Here we have chosen a selection of feel-good or uplifting books. A book can deliver a hug in many different ways. You could disappear into a deep and squashy, stay-with-you-forever read. Some novels may make you smile with their friendly laughing nudges and squeezes, while others deliver a truly heartfelt emotional embrace. With one or two in our collection here, you could even find yourself searching for a tissue as you sob within the pages. We would however, just like to reassure you that there is always a lovely, heartfelt, glorious message to be discovered too.

We just had to include the wonderfully uplifting The Lost Words by Rob Macfarlane and Jackie Morris, who wrote the book after noticing certain words from nature were disappearing. The Lost Words set people's imagination on fire; crowd-funding around the country ensured the book was delivered to schools, while music was set to the bewitching words and The Lost Words Prom appeared at the Royal Albert Hall in 2019. The book itself is a treasure, and what has happened since it was published is inspirational.

This list wouldn't have been complete without a mention of Anstey Harris and her second book Where We Belong. This is an author who knows how to capture and squeeze your emotions. We love her writing style which is so expressive, and gloriously readable; her books are charming but come with the occasional bite too. You also may have already seen that we adore Saving Missy by Beth Morrey, which also deserves a shout out here. It’s her debut, and it’s a complete stunner but be warned, you may well cry!

There are certain authors that you just know you can turn to when you need a book hug. The fabulous Carole MatthewsFredrik Backman, and Milly Johnson regularly sit in our lists of favourite books. Veronica Henry  is another author who knows how to set and stage a story. She delivers every single time, although we're not quite sure how she manages to offer something completely different, yet utterly gorgeous, in each book. We love her!

And then of course there are the individual books that have captured our hearts, almost too many to mention, even within this collection, but have you read Sourdough by Robin Sloan, Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans, or My Name is Leon by Kit de Waal? All of these caused an almost physical ache with their beautifully simple eloquence and emotion.

We hope you enjoy the list below. Are there any books you would have liked to include, whereby you can still feel the virtual hug right now?