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Audiobooks Narrated by Caroline Shaffer

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. The Final Twist Audiobook The Final Twist
  2. The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War Audiobook The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War
  3. Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking Audiobook Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking
  4. Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself from the Cult of Overwork Audiobook Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself from the Cult of Overwork
  5. Left You Dead Audiobook Left You Dead
  6. Protector: The epic new adventure through the battlefields of ancient Greece Audiobook Protector: The epic new adventure through the battlefields of ancient Greece
  7. Because of You: The instant Sunday Times bestseller 2020 Audiobook Because of You: The instant Sunday Times bestseller 2020
  8. The Wife Who Got a Life Audiobook The Wife Who Got a Life
  9. Covet Audiobook Covet
  10. The Power of Geography: Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World Audiobook The Power of Geography: Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World
Devil Days in Deadwood Audiobook

Devil Days in Deadwood

Author: Ann Charles Narrator: Caroline Shaffer Release Date: November 2020

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here."-William Shakespeare Violet Parker knows better than to play with devils. They always cheat, especially when lives are at stake. Deadwood's charming, troublemaking, and soul-sucking devils are no different, and they're biting at her heels. But the clock is ticking and Violet has no choice-she must risk her life to save her treasured Aunt Zoe. With any luck, she might be able to trick the devils and beat the old terrors at their own game. If not, Deadwood could end up short one Executioner. "Executioners don't duck, they swing."-Violet Parker

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Saddled with Murder Audiobook

Saddled with Murder

Author: Eileen Brady Narrator: Caroline Shaffer Release Date: October 2020

It's the Christmas season and veterinarian Kate Turner is not feeling very jolly. She's overworked, unappreciated, and dealing with two dissatisfied clients. Throw in a very complicated personal life and Kate's definitely got a case of the holiday blues.To make matters worse, Kate's ex-boyfriend, Jeremy, is mugged and robbed after they have a heated argument in the hospital parking lot. Then, two of her dissatisfied clients turn up dead (which really gets Kate's tinsel in a tangle). All of these events seem like coincidences, but they add up to something much more venomous.Saddled with Murder is a cozy holiday mystery from beloved author Eileen Brady that explores the fragility and resiliency of animals and humans whose trust has been broken, and will keep animal-loving audiences riveted until the last page.

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Girls Who Wear Glasses Audiobook

Girls Who Wear Glasses

Author: Jennifer Inglis Narrator: Caroline Shaffer Release Date: September 2020

Sometimes you need to take a chance … on yourself. Plus-sized Rachel Simon has settled into her life. But in a lifetime (so far) of not-quite fitting in and battling demon food issues, she has given up on finding love, despite the well-meaning nagging of her close circle of friends. Now, Rachel has received some big news: a fashion blog, which she secretly wrote on the side, has caught the eye of a major fashion magazine, who not only want her to write a column, but are giving her an award at an upcoming banquet. The problem? She used Lisa’s picture on her bio and believes they expect a tall beautiful blonde to walk through the doors of the magazine. She asks Lisa to pose as her at an upcoming meeting, as well the awards banquet, believing that she would lose everything if they knew someone who looks like Rachel was behind the writing. Then she meets Nathan: cute, smart, and just a little bit weird, but she’s absolutely convinced men like that don’t ask out “fat girls” like her, and places him decidedly in the Friend Zone. And to her dismay, she finds that her best friend has decided to date him. Along her journey toward love, self-acceptance, and being true to oneself, Rachel finds that sometimes, “Men Do Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses.”

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Confidence Game: How Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman Called Wall Street's Bluff Audiobook

Confidence Game: How Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman Called Wall Street's Bluff

Author: Christine S. Richard Narrator: Caroline Shaffer Release Date: July 2020

Confidence Game is a tale about the dangerous delusions that humbled America's largest financial institutions and plunged the country into recession. Its heart is the story of how hedge fund manager Bill Ackman warned that MBIA Inc., a little-known insurance company, had guaranteed nearly a trillion dollars of debt. Branded a fraud in the financial press, Ackman, a short seller who stood to gain billions from the bankruptcy of the company was investigated by the Eliot Spitzer and by the Securities Exchange Commission. Today, Ackman's warning looks remarkably prescient. The invisible bond insurance business has all but evaporated and so has confidence in the markets.

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Locavesting: The Revolution in Local Investing and How to Profit From It Audiobook

Locavesting: The Revolution in Local Investing and How to Profit From It

Author: Amy Cortese Narrator: Caroline Shaffer Release Date: July 2020

We buy local and eat local. So why is it so hard to invest local? The truth is, our financial markets have evolved to serve big business, a fact only underscored by the recent financial crisis and bailout. Wall Street has come roaring back, but Main Street is fighting for its life. In catering to those companies deemed too big too fail, weve created a new group that could be labeled too small too succeed. Author Amy Cortese believes that by investing locally, in the companies that create jobs and healthy communities, we can begin to rebuild the economy and repair our tattered financial system Locavesting is a how- to guide for investing locally and explores the emerging phenomenon of locavesting through narrative accounts of people like Dante Hess, Chris Lindstrom and Woody Tasch, who are the pioneers of this movement -- the Muhammad Yunuss of the capital markets. She also illustrates how, in many ways, locavesting is a return to the very roots of our economic system -- and our humanity. The book offers a totally fresh perspective on investing and explores powerful new ideas for making capitalism work again for the rest of us.

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Millionaire Traders: How Everyday People Are Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game Audiobook

Millionaire Traders: How Everyday People Are Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game

Author: Boris Schlossberg, Kathy Lien Narrator: Caroline Shaffer Release Date: July 2020

The book will feature interviews with 12 successful individual traders.  None of the traders are professionals, but all are highly profitable and are examples of how individuals can succeed in the financial markets.  The book will be divided into four sections: stocks, futures, options, and foreign exchange.  Each section will begin with a description about the unique characteristics of the particular market and will include interviews with three traders.   The authors will conclude each section with a commentary on the interviews, emphasizing the key factors behind the interviewees? transformation into successful traders.  The interviews will be wide-ranging, and will focus as much on the personal issues involved in trading as on the strategies and tactics. 

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Us Against Alzheimer’s: Stories of Family, Love, and Faith Audiobook

Us Against Alzheimer’s: Stories of Family, Love, and Faith

This groundbreaking multicultural anthology shares moving personal stories about the impacts of Alzheimer’s and dementia. An estimated 5.7 million Americans are afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease, including ten percent of those over sixty-five, and it is the sixth leading cause of death. But its effects are more pervasive: For the nearly six million sufferers, there are more than sixteen million family caregivers and many more family members. Alzheimer’s wreaks havoc not only on brain cells—it is a disease of the spirit and heart for not only those who suffer from it, but also for their families. This groundbreaking anthology presents forty narratives, both nonfiction and fiction, that together capture the impact and complexity of Alzheimer’s and other dementias on patients, as well as their caregivers and family. Deeply personal, recounting the wrenching course of a disease that kills a loved one twice—first they forget who they are, and then the body succumbs—these stories also show how witnessing the disease and caring for someone with it can be powerfully transformative, calling forth amazing strength and grace.

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Ashes of Onyx Audiobook

Ashes of Onyx

Author: Seth Skorkowsky Narrator: Caroline Shaffer Release Date: April 2020

They stole her magic. They killed her friends. Nothing in the multiverse will stop her quest for revenge. Kate Rossdale once held all the promise of becoming Baltimore’s greatest sorceress. But a promise is a hard thing to hold when your coven is murdered, your magic is stripped away, and the only solace left to you comes one powdered line at a time. When she’s offered the restoration of her power by a man she doesn’t know or trust, Kate sets in motion the retribution of her enemies. Soon she finds herself racing across the globe, and across worlds, venturing into exotic realms of forbidden dreams, to the spires of Lost Carcosa, hunting for the magic-thief who robbed her of everything she held dear, including the most dangerous magic any sorceress can possess—hope.

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Death with Dostoevsky Audiobook

Death with Dostoevsky

Author: Katherine Bolger Hyde Narrator: Caroline Shaffer Release Date: March 2020

Professor Emily Cavanaugh makes a horrific discovery while writing her book on Dostoevsky in the entertaining fourth Crime with the Classics story. Professor Emily Cavanaugh has left Windy Corner behind and is back at Bede College on her sabbatical, determined to finish writing her book on Dostoevsky. She is soon reunited with one of her promising students, Daniel Razumov; as well as familiar faces on the teaching staff—her friend, Marguerite Grenier; her half-brother, Oscar Lansing; the abrasive division chair, Richard McClintock; and the predatory Taylor Curzon, known for her relentless pursuit of young male students—and Taylor now has Daniel firmly in her sights. Emily knows Taylor must be stopped, but as she starts gathering evidence of Daniel’s harassment, she has a disturbing flashback, and then makes a gruesome discovery … Can Emily catch a dangerous campus killer while also confronting events from her own past?

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Cyanide with Christie Audiobook

Cyanide with Christie

Author: Katherine Bolger Hyde Narrator: Caroline Shaffer Release Date: February 2020

A game of charades ends in coldblooded murder in this entertaining cozy mystery—third in the Crime with the Classics series. Having finished transforming Windy Corner, the grand Victorian mansion she inherited from her great aunt, into a writers’ retreat, widowed literature professor Emily Cavanaugh is ready to receive her first set of guests. But her careful planning is thrown into disarray by the unexpected arrival of outrageous true-crime writer, Cruella Crime, whose unpardonably rude behavior is causing great offence. As a ferocious ice storm rages outside, the guests entertain one another with a game of charades. But their revelries are brought to a sudden halt by the discovery of a body in one of the guest bedrooms. When it transpires the victim was poisoned, Emily decides to take a leaf out of the book of her favorite detective writer, Agatha Christie, and investigate. But as she pursues her inquiries, it becomes chillingly clear that she herself may have been the intended victim …

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A Better Planet: Forty Big Ideas for a Sustainable Future Audiobook

A Better Planet: Forty Big Ideas for a Sustainable Future

A practical, bipartisan call to action from the world's leading thinkers on the environment and sustainability Sustainability has emerged as a global priority over the past several years. The 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change and the adoption of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals through the United Nations have highlighted the need to address critical challenges, like the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, water shortages, and air pollution. But in the United States, partisan divides, regional disputes, and deep disagreements over core principles have made it nearly impossible to chart a course toward a sustainable future. This timely new book, edited by celebrated scholar Daniel C. Esty, offers fresh thinking and forward-looking solutions from environmental thought leaders across the political spectrum. The book's forty essays cover such subjects as ecology, environmental justice, Big Data, public health, and climate change, all with an emphasis on sustainability. This book focuses on moving toward sustainability through actionable, bipartisan approaches based on rigorous analytical research.

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Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me Audiobook

Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me

Author: Julie Wright Narrator: Caroline Shaffer Release Date: January 2020

Charlotte Kingsley loves to write and dreams of having her reimagined fairy tales published, but she keeps getting rejected over and over. And to top it all off, her best friend, Anders, gets engaged, making her realize she's going to lose the Prince Charming who lives next door. After yet another rejection letter, Charlotte decides to switch gears. What if she wrote a book about celebrating women for who they really are instead of trying to create a fantasy world for them to visit? She could call it The Cinderella Fiction, fill it with practical advice for living authentically, become ridiculously successful, and then find the confidence to tell Anders how she feels before it's too late. Encouraged with her plan, Charlotte's new book practically writes itself, and a small publisher offers to publish it. As it's a small company with limited resources, Charlotte decides to sink money into hiring a premier publicity firm to make her book a bestseller. She also discovers that Anders has called off his engagement and wants to try a relationship with Charlotte. Suddenly her fairy tale dreams seem to be coming true. However, Charlotte's publicist has very specific ideas about how to market the book-and the author. Charlotte, with her average looks, cluttered apartment, and penchant for ice cream, must undergo a total transformation in a social media makeover. People who see Charlotte through a carefully curated Instagram account will relate and naturally want to buy her book. At first, Charlotte is excited to enter this fantasy world and play "dress up," and Anders reluctantly agrees to go along with it, even though it means he's largely out of the picture. But the toll of her new life soon proves exhausting. Telling women to "be authentic" even while she herself is undergoing elaborating staging to get just the right image makes her feel like a fraud. Meanwhile, her relationship with Anders is falling apart, since he suspects their relationship is just another one of her carefully curated images. Charlotte must decide what she believes in: the fairy tale persona or the woman Anders has always loved-before he's gone forever.

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