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The Illusions

"Deeply dark velvety depths combined with a vibrantly challenging tone ensure a thrilling historical tale set within the world of illusions. "

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A captivating and fascinating novel, author Liz Hyder excels in constructing a number of provocative strands, emphasising each, while bringing them together to create a vibrant whole. Set in Bristol in 1896, a set of illusionists and early film pioneers combine to form a grand spectacle in celebration of a master of illusion. It is obvious that extensive research has taken place to make this novel feel so convincing, it allows you to fall into and soak up the rich dark undertone that flows through the pages. It is fascinating to read the historical note at the end, while very much a work of fiction, real-life magicians and moving picture trailblazers have been used as inspiration. The focus hovers over four people, each so very different yet with a united love for their art, though the two women really do sit centre stage due to their inclusion in a male-dominated world. I enjoyed the difference in ages of the characters, it lends a feeling of inclusivity. The villain of the piece is wonderfully sinister, you may well find a boo and hiss escaping as you read. This is a fabulous second novel (for adults), firmly cementing Liz Hyder as an author to watch, and we have included it as a LoveReading Star Book. Beautifully crafted, The Illusions steps into a world of trickery and deception, while shining a light on the importance of friendship and love. 

Liz Robinson

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