New Year, new books! January begins with vim and vigour, resolutions made and determination at an all-time high. If you're determined to get more reading out of this year we'll be sharing plenty of new releases to keep you inspired throughout the year. Keep scrolling to see what January 2024 has to offer. Happy New Year!

Fiction Books of the Month

From addictive new series to another page-turning triumph, our fiction book recommendations have plenty to thrill you on a dark January night. Read snippets from our Expert Reviews, click to learn more or shop any of these titles at the bottom of the page.

Killing Jericho by William Hussey - "A striking and addictive start to a new series, where disgraced former detective Scott Jericho meets a deadly foe."

Zero Kill by M.K. Hill - "If you love full-on pump-action reading entertainment in the form of a spy thriller then step this way."

The Cook of Castamar by Fernando J. Muñez - "Now a major Netflix series, this relationship story sings with heart and energy and is set on a 1720’s Spanish estate."

The Illusions by Liz Hyder - "Deeply dark velvety depths combined with a vibrantly challenging tone ensure a thrilling historical tale set within the world of illusions."

Thorn In My Side by C.J. Skuse - "Another page-turning triumph with Rhiannon 4.0's game of brinkmanship taking us to new levels of serial killing deception, depravity and humour. Oh the twistedness."

One of the Good Guys by Araminta Hall - "Ablaze with feminist rage and revenge, this sensational thriller is a fresh, fiery, timely page-turner."

Non-Fiction Books of the Month

Discover an inspiring story or get to work to make your finances blossom in 2024 with these non-fiction recommendations. Read the extraordinary story of an ordinary man that saved 669 children from Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, now adapted for a major film. Discover how to protect the environment and your purse with a social media favourite. 

One Life by Barbara Winton - "The extraordinary and inspiring story of an ordinary man who rescued 669 children from Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia in 1938."

The Green Budget Guide by Nancy Birtwhistle - "Protect the environment and run a home on a budget, this book is an essential read for 2024."

Debuts of the Month

2024 could be the year that you discover your new favourite author. Whether you've made it your mission to read more widely or you're enticed by the short reviews below, these debuts offer something for everyone and come with the LoveReading seal of approval.

The City of Stardust by Georgia Summers - "A stunning clarion call of a debut novel that dwells in curses, magic, and gods as it explores the effects of love and betrayal."

Glorious Exploits by Ferdia Lennon - "An original, fascinating, and focused novel that explores the brutality of war and brotherhood of men during the Peloponnesian War in 412BC."

The House of Broken Bricks by Fiona Williams - "Recommended as a LoveReading Star Book, this debut novel emotionally connects with heart and soul while traversing the difficulties of living within a family fractured by grief."

The Minuscule Mansion of Myra Malone by Audrey Burges - "This wonderfully unique relationship story, containing more than a touch of magic, is an absolute joy of a read."

Don't Swipe Right by L.M. Chilton - "Do Swipe Right on this quirky crime novel about a woman whose past dates keep getting murdered"

The Storm We Made by Vanessa Chan - "Teeming with heart-rending secrets, divided loyalties, decisions that devastate through time, and bonds that can’t be broken, Vanessa Chan’s The Storm We Made debut is at once an un-put-down-able family saga, and a poignant portrayal of the brutalities of war."

Liz Robinson's Picks of the Month

Although it's a new year some things stay the same and Liz Robinson remains steadfast when it comes to delivering an array of excellent monthly book recommendations. Scroll to see why each of these books were selected and add them to your basket at the bottom of the page. 

Voyage of the Damned by Frances White - "Hugely and riotously entertaining while also being compassionate and thought-provoking, this fantasy murder-mystery is one heck of a fabulous read."

The History of My Sexuality by Tobi Lakmaker - "A quiet yet bold, emotional and thought-provoking tale that sits alongside Sophie as she experiences her journey into adulthood in Amsterdam."

Cursed Bread by Sophie Mackintosh - "An intoxicating read, set in a small town in France, that loses itself in the layered labyrinth of one woman’s mind during the 1950’s."

End of Story by Louise Swanson - "Fiction has been banned in this fabulously imaginative and emotional read where an author, classed as a criminal, continues to tell stories illegally."

Star Books

January offers a clean slate from which to begin refilling our Books of the Year category. Our first instalment of Star Books is a biggie and we can't wait to see which other titles join them in the months to come.