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  1. The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021 Audiobook The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021
  2. Dune Audiobook Dune
  3. The Christmas Escape Audiobook The Christmas Escape
  4. Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness Audiobook Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness
  5. Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain Audiobook Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain
  6. As Good As Dead Audiobook As Good As Dead
  7. How to Kill Your Family Audiobook How to Kill Your Family
  8. Never Audiobook Never
  9. Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography Audiobook Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography
  10. Touch of Regret Audiobook Touch of Regret
A Man of Honour Audiobook

A Man of Honour

Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford Narrator: Aidan Kelly Release Date: November 2021

The prequel to the million-copy bestseller, A Woman of Substance, where, high on the Yorkshire moors, the story of Blackie O’Neill and Emma Harte begins… Orphaned and alone, 13-year-old Blackie O’Neill must leave County Kerry to find work and put food in his mouth. His only chance of survival lies with his mother’s brother, far away in Leeds. There, amid the noise and bustle, the mills and manufactories of the clothing industry that have made Leeds one of England’s most prosperous cities, Blackie’s spark of ambition becomes a flame. Working in his Uncle’s business, he nurtures a dream of throwing off the impotence of poverty, of building houses and perhaps even of becoming a gentleman. And then, high on the Yorkshire moors, in the mists of a winter morning, he meets a kitchen maid called Emma Harte. And as the Victorian world gives way to the freedom of the Edwardian age, so a young man and a servant girl seize a chance, against the odds, to build a better life… Don’t miss this stunning new novel from Barbara Taylor Bradford – available to pre-order now!

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Shadows of Kalalau Audiobook

Shadows of Kalalau

Author: Doug Walsh Narrator: Veronica Orosco Release Date: November 2021

From the footsteps of the past, Malia must blaze her own future…Still reeling from her mother’s death, Malia refuses to spend the summer before college walking on eggshells around her overbearing father. So, hoping to reconnect with her mother's spirit, Malia flees to the remote Kalalau Valley of Kauaʻi, where she was conceived. But when two people end up dead, her adventure in paradise becomes a battle for survival. Nothing in Kalalau is as she expects. Though quickly embraced by an eclectic group of squatters, Malia struggles to bond with her newfound ʻohana, or family … especially with the attractive surfer who holds her at arms'-length despite the chemistry between them. When a stranger joins the group, events rapidly spiral out of control. As secrets are revealed and illusions shattered, Malia finds herself at the center of a police investigation. And her life's dreams at the mercy of a desperate murderer. Emotionally complex and charged with suspense, Shadows of Kalalau is a coming-of-age story as beautiful, rich, and compelling as its backdrop of Hawaiʻi’s Nāpali coast.

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Goldilocks Audiobook


Author: Jay Crownover Narrator: Connor Brown, Elizabeth Hart Release Date: October 2021

For Olivia Adams, the world has always been too big or too small. Ollie has always felt confined and trapped. It was hard for her to imagine a future beyond the crushing control of those who wanted to make sure she paid the price for her role in a tragic accident that ruined several young lives. However, having no hope and living in a constant state of fear never stopped Ollie from dreaming of different ways to break free. Huck is the only one who ever made her feel like there was a place in his world, right by his side, that would fit her just right. The world has always forced Huck Snyder to be a guy who runs either too hot or too cold. Unwanted and barely tolerated, his temper burned hot and bright, often leading him into trouble. Huck quickly realized the only way he would make it was to freeze out every single memory and moment from his past. Especially those surrounding Ollie. He was in no way prepared for the only girl who could ever control his inner fire to show back up. Fire and ice no longer define Huck because when he's with Ollie, it's easy to remember that the temperature between the two of them has always been just right.

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The Tournament's Price Audiobook

The Tournament's Price

Author: Given Hoffman Narrator: Briann Beck Release Date: October 2021

Prince Gage, second-born son of Edelmar’s king, has gained fame and fortune as an undefeated jouster. Knighted young, Gage is audacious on the tournament field but daunted by his responsibilities of leadership. He’s always been content to follow his father’s and his older brother’s leading, but more is expected of him. Will he be able to prove himself capable?  When a ruthless thief at a tournament makes Gage his next target, it changes everything. The lords of Edelmar thought defeating the blue-eyed thief would end their troubles, but Gage discovers the Blue Crow’s small group of rebels are just the beginning of what is brewing beneath the submissive bows and polite smiles of the common people.

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Chasing Abby Audiobook

Chasing Abby

Author: Cassia Leo Narrator: Ashley Klanac, Chris Ruen Release Date: October 2021

The heart-stopping conclusion to the New York Times and USA Today best selling Shattered Hearts Series. Five years, six months, eight days…. It’s been eighteen years since Abigail was born with a hole in her heart. Five years since she collapsed on the soccer field. Five years, six months, eight days since she found out she was adopted. Abby has spent five years wondering about the family she never knew and waiting for her eighteenth birthday. When Abby shows up on the doorstep of Chris and Claire Knight, her birth parents are overjoyed to see the little girl they lost eighteen years ago. Abby finally learns the truth about the sacrifices her birth parents made for her and is astonished to find she is regarded as 'the girl who got away.'  One summer is all they have to make up for the years they lost. But a summer of love soon turns into a summer of heartache for Abby. Until, once again, someone makes the ultimate sacrifice for the girl who got away. 

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Stitched Audiobook


Author: Emma Mildon Narrator: Skye Ally Release Date: October 2021

★★★★★ 'Eat, Pray, Love, meets 13 Reasons Why. I’m officially hooked on this book.' Sophie is desperate to stitch her life back together. Quirky. De-railed. Unhinged. Untamed. Awkward. And ultimately hanging on by a thread, after a life changing car crash changes the direction of her life as she knew it. Navigating loosing love, death, and finding her place in the world she sets out on a journey to fall back in love, with life. Between sewing sarcastic cross-stitches, threads of sexual tension, and a rift of spiritual revelations Sophie finds herself new friendships, traveling new lands, and living in limbo between worlds. Foreign worlds. Haunted by her past. And stuck in her present. Ugh, life? What a dick sometimes, am I right? Enter Chris, the seductive Australian backpacker who just might help her come back to the reality of now. After a string of fateful meetings Sophie if forced to confront the fabric of her life. Stay tangled by the past? Or cut herself free for a future. Guilt. Lust. Grief. Longing. Welcome to Sophie’s awkward world, and how it unravelled. Aka one big fat knotted mess.

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BECOMING K-9: A bomb dog's memoir Audiobook

BECOMING K-9: A bomb dog's memoir

Author: Rada Jones Narrator: Hannah Baker Release Date: September 2021

'Until you hoomans learn to sniff each other's butts so you can read each other's thoughts, you'll need us, dogs, to guide you, love you and set you straight.' Corporal K-9 Guinness Kirkus Review: Excitement, tears, and many chuckles in a winning story about a courageous K-9. 'Guinness is an irresistible lead character-smart and steadfast but also soulful and delightfully snarky. While the narrative offers adventure and some tragedy throughout, it also delivers humor and great tenderness. The scenes in Afghanistan, where Guinness is eventually deployed, are portrayed with a visceral grittiness. Readers can practically taste the ever present dust permeating the barren landscape. This is Jones' first volume in her K-9 Heroes series, and it is a lovely tribute to the brave canine officers in the military.'  I have never had a book evoke as much emotion as this one. I loved this book because it was written from the dogs point of view. It was beautiful and sad and happy and I couldn't put it down! I laughed, I cried and really enjoyed reading this book. I couldn't put it down.

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Dónde estás, mundo bello: La nueva novela de la aclamada autora de «Gente normal» Audiobook

Dónde estás, mundo bello: La nueva novela de la aclamada autora de «Gente normal»

Author: Sally Rooney Narrator: Candela Antón Release Date: September 2021

La historia de dos amigas que buscan el amor y la belleza ante un mundo incierto. La nueva novela de la aclamada autora de Gente normal. «El fenómeno literario de la década.» The Guardian «La mejor novela publicada este año.» The Times «Literatura en mayúsculas.» El País Dos amigas se acercan a la treintena en ciudades distintas y tras mucho tiempo sin verse. Alice, novelista, conoce a Felix, que trabaja en un almacén, y le pide que la acompañe a Roma para promocionar su último libro. En Dublín, su mejor amiga, Eileen, está superando una ruptura y empieza a flirtear con Simon, un chico al que conoce desde que eran niños. Mientras el verano se acerca, las dos chicas se envían correos electrónicos en los que se ponen al día. Hablan de su amistad, de sus relaciones, de arte, literatura y de un futuro cada vez más incierto. Dicen que quieren verse pronto, pero ¿qué pasará cuando lo hagan? Alice, Felix, Eileen y Simon todavía son jóvenes, pero pronto dejarán de serlo. Se juntan y se separan, se desean y se mienten. Tienen sexo, sufren por amor, por sus amistades y por el mundo en el que viven. ¿Están en la última sala iluminada antes de la oscuridad? ¿Encontrarán una manera de creer en un mundo bello? Rooney despliega de nuevo su capacidad para analizar el comportamiento humano y vuelve a demostrar por qué es una de las autoras más importantes del momento en una novela que busca la belleza en los claroscuros de la amistad y en el porvenir incierto de nuestro planeta. Sobre Gente normal: «Los mejores diálogos que hayamos leído nunca.» The New Yorker «Una historia de amor cercana, honesta y pura.» Isabel Coixet «Una novela preciosa sobre las innumerables formas en que hombres y mujeres intentan entenderse y cómo fracasan constantemente.» The Guardian «Mi escritora favorita.» Lena Dunham

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Son of a Preacher Man Audiobook

Son of a Preacher Man

Author: Karen M Cox Narrator: Blake Lockheart Release Date: September 2021

1959. The long, hot summer bakes the sleepy, Southern town of Orchard Hill. Billy Ray Davenport, an aspiring physician and only son of an indomitable traveling minister, is a young man with a plan that starts with working in a small-town doctor’s office before he begins medical school in the fall. Handsome, principled, and keenly observant, he will lodge with the Millers, the local doctor’s family. But he never bargained for Lizzie Quinlan—a complex, kindred spirit who is beautiful and compassionate, yet scorned by the townsfolk. With her quirky wisdom and a spine of steel hidden beneath an effortless sensuality, Lizzie is about to change Billy Ray’s life—and his heart—forever.  Winner of the 2019 Kentucky Indie Author Project for adult fiction.

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freckles Audiobook


Author: Cecelia Ahern Narrator: Amy Mcallister Release Date: September 2021

The brand new, instant Sunday Times top ten novel from million-copy bestselling author Cecelia Ahern. Five people. Five chances. One woman’s search for happiness. Allegra Bird’s arms are scattered with freckles, a gift from her beloved father. But despite her nickname, Freckles has never been able to join all the dots. So when a stranger tells her that everyone is the average of the five people they spend the most time with, it opens up something deep inside. The trouble is, Freckles doesn’t know if she has five people. And if not, what does that say about her? She’s left her unconventional father and her friends behind for a bold new life in Dublin, but she’s still an outsider. Now, in a quest to understand, she must find not one but five people who shape her – and who will determine her future. Told in Allegra’s vivid, original voice, moving from modern Dublin to the fierce Atlantic coast, this is an unforgettable story of human connection, of friendship, and of growing into your own skin. Acclaim for Cecelia Ahern: ‘Cleverly constructed, full of flavour and moving’ Daily Mail ‘Touching, full of humour … life-affirming. Ahern writes with honesty and empathy’ Irish Times ‘As this gorgeous novel illuminates, life goes on, even in the wake of loss’ Nicholas Sparks, bestselling author of The Notebook ‘Beautiful and unexpected … both thought-provoking and life-affirming’ Sunday Express ‘Witty, provocative … it’s time to recognise Cecelia Ahern as one of our finest writers’ John Boyne, bestselling author of The Heart’s Invisible Furies Cecelia Ahern’s previous novel Postscript was a Sunday Times bestseller w/c 16th September 2019.

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Safe at Home: The gripping, twisty domestic thriller you won’t be able to put down Audiobook

Safe at Home: The gripping, twisty domestic thriller you won’t be able to put down

Author: Lauren North Narrator: Christina Cole Release Date: September 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. What if you left your child alone, and something terrible happened? Anna James is an anxious mother. So when she has to leave eleven-year-old Harrie home alone one evening, she can't stop worrying about her daughter. But nothing bad ever happens in the sleepy village of Barton St Martin. Except something goes wrong that night, and Anna returns to find Harrie with bruises she won't explain. The next morning a local businessman is reported missing and the village is sparking with gossip. Anna is convinced there's a connection and that Harrie is in trouble. But how can she protect her daughter if she doesn't know where the danger is coming from? 'A wonderfully dark, addictive, intriguing and twisty read' Karen Hamilton, author of The Perfect Girlfriend 'A deliciously gripping thriller; the twists blew my mind!' Emma Curtis, author of Keep Her Quiet 'Razor-sharp and shocking - a breathless thriller that never lets up the pace' Charlotte Duckworth, author of The Perfect Father 'A thriller with real heart that is impossible to put down - Safe At Home is a rare treat' Trisha Sakhlecha, author of Can You See Me Now © Lauren North 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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Maiken & Quinn: A Maxwell Family Saga Collection Books 1-4 Audiobook

Maiken & Quinn: A Maxwell Family Saga Collection Books 1-4

Author: S.B. Alexander Narrator: Heather Downey, Parker Douglass Release Date: September 2021

A Young Adult Sweet Romance Boxset  Meet Maiken Maxwell and Quinn Thompson, as they stumble through high school, experiencing all their firsts from puppy love to true love and everything in between. The complete collection is a wild and emotional ride filled with angst, anticipation, sweetness, and so much more. If you love romances about family, friendships, high school drama, and characters you can root for, you’ll love Maiken and Quinn’s story. Books in this collection 1.    My Heart to Touch 2.    My Heart to Hold 3.    My Heart to Give 4.    My Heart to Keep

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