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  1. The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time Audiobook The Eye of the World: Book One of The Wheel of Time
  2. Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone Audiobook Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone
  3. Under the Whispering Door Audiobook Under the Whispering Door
  4. The Last Days of John Lennon Audiobook The Last Days of John Lennon
  5. Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series Audiobook Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Inspired by the hit BBC series
  6. Go Set a Watchman Audiobook Go Set a Watchman
  7. Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life Audiobook Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life
  8. It Ends With Us Audiobook It Ends With Us
  10. Ride Audiobook Ride
Beyond the Mountains Audiobook

Beyond the Mountains

Author: Francesca Gibbons Narrator: Imogen Church Release Date: October 2021

The thrilling sequel to the best-selling middle-grade debut of Autumn 2020 Imogen and Marie return through the door in the tree to a whole new Yaroslav. Miro is king, but hates it. Anneshka is no longer Queen. . . and hates it. When Anneshka hears a prophecy that she will rule the Greatest Kingdom, she seizes Marie, believing her to be key to fulfilling it, and heads over the mountains. Imogen and Miro chase after them, in hot pursuit. But what they find in the lands beyond will change everything again, and see them facing dangers they could never have imagined, both human and otherwise. The Clock of Stars trilogy is a timeless fantasy from the most astonishing new voice in middle grade.

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The Collector’s Daughter Audiobook

The Collector’s Daughter

Author: Gill Paul Narrator: Imogen Church Release Date: September 2021

From the internationally bestselling author comes a tale of long-buried secrets and a discovery that will change everything, perfect for fans of Dinah Jefferies and Lucinda Riley. An unforgettable discovery In 1922, Lady Evelyn Herbert’s dreams are realised when she is the first to set foot inside the lost tomb of Tutankhamun for over 3,000 years. A cursed life But the months after the discovery are marred by tragedy, when Eve’s father dies suddenly and her family is torn in two. Desperate to put the past behind her, Eve retreats into a private life with her new husband. A deadly choice But she is harbouring a dark secret about what really happened in Egypt. And when a young woman comes asking questions years later, the happiness Eve has finally found is threatened once more… Praise for The Collector’s Daughter: ‘Wonderfully compelling from beginning to end. An absolute delight!’ Hazel Gaynor, author of The Bird in the Bamboo Cage ‘This is a compelling story, impeccably researched, with a delicious sense of time and place that brings the historical characters to vivid life.’ Dinah Jefferies, author of The Tuscan Contessa ‘Riveting, emotional and completely fabulous. Gill Paul has done it again!’ Tracy Rees, author of The House at Silvermoor ‘From the very first chapter of The Collector’s Daughter, Gill Paul draws you into the exotic world of Lady Evelyn Herbert. I didn’t want it to end.’ Liz Trenow, author of Under a Wartime Sky ‘Bewitching. Fascinating. Unforgettable. This is a riveting novel that twisted my stomach into tight knots as I raced through its pages. I absolutely loved it.’ Kate Furnivall, author of The Guardian of Lies ‘Rich and absorbing and packed full of evocative detail. Bravo.’ Kate Thompson, author of Secrets of the Lavender Girls ‘Utterly transportive and entirely addictive, I cannot rave about this novel enough.’ Jenny Ashcroft, author of Meet Me in Bombay ‘Meticulously researched and sensitively written, The Collector’s Daughter is an intriguing tale.’ Kathleen McGurl, author of The Lost Sister

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Classic Hallowe'en Stories Audiobook

Classic Hallowe'en Stories

Author: Tba Narrator: Imogen Church, Robert G. Slade, Samuel West, Thomas Judd Release Date: September 2021

As the nights draw in and Halloween is just around the corner, what better to listen to than this collection of seriously spooky stories about ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night. Read to you by an ensemble cast of unforgettable readers - including Imogen Church, Samuel West, Thomas Judd and Robert G. Slade. Ghost stories became hugely popular during the nineteenth century and the Victorians became the masters of the genre. This deliciously chilling collection of Classic Hallowe'en Stories includes authors such as Charles Dickens, Edith Wharton, Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Cholmondeley, Mary E Wilkins Freeman and M. R. James. So dim the lights, close the curtains and revel in the frisson of fear from these most chilling of anecdotes. The stories included are: Lost Hearts by M. R. James The Phantom Coach by Amelia B. Edwards A Far Away Melody by Mary E Wilkins Freeman Bone to His Bone by E. G. Swain The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth by Rhoda Broughton The Signalman by Charles Dickins The Cold Embrace by Mary E Braddon The Monkey's Paw by W. W. Jacobs The Eyes by Edith Wharton The Nature of Evidence by May Sinclair The Little Ghost by Hugh Walpole The Furnished Room by O Henry Let Loose by Mary Cholmondeley

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The Art of Conversation: Change Your Life with Confident Communication Audiobook

The Art of Conversation: Change Your Life with Confident Communication

Author: Judy Apps Narrator: Imogen Church Release Date: August 2021

Good conversation is at the heart of networking, meetings, interviews, negotiations and raising your profile. It can ease your way in work, enabling you to build alliances, create strong relationships with staff, bosses and clients, succeed at interviews, motivate and inspire. But conversation is something most of us were never taught! We learn to speak as babies, but how conversation actually works is something most of us pick up only haphazardly, and many have yet to learn. Why is it some of us are stuck for words, but others blabber or cant stop? What is it that some people have naturally which enables them to converse comfortably and easily, to engage people and build better relationships? The Art of Conversation will show you step by step how to converse skillfully and enjoyably with other people, at home, at work, on the phone and in the street- even if youre daunted now, discover the difference good conversation can make in every aspect of your life. Learn to: -Overcome the most common block to good conversation- fear; find out how to break the silence and keep the conversation going - Understand the different types of conversation and how they work- which topics and language are suitable for the occasion - Learn simple methods for being heard and understood, including speaking clearly and audibly, listening well and using non-verbal communication - Find out how to hold a conversation in tricky situations, including how to disagree, how to speak to those in authority and people you find difficult -Use conversation to form relationships, improve friendships, make the sale, chat people up, to learn, influence and persuade. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Part 1: Introducing Conversation 1. The Dance of Conversation 2. Connecting is What Matters Most 3. Getting in the Right State 4. Getting a Conversatio Going: The Basics 5. Listening Part 2: The Power of Conversation 6. Influencing a Conversation 7. Different Kinds of Conversation 8. Expressing Yourself Part 3: Conversation in Practice 9. Sailing Through Tricky Waters 10. Conversations in a Professional Context Part 4: Conversations Changing the World / Big Conversations

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Wealth Wisdom: How Ordinary Australians Can Create Extraordinary Wealth Audiobook

Wealth Wisdom: How Ordinary Australians Can Create Extraordinary Wealth

Author: Julian Dawson Narrator: Imogen Church Release Date: August 2021

In Wealth Wisdom, Julian Dawson will show you step-by-step how you too can invest your way to financial freedom, no matter what you earn. In this book, you'll discover: - the six steps to financial independence - inspiring tips to help you on your journey to extraordinary wealth - a killer wealth-creation strategy that combines share and property investing - how to enjoy your investment riches and live the life you dream of.

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After the Sun Audiobook

After the Sun

Author: Jonas Eika Narrator: Anthony Lee Medina, Chris Andrew Ciulla, Imogen Church, Michael Crouch Release Date: August 2021

"Relentlessly thrilling . . . an orgy of the unpredictable." -New York Times Book Review "Like Thomas Pynchon taking on late capitalism. . . . surrealistic, granular in its details, and concerned with social entropy and desperate attempts at communion." -Wall Street Journal From a major new international voice, mesmerizing, inventive fiction that probes the tender places where human longings push through the cracks of a breaking world. Under Cancún's hard blue sky, a beach boy provides a canvas for tourists' desires, seeing deep into the world's underbelly. An enigmatic encounter in Copenhagen takes an IT consultant down a rabbit hole of speculation that proves more seductive than sex. The collapse of a love triangle in London leads to a dangerous, hypnotic addiction. In the Nevada desert, a grieving man tries to merge with an unearthly machine. After the Sun opens portals to our newest realities, haunting the margins of a globalized world that's both saturated with yearning and brutally transactional. Infused with an irrepressible urgency, Eika's fiction seems to have conjured these far-flung characters and their encounters in a single breath. Juxtaposing startling beauty with grotesquery, balancing the hyperrealistic with the fantastical-"as though the worlds he describes are being viewed through an ultraviolet filter," in one Danish reviewer's words-he has invented new modes of storytelling for an era when the old ones no longer suffice.

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In A Good Light Audiobook

In A Good Light

Author: Clare Chambers Narrator: Imogen Church Release Date: July 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. From the highly-acclaimed author of SMALL PLEASURES - longlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction 2021 Without even noticing, Esther Fairchild has become locked into routine. Living with her adored brother, Christian, she divides her time between illustrating children's books, nightly shifts as a waitress, weekly visits to her father and fortnightly meetings with her married lover. Then one day she encounters a face in the crowd which jolts her out of her mundane existence and makes her question both her life and the past that has helped to shape it. Memories she had long chosen to forget begin to resurface. Memories of an eccentric childhood in a large and shabby house, where the children were left to fend for themselves within the loose boundaries of their parents' unorthodox values. A chaotic existence peopled by a rich collection of feckless 'guests'. And into this shambolic world came Donovan - regularly deposited by his unreliable mother - and Penny, Christian's girlfriend and Esther's idol. Until tragedy struck and shattered their joint existence. But now, it seems, their lives are about to become intertwined once more . . . Praise for Clare Chambers: 'A wonderful novel. I loved it' Nina Stibbe 'Effortless to read, but every sentence lingers in the mind' Lissa Evans 'A captivating read' Woman's Own 'An irresistible novel - wry, perceptive and quietly devastating' Mail on Sunday 'Shines with an old-fashioned moral certainty that is as subtle and refreshing as it is unexpected' Independent on Sunday 'An almost flawlessly written tale of genuine, grown-up romantic anguish' The Sunday Times © Clare Chambers 2004 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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Anthro-Vision: How Anthropology Can Explain Business and Life Audiobook

Anthro-Vision: How Anthropology Can Explain Business and Life

Author: Gillian Tett Narrator: Imogen Church Release Date: June 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. From the bestselling author of Fool's Gold To understand business, you need to think like an anthropologist. Is your workplace riven by tribal conflict? Are your meetings governed by dozens of unspoken rituals? Is there something faintly religious about the way your colleagues worship the CEO? If so, then you might need a lesson in business anthropology. For a century, anthropologists have had an unusual method: immersing themselves deep inside 'alien' tribes and uncovering, from the inside, how they tick. Today, a new generation of anthropologists are using this approach to explain modern businesses - revealing the hidden rituals that define what we buy, who we sell to, and how we work. Now, bestselling author Gillian Tett reveals how this new wave of anthropology can help make sense of your business. She shows how thinking like an anthropologist can help you navigate a globalised economy, allowing you to get inside the heads of consumers on the other side of the world. And she argues that anthropology can explain your own workplace, too: by revealing why, say, your IT team seem to have such different priorities to you - or how to alter the behavioural patterns of your most perplexing colleagues. Along the way, Tett draws on extraordinary stories from Tajik villages and Amazon warehouses, Japanese classrooms and Wall Street trading floors - all to reveal how you too can think like an anthropologist. The result is a revelatory new way to view global business. In a short-sighted world, we can all learn to see clearly - using the power of Anthro-Vision. © Gillian Tett 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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Fragile Audiobook


Author: Sarah Hilary Narrator: Imogen Church Release Date: June 2021

'Fragile is absolutely STUNNING' Marian Keyes 'Sarah Hilary has always known how to chill her readers – Fragile dials the chill factor up to 11' Val McDermid Fragile is a modern Gothic psychological thriller with a contemporary twist on the classic novel Rebecca from award-winning and critically acclaimed writer Sarah Hilary Everything she touches breaks . . . Nell Ballard is a runaway. A former foster child with a dark secret she is desperately trying to keep, all Nell wants is to find a place she can belong. So when a job comes up at Starling Villas, home to the enigmatic Robin Wilder, she seizes teh opportunity with both hands. But her new lodgings may not be the safe haven that she was hoping for. Her employer lives by a set of rigid rules and she soon sees he is hiding secrets of his own. But is Nell's arrival at the Villas really the coincidence it seems? After all, she knows more than most how fragile people can be – and how easily they can be to break . . . Further praise for Fragile: 'Fragile is absolutely STUNNING, the dreamy atmosphere couples with Nell's carnal love for Joe put me in mind of Barbara Vine . . . [Sarah Hilary is] an astonishingly gifted writer, with an almost scalpel-like ability to dissect human motivation and convey it deliciously devoid of sentimentality. I was GRIPPED by Fragile, it took me into a whole other world and I was sorry to leave it' Marian Keyes 'Perfectly plotted, beautifully written modern Gothic. Timeless, tense and tender, Fragile will worm it's way deep into your heart, just as the characters insinuate themselves into each other's lives. I absolutely loved it' Erin Kelly 'Beautifully crafted, smart and unsettling – a dark river of a book, with a chilling undertow' Mick Herron 'A dark, mesmeric fever-dream of a book' Ruth Ware 'Beautifully written modern gothic. I took my time with this, savouring it – the tone of Sarah Hilary's writing is unique to her: exploring society and human nature in a sensitive, engrossing way. Ingenious, original and brilliant' Will Dean 'Extraordinary . . . an immersive psychological thriller that plunges us into an underworld of emotional and physical exploitation. There are shades of Highsmith . . . Brilliant stuff' Andrew Taylor 'Fragile is a fever dream. A nightmarish slant on the world delivered expertly and with heart. Tension like cold steel. Characters you won't forget. Sarah Hilary is a modern-day Highsmith.' Steve Cavanagh 'A beguiling thriller of considerable ambition and ingenuity, Fragile marks Sarah Hilary as a twenty-first century du Maurier, a writer who plunges the depths of human nature, finding the darkest, most deviant corners, but also the fleeting hopes and brittle aspirations. This is a truly outstanding work of modern gothic.' Eve Dolan 'Highly original, beautifully written' Sharon Bolton 'Sarah Hilary has created a beautifully written modern Gothic masterpiece, so full of intrigue and mysteries layered upon mysteries that the unravelling may well shred your nerves, in the best way possible' Liz Nugent 'The writing is so elegant, so restrained, that it brings to mind Patricia Highsmith. Fragile is a very fine, and very creepy psychological thriller.' Lucy Atkins 'A gorgeously written, tense and atmospheric novel. Sarah Hilary peels back the layers of mystery so skillfully that it was impossible to look away for a moment.' Gytha Lodge

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The House of Killers Audiobook

The House of Killers

Author: Samantha Lee Howe Narrator: Imogen Church, James Macnaughton Release Date: June 2021

‘One of the deadliest female assassins I’ve ever encountered in fiction’ Brendan DuBois, New York Times-bestselling author of The End with James Patterson Killing Eve meets Jason Bourne in this nerve-shredding new thriller series simmering with obsession and espionage… Serial killer Neva has been conditioned not to ask questions of the mysterious Network, to remain perfectly incurious and perennially cold-blooded. She must simply execute the targets they text her and live to bury the tale. But then she’s tasked with terminating a fellow assassin and glimpses her own future in her colleague’s fate. When she leaves flowers on the gravesite, someone notices. Agent Michael Kensington knows he’ll have his work cut out for him when he’s recruited by MI5 onto operation Archive to piece together patterns in cold cases. Nothing could ever have prepared him for Neva… An assassin obsessed with hell, a fugitive tortured by the secrets of her past, a woman destined to unthread him. The House of Killers introduces a trail-blazing new voice in spy fiction. An absolute must-read for all fans of spooks past and present, from Bond to Bourne, Smiley to Polastri. Praise for The House of Killers: ‘Fast-paced and impeccable, this is writing at its very best … It was almost dawn by the time I finished … It demands to be read in a single sitting. An absolute triumph!’ Awais Khan, author of In the Company of Strangers ‘Wow, what a read! Buckle up for a thrilling ride through a labyrinth of secrets, lies and betrayals, in a shadowy world where no one and nothing can be trusted. And where death is just the slash of a knife away’ Abbie Frost, author of The Guesthouse

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The Magic Flute, The Full Cast Audioplay with Music - Opera for Kids, Classic for everyone Audiobook

The Magic Flute, The Full Cast Audioplay with Music - Opera for Kids, Classic for everyone

A dangerous snake attacks Prince Tamino in the forest but three noble ladies protect him. Together with the bird catcher Papageno, Tamino is supposed to free Princess Pamina because the dreaded Sarastro has imprisoned her in his castle. Tamino and Papageno receive a magic flute and a glockenspiel from Pamina's mother, the Queen of the Night. The brave rescuers must overcome difficult tests, but the daring rescue plan succeeds. In the end, Tamino and Pamina, Papageno and his new girlfriend Papagena are happily in each other's arms.

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Hansel and Gretel, The Full Cast Audioplay with Music - Opera for Kids, Classic for everyone Audiobook

Hansel and Gretel, The Full Cast Audioplay with Music - Opera for Kids, Classic for everyone

Hansel and Gretel are sent into the forest by their mother to collect berries as a punishment. The siblings get lost in the twilight and discover the gingerbread house of an old ugly witch. She enchants the children and wants to bake them into gingerbread. Hansel and Gretel use their wits to save themselves and push the wicked old woman into her own oven. The children are finally found by their worried parents, who are looking for them in the forest. In the end the family is happily united.

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