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  1. Over My Dead Body Audiobook Over My Dead Body
  2. The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller Audiobook The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller
  3. Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4 Audiobook Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4
  4. Lapvona Audiobook Lapvona
  5. You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good Audiobook You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good
  6. Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition Audiobook Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition
  7. The Murders at Fleat House Audiobook The Murders at Fleat House
  8. Modern Romance: An Investigation Audiobook Modern Romance: An Investigation
  9. Counterfeit Audiobook Counterfeit
  10. Richer Than Sin Audiobook Richer Than Sin
Workparent: The Complete Guide to Succeeding on the Job, Staying True to Yourself, and Raising Happy Audiobook

Workparent: The Complete Guide to Succeeding on the Job, Staying True to Yourself, and Raising Happy

Author: Daisy Dowling Narrator: James Patrick Cronin, Julie Mckay Release Date: May 2022

Brought to you by Penguin. An all-in-one guide for every working parent There are plenty of parenting books out there, but as a working parent there's never been a trusted guide that coaches you how to do well at work and be the loving and engaged mother or father you want to be. Enter Workparent. Whether you're planning a family, pushing for promotion during your kids' teenage years, or at any phase in between, Workparent provides all the advice and assurance you'll need to balance your family and career in your own, authentic way. Whatever your field of work or family structure, you'll learn how to: · Find a childcare arrangement you fully trust · Build a strong support team, at home and on the job · Navigate big transitions: the return from leave, a promotion or job change, or the arrival of a second child · Step up at work while keeping your family healthy and whole · Tame difficult emotions like guilt, self-doubt and worry Written by Daisy Dowling, a top executive coach and working parent, this book feels like an intimate talk with a trusted friend and mentor, and it'll have your back for every stage of parenthood. Workparent is the only handbook you need to thrive as a working parent. © Daisy Dowling 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2022

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Revelation Audiobook


Author: Rick Partlow Narrator: James Patrick Cronin Release Date: April 2022

Ryan Hendrix is dead …… Or so his family, his girlfriend, and his fellow Marines think. Terribly wounded during the battle for Hermes, Ryan Hendrix was repaired with cybernetics, transformed into a weapon by Fleet Intelligence … and covertly dropped onto the enemy-occupied colony at Aphrodite to sabotage the enemy and build up a civilian resistance. While Ryan fights the real battle behind enemy lines, Travis Miller and Jessica Leer struggle with politics … and their new commands. The Earth government is too scared of losing more cruisers to try to take back the occupied colonies, so Travis and Jessica find themselves stuck raiding enemy outposts, trying to draw their attention away so Ryan and the rest of his commandos can do their job. But Travis Miller didn’t get to be the head of the largest task force in human history by sitting back and doing what he’s told. And when one of those raids turns up key intelligence, Travis will do whatever he has to in order to get back in the real fight. Book 3 in the explosive Holy War series from the #1 Amazon bestselling author of Contact Front, Rick Partlow.

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Grimstone Hangover: A Croft and Wesson Adventure Audiobook

Grimstone Hangover: A Croft and Wesson Adventure

Author: Brad Magnarella Narrator: James Patrick Cronin Release Date: April 2022

A case they’ll never forget… if only they can remember. Professor Croft here, partnered once again with the gambling, spell-slinging James Wesson. Four Grimstone teens are dead, the life seemingly vacuumed from their withered bodies. The lone clue, a magic residue in their blood. Convinced it’s the work of a supernatural drug, Sheriff Jackson entrusts the case to us while she’s away. I just need to keep my junior partner in line. Suddenly it’s the next morning, and we’re hungover, absent our magical items, and with no memory of the last twelve hours. Were we drugged? James keeps bringing up some movie, but I’m desperately trying to piece together what happened. Because the more we discover about our wild night, the less innocent we seem. And the deputy is missing. Can we undo the damage, find the deputy, and crack the case before Sheriff Jackson returns to town? Or will the wizard duo of Croft and Wesson become Grimstone’s next outlaws? Croft & Wesson is a spinoff of the popular Prof Croft series but stands on its own. If you like buddy wizards, occult mysteries, and wild spell-slinging in one of the Wilder Wests around, you’ll love Croft & Wesson!

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The Atlas Six: TikTok made me buy it! Audiobook

The Atlas Six: TikTok made me buy it!

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake is the runaway TikTok must-read fantasy novel of the year. If you loved Ninth House and A Deadly Education, you’ll love this. Originally a self-published sensation, this edition has been fully edited and revised, including gorgeous new illustrations. Secrets. Betrayal. Seduction. Welcome to the Alexandrian Society. When the world’s best magicians are offered an extraordinary opportunity, saying yes is easy. Each could join the secretive Alexandrian Society, whose custodians guard lost knowledge from ancient civilizations. Their members enjoy a lifetime of power and prestige. Yet each decade, only six practitioners are invited – to fill five places. Contenders Libby Rhodes and Nico de Varona are inseparable enemies, cosmologists who can control matter with their minds. Parisa Kamali is a telepath, who sees the mind’s deepest secrets. Reina Mori is a naturalist who can perceive and understand the flow of life itself. And Callum Nova is an empath, who can manipulate the desires of others. Finally there’s Tristan Caine, whose powers mystify even himself. Following recruitment by the mysterious Atlas Blakely, they travel to the Society’s London headquarters. Here, each must study and innovate within esoteric subject areas. And if they can prove themselves, over the course of a year, they’ll survive. Most of them. The story continues in The Atlas Paradox, the heart-stopping sequel.

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Pox You: A Croft and Tabby Short Audiobook

Pox You: A Croft and Tabby Short

Author: Brad Magnarella Narrator: James Patrick Cronin Release Date: February 2022

Warning: Foul-mouthed cat ahead  Prof Croft here and, yes, I trapped a murderous succubus in a kitten’s body and made her my pet. The alternative was to behead her, and as wizards go, I’m just not that callous. Do you think Tabitha shows any appreciation? Two years old now, her speech has grown along with her girth, and when not insulting me, she’s plotting ways to devour my soul. But that’s the least of my problems. An early winter storm has plunged our unheated apartment to near freezing, and I’m too cash-strapped to afford a chimney sweep. So when a strange woman appears, asking me to investigate an attack at an old smallpox hospital, I accept the case along with her vague offer of compensation. And If I can involve Tabitha, who knows? Maybe we’ll finally start bonding. Sure, and maybe Hell will host the next Winter Games. Croft & Tabby is a spinoff of the popular Prof Croft series, set before the main books. If you like snarky cats, fledgling mages, and supernatural investigations, you'll love Croft & Tabby!

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Midnight Eternal Audiobook

Midnight Eternal

Author: Aj Connor, Mckenzie Hunter Narrator: James Patrick Cronin Release Date: February 2022

Keeping our existence a secret protected the pack. Now the wrong people know about us. That's the reason the Alphas and I have been abducted to be hunted for sport, but we have no intention of going down without a fight. Escape seems nearly impossible once it becomes apparent that we've been betrayed by those that we once considered allies and many of our secrets have been exposed. If we are to survive this, we need our pack. With the disappearance of the Alphas, Sky has become the Elite Alpha. Sky has always been the pack's heart but she'll have to become darker and more ruthless to help us. I have no doubts that Sky will rise to the challenge but I know it will come at a price. As my mate, I'd give my life to protect hers and I know she'd do the same. That's the problem. The cost of our safety might be more than I'm willing to pay.

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Back Off Witch: A Croft and Tabby Short Audiobook

Back Off Witch: A Croft and Tabby Short

Author: Brad Magnarella Narrator: James Patrick Cronin Release Date: February 2022

What’s worse than a sharp-tongued cat in a heatwave? Being stuck inside with her. When my friend Kayla asks for my help as a wizard, I jump at the chance to escape my apartment—and Tabitha. In New York’s inner city, a child’s closet hides a monster. At least according to my starry-eyed friend, who claims powers of intuition. But this time she might be onto something. The scariest part? The child will only confide in Tabitha. Now I need to convince my succubus cat, who remains committed to eating, sleeping, staying cool, and, yes, devouring my soul, to help stop a supernatural threat that’s climbing faster than the city’s thermometer. Can Tabitha and I overcome our differences in time to save an innocent life? Or will she undermine me just to prove she’s still queen? Croft & Tabby is a spinoff of the popular Prof Croft series, set before the main books. If you like snarky cats, fledgling mages, and supernatural investigations, you'll love Croft & Tabby!

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Not Alone: First Encounter Audiobook

Not Alone: First Encounter

Author: Craig A. Falconer Narrator: James Patrick Cronin Release Date: February 2022

A secret like this doesn't keep itself....  Not Alone: First Encounter is a prequel to the globally acclaimed Not Alone series, set several years before two worlds collide under the weight of the grandest conspiracy of all time.  For the first time ever, First Encounter lifts the curtain on a deadly series of events surrounding the initial meeting between the ruthless Richard Walker — untouchable head of the controversial Interspace Defense Agency — and a young truth-seeker from Birchwood, Colorado....  Not Alone is a multi-time Kindle Unlimited All Star title and Best of the year finalist. Dive in now to this roller coaster tale of contact and disclosure for the 21st century! [Not Alone: First Encounter is also available as part of the 10-story Not Alone: Origins collection]

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Not Alone: Origins Audiobook

Not Alone: Origins

Author: Craig A. Falconer Narrator: James Patrick Cronin Release Date: February 2022

The scene is set. The truth is coming... Five years in the making Not Alone: Origins is a collection of exciting character origin stories designed to provide exclusive insights into the people who make Not Alone tick, as well as to show how they first became embroiled in the grandest conspiracy of all time. From Emma Ford's early days with Jack Neal at XPR, all the way to John Cole's ruthless rise to the top and Timo Fiore's early interests in space exploration, these origin stories add insight and depth to the characters we love and some of those we love to hate. Ten stories to tell Within the collection you'll find nine brand new character origin stories as well as the critically acclaimed First Encounter prequel, which sparked the idea for this Origins collection. The collection includes the following stories: 1: Not Alone: First Encounter (Richard Walker) 2: Fiore's Frontier (Timo Fiore) 3: Fool’s Gold (Ben Gold) 4: Emma Ford: XPR (Emma Ford) 5: He of Boundless Faith (Billy Kendrick) 6: Treasure Trawl Titans (Grant Pittman) 7: Fat Little Acorns (John Cole) 8: This Time It's Personal (Jan Gellar) 9: The Heart and the Hustle (Mr Byrd & Phil Norris) 10: Blue Dish Network (Trey Myers) New to Not Alone? You can jump right in with this Origins collection! Although knowledge of the novel will add depth, these stories are carefully written to avoid spoiling any of the novel's surprises and to be enjoyed as a collection of exciting character prequels.

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The Day the Crayons Quit Audiobook

The Day the Crayons Quit

Crayons have feelings, too, in this funny back-to-school story -- now a #1 New York Times bestseller! Poor Duncan just wants to color. But when he opens his box of crayons, he finds only letters, all saying the same thing: His crayons have had enough! They quit! Beige Crayon is tired of playing second fiddle to Brown Crayon. Black wants to be used for more than just outlining. Blue needs a break from coloring all those bodies of water. And Orange and Yellow are no longer speaking-each believes he is the true color of the sun. What can Duncan possibly do to appease all of the crayons and get them back to doing what they do best?Kids will be imagining their own humorous conversations with crayons and coloring a blue streak after sharing laughs with Drew Daywalt and New York Times bestseller Oliver Jeffers. This story is perfect as a back-to-school gift, for all budding artists, for fans of humorous books such as Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Sciezka and Lane Smith, and for fans of Oliver Jeffers' Stuck, The Incredible Book Eating Boy, Lost and Found, and This Moose Belongs to Me. Audiobook cast of narrators: Drew Daywalt as THE NARRATOR and PINK CRAYON Marichelle Daywalt as RED CRAYON René Ruiz as PURPLE CRAYON James Patrick Cronin as BEIGE CRAYON Barrett Leddy as GRAY CRAYON Robbie Daymond as WHITE CRAYON John Lee as BLACK CRAYON Tara Sands as GREEN CRAYON MacLeod Andrews as YELLOW CRAYON Ron Butler as ORANGE CRAYON Kim Mai Guest as BLUE CRAYON Max Meyers as PEACH CRAYON

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Judgment Day Audiobook

Judgment Day

Author: Rick Partlow Narrator: James Patrick Cronin Release Date: January 2022

We've won a battle ... but we're losing the war. Travis Miller, his image reformed from the moron who screwed up our first contact with aliens to one of the heroes of the Battle for Eden, is given a new assignment: retake the occupied colony of Brigantia. Losing it would be a glancing blow to the Tahni Imperium, but it would be Earth's first solid strike against them, a chance to go on the offensive. Ryan Hendrix and the Fleet Marines will be the tip of the spear, outfitted with their new Aegis-powered armor, while Jessica Leer and her Fleet Strike fighter squadron clear the way for the Marines and their landers, sacrificing their lives to get boots on the ground. But even a victory on Brigantia won't mean the end of the war. And it might just make the Tahni angry enough to do something desperate, to strike deep into the heart of the Commonwealth, where we least expect it ... Once again, Travis is forced to choose between his orders and what he knows is right. And for him, win or lose, it's judgment day ...

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Pastel Pink Audiobook

Pastel Pink

Author: Nikki Minty Narrator: James Patrick Cronin, Jodie Harris, Khristine Hvam Release Date: October 2021

From one ending comes a new beginning... Ruby was murdered on Earth eighteen years ago and reincarnated on Zadok as a Pastel Zeek named Harlow. To be born at the bottom of her race's caste colour system to a middle-class family of Magentas has made Harlow a source of conflict amongst the ruling Purples, and a source of derision from all three colours. When Harlow is attacked by a fuegor on Zadok, the effects of its slow reacting venom triggers an unforeseen phenomenon, and due to the strong connection she had with her former twin sister Jade, her human spirit is unexpectedly drawn back to Earth. Now living a double life, she has plunged into a world of intrigue on both planets. On earth, she watches on in horror as Jade reconnects with Lucas, the man who murdered her and got away with it. And to complicate things further, she's being pursued by Alex, the ghost of Lucas' twin. On Zadok, she becomes embroiled with Jax, the son of the Commanding family. He's determined to bring about change to the colony's colour system, but it'll come at a cost. As Harlow mixes with the political intrigue of the Zeeks, will she become a victim of those trying to rigidly maintain the status quo or will she usher in a revolution? And will ghost Ruby resist the temptation of the handsome Alex or pursue an impossible relationship that could have dire consequences on both planets?

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