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Saving Missy

"A LoveReading star book, this is a glorious, beautiful, and rather special read. "

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A debut novel to read slowly, to savour, to adore. Yes, this is a rather special and beautiful read, and I want to climb a few rooftops to shout about it. Missy Carmichael is lonely, she lives by herself in a huge house, when opportunities arise for friendship and more, can she reach out and take them? I admit to having fallen in love with Missy, she isn’t perfect and she makes mistakes (who doesn’t!), yet there is something about her that tiptoed into my heart and soul and has taken up residence. So often we just see a snapshot of someone, a moment or period in their life, however not here. Beth Morrey has not only brought her to life, but by also dipping into the past, we discover the gems that make Missy, well, Missy! The surrounding characters are a wonderfully quirky bunch, and Bob is an absolute delight. I laughed and I cried (oh how I cried). Saving Missy meanders gently, poignantly, beautifully, to what was for me, a perfect ending. I adored meeting Missy and so have chosen this lovely debut novel as one of our star books. 

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Liz Robinson

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Reader Reviews

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Make sure you have tissues, this is heart-warming, tragic and uplifting, a real mixture and a great read.

I can only begin by saying that this book is amazing! I am usually a fan of psychological thrillers and similar and was unsure when I started this book if it would be my sort of thing. Whilst I do like to read other genres, I pick and choose a bit. However, I am so pleased I have been given the chance to review this book.
It is centered around the character of Missy, an older lonely lady who gradually discovers friendships in all sorts of different and unexpected ways.

It jumps back and forth to when Missy was young and goes through her marriage to her beloved Leo at different stages of their lives and relationship. It also examines the complicated relationships with her daughter and son and you make a lot of assumptions about all of them, which turn out to be completely wrong.... Read Full Review

Sally Doel

A big-hearted story about rediscovering your true self.Truly charming and uplifting in even its most bitter moments.

Onwards and upwards!

Saving Missy is a big-hearted story about friendship, moving on, and rediscovering your true self.

Missy Carmichael is trying to get a new life together, without her husband of many decades, Leo. Struggling to find her feet, and having no guidance, this is a story that is hopeful, bittersweet and above all, compassionate.

I found the beginning of this story quite slow to get into because through to the very end, the reader isn't given all the answers. This is a story following a mysterious woman fighting against her burdening truths, closely-guarded secrets, and private confessions.

Initially, I thought it lacked direction. But by the middle, after the reader pieces together a few facts, this is a charming read. There is more than what we see. Uplifting even in its most bitter, and vulnerable, moments.... Read Full Review

Saarah Nisaa

A lovely book - totally compelling.

I loved this book -it had me gripped from page 1 and never let go! It is a first-person narration by Millicent Carmichael, known as Missy. Missy is a 79-year-old lady, living alone in an imposing old London house, missing her husband and family and with no purpose in her lonely life until she reluctantly makes the acquaintance of an eclectic group of people in her local park, and her life changes completely, particularly when she takes on the care of Bobby, a dog, who becomes her beloved companion.

I found the story completely compelling as I followed Missy through this new phase in her life, as she came to terms with regrets concerning her earlier life which had troubled her, and she embraced new experiences. There is also a surprise at the end, which I certainly hadn’t anticipated, something I always enjoy in a book.... Read Full Review

Doreen McKeown