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LoveReading Top 10

  1. 488 Rules for Life: The Thankless Art of Being Correct Audiobook 488 Rules for Life: The Thankless Art of Being Correct
  2. Magpie Audiobook Magpie
  3. A Midwinter Promise Audiobook A Midwinter Promise
  4. Lessons In Lust Audiobook Lessons In Lust
  5. Behind the Mask: My Autobiography Audiobook Behind the Mask: My Autobiography
  6. Peaky Blinders: The Real Story: The new true history of Birmingham's most notorious gangs Audiobook Peaky Blinders: The Real Story: The new true history of Birmingham's most notorious gangs
  7. The Hunting Party Audiobook The Hunting Party
  8. The Butterfly Room Audiobook The Butterfly Room
  9. Unstoppable: Transforming Your Mindset to Create Change, Accelerate Results, and Be the Best at What Audiobook Unstoppable: Transforming Your Mindset to Create Change, Accelerate Results, and Be the Best at What
  10. The Giver of Stars: Fall in love with the enchanting Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Me B Audiobook The Giver of Stars: Fall in love with the enchanting Sunday Times bestseller from the author of Me B
Pity the Reader: On Writing With Style Audiobook

Pity the Reader: On Writing With Style

Author: Kurt Vonnegut, Suzanne Mcconnell Narrator: Karen White Release Date: November 2019

The art and craft of writing by one of the few grandmasters of American literature, a bonanza for writers and readers written by Kurt Vonnegut's former student. Here is an entirely new side of Kurt Vonnegut, Vonnegut as a teacher of writing. Of course he's given us glimpses before, with aphorisms and short essays and articles and in his speeches. But never before has an entire book been devoted to Kurt Vonnegut the teacher. Here is pretty much everything Vonnegut ever said or wrote having to do with the writing art and craft, altogether a healing, a nourishing expedition. McConnell has outfitted us for the journey, and in these thirty-seven chapters covers the waterfront of how one American writer brought himself to the pinnacle of the writing art, and we can all benefit as a result. Kurt Vonnegut was one of the few grandmasters of American literature, whose novels continue to influence new generations about the ways in which our imaginations can help us to live. Few aspects of his contribution have not been plumbed-fourteen novels, collections of his speeches, his essays, his letters, his plays-so this fresh view of him, written by a former student, is a bonanza for writers and readers and Vonnegut fans everywhere.

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The Other Windsor Girl: A Novel of Princess Margaret, Royal Rebel Audiobook

The Other Windsor Girl: A Novel of Princess Margaret, Royal Rebel

Author: Georgie Blalock Narrator: Ann Marie Gideon Release Date: November 2019

If you love The Crown, then this is the audiobook for you! Diana, Catherine, Meghan...glamorous Princess Margaret outdid them all. Springing into post-World War II society, and quite naughty and haughty, she lived in a whirlwind of fame and notoriety. Georgie Blalock captures the fascinating, fast-living princess and her "set" as seen through the eyes of one of her ladies-in-waiting. In dreary, post-war Britain, Princess Margaret captivates everyone with her cutting edge fashion sense and biting quips. The royal socialite, cigarette holder in one hand, cocktail in the other, sparkles in the company of her glittering entourage of wealthy young aristocrats known as the Margaret Set, but her outrageous lifestyle conflicts with her place as Queen Elizabeth's younger sister. Can she be a dutiful princess while still dazzling the world on her own terms? Post-war Britain isn't glamorous for The Honorable Vera Strathmore. While writing scandalous novels, she dreams of living and working in New York, and regaining the happiness she enjoyed before her fiancé was killed in the war. A chance meeting with the Princess changes her life forever. Vera amuses the princess, and what-or who-Margaret wants, Margaret gets. Soon, Vera gains Margaret's confidence and the privileged position of second lady-in-waiting to the Princess. Thrust into the center of Margaret's social and royal life, Vera watches the princess's love affair with dashing Captain Peter Townsend unfurl. But while Margaret, as a member of the Royal Family, is not free to act on her desires, Vera soon wants the freedom to pursue her own dreams. As time and Princess Margaret's scandalous behavior progress, both women will be forced to choose between status, duty, and love...

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Tatalog Audiobook


Author: Harish Bhatt Narrator: Arish Bhiwandiwala Release Date: November 2019

Tatalog presents eight riveting and hitherto untold stories about the strategic and operational challenges that TATA companies have faced over the past two decades and the forward thinking and determination that have raised the brand to new heights. From Tata Indica, the first completely Indian car; to the jewellery brand Tanishq; and Tata Finance, which survived several tribulations, TATAlog, written by a Tata insider, reveals the DNA of every TATA enterprise-a combination of being pioneering, purposive, principled and 'not perfect'.

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Dreamers: How Young Indians are Changing their world Audiobook

Dreamers: How Young Indians are Changing their world

Author: Snigdha Poonam Narrator: Richa Syal Release Date: November 2019

*SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2018 CROSSWORD JURY AWARD FOR NON FICTION* More than half of India is under the age of twenty-five and the country is set to have the youngest population in the world by 2021. But India's millennials are nothing like their counterparts in the West. In a world that's marked by unprecedented connectivity and technological advancement, in a country that's increasingly characterized by ambition, political power and access, in an economy that appears to be breaking down the barriers to wealth that existed for every previous era, this is a generation that cannot - will not - be defined on anything but their own terms. They are wealth-chasers, attention-seekers, power-trappers, fame-hunters. They are the dreamers. Snigdha Poonam's remarkable cultural study of the unlikeliest of fortune-hawkers travels through the small towns of northern India to investigate the phenomenon that is India's Generation Y. From dubious entrepreneurs to political aspirants, from starstruck strivers to masterly swindlers, she travels - on carts and buses, in cars and trucks - through the India's badlands to uncover a theatre of toxic masculinity, spirited ambition and a kind of hunger for change that is bound to drive the future of our country. These young Indians aren't just changing their world - they're changing yours.

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Fortune Favors the Bold: A Woman's Odyssey through a Turbulent Century Audiobook

Fortune Favors the Bold: A Woman's Odyssey through a Turbulent Century

Author: Theodore Modis Narrator: Christa Lewis Release Date: November 2019

She loses both her parents and is left with her younger sister to survive. It is early twentieth-century Greece. Theodosia, a teenage girl and her younger sister, lose their parents in Constantinople and are thrown into a massive population exchange between Greece and Turkey. They arrive at a refugee camp in Northern Greece, where their choice is to perish or to use the resources at hand in order to survive. Despite all the difficulties they encounter, the sisters decide not to give up, and fight for a better life. Theodosia's story carries on throughout a century of war and peace, invasions and political disputes and is peppered with horrific events, likable characters, and a great love story.

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Cambiemos el mundo: #huelgaporelclima Audiobook

Cambiemos el mundo: #huelgaporelclima

Author: Greta Thunberg Narrator: Carla Torres Release Date: November 2019

«SOY GRETA THUNBERG, TENGO QUINCE AÑOS Y HABLO EN NOMBRE DE LA JUSTICIA CLIMÁTICA. ESTE ES UN GRITO DE SOCORRO.» El cambio climático pronto será irreversible. Los políticos no van a reaccionar. Tal vez tú sí. #huelgaporelclima Greta Thunberg es una adolescente sueca que se ha propuesto luchar contra el cambio climático y por la supervivencia del ser humano. En agosto de 2018 comenzó una huelga escolar los viernes que ahora siguen cientos de miles de estudiantes en todo el mundo. En diciembre de 2018 fue invitada por las Naciones Unidas a hablar en la cumbre sobre el cambio climático. Poco después atravesó Europa en tren para llegar a la fría ciudad suiza de Davos, donde se alojó en una carpa, para hablar ante los líderes del mundo en el Foro Económico Mundial: «Quiero que entren en pánico -les dijo-. Quiero que actúen como si nuestra casa estuviera ardiendo. Porque así es». Hoy, Greta Thunberg es candidata al Premio Nobel de la Paz. Este volumen indispensable recoge todos sus discursos. La crítica ha dicho... «Greta arde de autenticidad, es un puro aullido de desesperación y de incredulidad ante nuestra ceguera.» Rosa Montero «Con su discurso ha irrumpido como un ciclón desde la sociedad civil sueca para poner en primer plano la lucha contra el cambio climático. [...] La generación posmilenial tiene un nombre y una autora clave a la que seguir.» El ojo crítico (RNE 1) «Un libro que todos los adultos tendrían que leer y que consideramos casi lectura obligada para las nuevas generaciones.» Qué Leer «Greta Thunberg se atreve a decir lo que casi todos callan.» Lola Fernández, Cosmopolitan «Apenas 72 páginas cargadas de lucidez, rebeldía e impaciencia.» Tino Pertierra, La Opinión «Invitar a Greta Thunberg es un acto de alto riesgo. La adolescente sueca de dieciséis años ha irrumpido como un ciclón desde ese ente abstracto llamado sociedad civil para devolver la lucha contra el cambio climático a un primer plano. Su retórica deslenguada ha cautivado a cientos de miles de estudiantes y la ha convertido en una suerte de estrella pop. Su estela deja altas dosis de reproches a unas élites habituadas a la complacencia y acostumbradas a emplear ante los jóvenes un discurso cargado de buenas intenciones, pero a menudo vacío y paternalista.» El País «Todo es inquietante en Greta Thunberg. Su mirada, su sonrisa jamás completa, sus frases cortas llenas de contenido, sus silencios, su timidez. Y la incapacidad de mentir y de dejar pasar las cosas, la obstinación, la nobleza, la sinceridad, la carencia de maldad o la certeza de que no hay grises, al menos cuando se trata de la supervivencia de la especie humana.» Carlos Márquez Daniel, El Periódico «El manual de urgencia de los adolescentes (y de los no tan adolescentes) para la concienciación medioambiental. Rabia y ganas de cambiar las cosas alimentan un mensaje sencillo y directo.» Elena Hevia, El Periódico «Greta habla para ella, para su generación, pero también para sus hijos y, más allá de los seres humanos, para la Tierra entera, en su preciosa y frágil belleza. Escuchémosla. Tal vez todavía estemos a tiempo.» J. M. G. Le Clézio, Premio Nobel de Literatura «Irónica, directa, a veces sarcástica: el acto solitario de sentarse frente al parlamento sueco cada viernes es algo visionario.» The New York Times

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Eleven Ways to Love Part 11: The Smartphone Freed Me Audiobook

Eleven Ways to Love Part 11: The Smartphone Freed Me

Author: Nadika Nadja Narrator: Swasti Shree Sharma Release Date: November 2019

People have been telling their love stories for thousands of years. It is the greatest common human experience. And yet, love stories coach us to believe that love is selective, somehow, that it can be boxed in and easily defined. This is a collection of eleven remarkable essays that widen the frame of reference: transgender romance; body image issues; race relations; disability; polyamory; class differences; queer love; long distance; caste; loneliness; the single life; the bad boy syndrome . . . and so much more. Pieced together with a dash of poetry and a whole lot of love, featuring a multiplicity of voices and a cast of unlikely heroes and heroines, this is a book of essays that show us, with empathy, humour and wisdom, that there is no such thing as the love that dare not speak its name.

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Quiero escribirte esta noche una carta de amor: La correspondencia pasional de quince grandes escrit Audiobook

Quiero escribirte esta noche una carta de amor: La correspondencia pasional de quince grandes escrit

Author: ángeles Caso Narrator: Elsa Veiga, ángeles Caso Release Date: November 2019

La asombrosa correspondencia pasional de quince grandes escritoras y las historias amorosas que las inspiraron, por la ganadora del Premio Planeta. «Quiero escribirte esta noche una carta de amor», escribe Katherine Mansfield al amante que más tarde se convertiría en su marido. A través de sus cartas, inéditas hasta ahora en español -al igual que muchas otras que recoge este libro-, su voz más íntima se une a la de otras grandes escritoras que sintieron la urgencia de revelar lo inconfesable, el poder del deseo, la insoportable incertidumbre, la desesperación, el dolor de una pasión no correspondida o la inmensa felicidad de amar y ser amado. La abadesa Eloísa de Argenteuil, ya en el siglo XII, se enfrenta al Infierno por escuchar a su carne; Simone de Beauvoir se empeña en destruir cualquier rastro burgués en el amor y en la vida; Ninon de Lenclos rechaza todos los tópicos sobre el arrebato amoroso; la romántica George Sand busca morder el amor hasta sangrar; la madre del feminismo, Mary Wollstonecraft, está dispuesta a ceder todas sus libertades -e incluso a acabar con su vida- si no consigue la entrega de su ser adorado; también la brillante y talentosa Charlotte Brontë implora el afecto de un hombre casado y espera la respuesta a sus cartas más que un mendigo un trozo de pan. Mientras María Zambrano vuelca en las cartas a un amor de juventud su anhelo de matrimonio, Marina Tsvietáieva busca en el amor sin límites la fuente de su inspiración poética o Julie de Lespinasse es capaz de amar al mismo tiempo y con igual intensidad a dos hombres, Emilia Pardo Bazán se revela con gran sensualidad y sexualidad escribiendo a Galdós, y lucha por mantener en secreto su relación... Ángeles Caso nos presenta estas cartas reveladoras y fascinantes, y nos cuenta en las biografías de cada autora -una suerte de «micronovelas»- las historias que les dieron origen: un mapa de la sensibilidad femenina a lo largo de la Historia, una inspiración para escribir cartas de amor, y para amar -e incluso para dejar un amor que nos destruye. Un libro para leer, releer y atesorar. La crítica ha dicho... «Acceder a los textos íntimos de estas escritoras es un privilegio: cada una se muestra en el amor como en su obra, con su estilo y su voz. [...] Un catálogo de relaciones, una cronología universal de los amantes: profundamente enternecedor.» Aloma Rodríguez, El Mundo (La Esfera de Papel)

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London Journal Audiobook

London Journal

Author: James Boswell Narrator: Qarie Marshall Release Date: November 2019

Between the years of 1762 and 1763, James Boswell kept a journal of his time in London. During his time, he met the renowned writer, moralist, and lexicographer Samuel Johnson, with whom Boswell would form a close relationship. This account, told with much detail and candor, was one of the various journals written by Boswell, but it is the journal that has undergone the least amount of censorship, leading it, and the racy material within, to be deemed a bestseller upon publication.

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Author: Jeff Mudgett Narrator: Jeff Mudgett, Kim Estes, Tim Ellis Release Date: November 2019

Bloodstains is the startling tale of one man's search for the truth after inheriting the personal diaries belonging to his great-great-grandfather who he discovers was America's first and most notorious serial killer Herman Webster Mudgett. Better known by his alias H.H. Holmes, Mudgett was the mass murderer who struck terror into the nation by being the proprietor of the infamous Murder Castle and stalking the streets of Chicago during the 1893 World's Fair. During his incarceration awaiting execution, well over a century ago, Holmes admitted killing 27 innocent victims, but the evidence the author locates indicates hundreds more likely. From his investigation, Jeff Mudgett, the direct descendant, learns that Holmes' reign of terror was worldwide and not limited to Chicago as has been so widely believed. Based upon never before revealed historical facts, Jeff pieces together a dynamic and extraordinary puzzle, including the strong possibility that Holmes was also Jack the Ripper. Far more than a documentary, Bloodstains is precariously balanced on the very edge between non-fiction and the paranormal, as the author's research of his evil ancestor quickly takes on a personal aspect. Jeff soon fears his efforts may have awakened the legendary 'Holmes Curse' of the 1890s, the one investigated and written about by most of the nation's major publications, including The New York Times. In fact, the deeper he digs into Holmes' devilish past, the stronger the monster's hold on him seems to become, testing the limits of his own sanity, as well as humanity. Racked by a mysterious and never before experienced epilepsy, Jeff suffers crippling grand mal seizures whenever he disobeys the haunting voices in his head. Finally, with nowhere else to turn, Jeff is forced to make the decisions of his genetic lifetime in a life-or-death struggle in order to win the greatest prize of all: his survival.

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Cutting Edge: New Stories of Mystery and Crime by Women Writers Audiobook

Cutting Edge: New Stories of Mystery and Crime by Women Writers

Author: Joyce Carol Oates Narrator: Xe Sands Release Date: November 2019

Joyce Carol Oates, a queenpin of the noir genre, has brought her keen and discerning eye to the curation of an outstanding anthology of brand-new top-shelf short stories (and poems by Margaret Atwood!). While bad men are not always the victims in these tales, they get their due often enough to satisfy listeners who are sick and tired of the gendered status quo, or who just want to have a little bit of fun at the expense of a crumbling patriarchal society. This stylistically diverse collection will make you squirm in your seat, stay up at night, laugh out loud, and inevitably wish for more. Featuring brand-new stories by: Joyce Carol Oates, Margaret Atwood (poems), Valerie Martin, Aimee Bender, Edwidge Danticat, Sheila Kohler, S. A. Solomon, S. J. Rozan, Lucy Taylor, Cassandra Khaw, Bernice L. McFadden, Jennifer Morales, Elizabeth McCracken, Livia Llewellyn, Lisa Lim, and Steph Cha.

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Letters from an Astrophysicist Audiobook

Letters from an Astrophysicist

Author: Neil Degrasse Tyson Narrator: Neil Degrasse Tyson Release Date: October 2019

Brought to you by Penguin. Join the galactic conversation on the biggest issues in the universe 'Don't fear change. Don't fear failure. The only thing to fear is loss of ambition. But if you've got plenty of that, then you have nothing to fear at all' - Neil deGrasse Tyson Neil deGrasse Tyson is arguably the most influential, acclaimed scientist on the planet. As director of the Hayden Planetarium, and host of Cosmos and StarTalk, he has dedicated his life to exploring and explaining the mysteries of the universe. Every year, he receives thousands of letters - from students to prisoners, scientists to priests. Some seek advice, others yearn for inspiration; some are full of despair, others burst with wonder. But they are all searching for understanding, meaning and truth. His replies are by turns wise, funny, and mind-blowing. In this, his most personal book by far, he covers everything from God to the history of science, from aliens to death. He bares his soul - his passions, his doubts, his hopes. The big theme is everywhere in these pages: what is our place in the universe? The result is an awe-inspiring read and an intimate portal into an incredible mind, which reveals the power of the universe to start conversations and inspire curiosity in all of us. The full list of narrators includes Victor Bevine, Gabriel Vaughan, Lauren Fortgang, Neil Hellegers, Kevin Free, Vikas Adam, Nick Sullivan, Gabra Zackman, Allyson Johnson, Brandon Rubin, and Piper Goodeve.

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