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"A beautifully thoughtful book, in equal parts memoir, a love letter to our countryside, and examination of what the future holds for rural life."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

What a lovely read this is, so thoughtful and moving, yet also challenging and provocative too. Rural has deservedly been chosen as a LoveReading Star Book. Author Rebecca Smith looks at the history and future of those born, bred, and working in the countryside. This isn’t just a surface picture of rural life, it deep-dives into this world, and shows an element that most won’t have seen or even understand. At first I felt as though she was slightly ambivalent, sitting on a sharpened edge of awareness and I wasn’t sure where she was going to settle. The further I read, the more I realised that she holds a true love, personal and honest and pure, for the countryside. This book feels important, as though it had to be written now, and should be read by those who hold power, who make decisions. Her questions, her mourning, emphasise the reality of working in our most rural areas, this isn’t a theme-ride version, this is truth. I felt as though I was on a meandering course as I read, dipping in and out of her family, discovering history, examining the social and economic aspects of rural life. It has somehow seared itself onto my soul and I cried as I finished. Highly recommended, Rural is a very special read, one that highlights the joy and difficulties of living a working life in our countryside.

Liz Robinson

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