense of belonging when we need it the most."

Liz Robinson's Picks of the Month

Liz Robinson has been an Editoral Expert for LoveReading since 2014 so when she says she loves a book, we listen. For her June picks there's a mix of non-fiction, thrillers, historical, humorous and feel-good fiction. Something for everyone can be found in this list of reading recommendations, so take note and add them to your wishlists and reading lists. 

Dark Earth by Rebecca Stott - "A bewitching vibrantly woven tale of female strength and fortitude in the early Middle Ages."

Fairy Tale by Stephen King - "A wondrous exploration of another world just below our own awaits in an utterly bewitching tale of good versus evil."

The Fallen by John Sutherland - "This exciting and fascinating crime thriller hammers home as it delves into shady politics and abuse at Westminster."

The Devil's Playground by Craig Russell - "A wonderfully atmospheric historical thriller exploring the curse of a Hollywood horror movie made during the 1920’s."

No Ordinary Day by Matt Johnson - "Eye-opening and thought-provoking throughout, read the shocking history and ongoing fight for justice after the murder of Police Constable Yvonne Fletcher in 1984."

The Night Ship by Jess Kidd - "A searing haunting beauty is to be found within this dual time-line novel based on the calamitous voyage of the Batavia in 1628."

Bored Gay Werewolf by Tony Santorella - "Bright, slick, and fabulously readable this novel highlights friendship as it rampages through the life of a werewolf."

Radical Love by Neil Blackmore - "A blistering and unforgettable tale of prejudice, love, obsession and betrayal set among the preachers, abolitionists, gay men and drag queens of 1809 London."

Reasons To Go Outside by Esme King - "Three isolated people begin to experience the possibilities life can offer in this beautifully warm and satisfying novel."

Star Books

We've added a tidal wave of new books to our Star Books selection this month. Every one a brilliant read and shared with our tightest seal of approval. These are the books that have stood out to us this month, but what about you? Comment below and let us know what books you've enjoyed reading in June and what you're looking forward to starting in July and beyond!