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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man Audiobook Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man
  2. The Sin Eater Audiobook The Sin Eater
  3. Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be Audiobook Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be
  4. Near Dark: A Thriller Audiobook Near Dark: A Thriller
  5. Coming Home to Island House Audiobook Coming Home to Island House
  6. Outsider: A Novel of Suspense Audiobook Outsider: A Novel of Suspense
  7. What You Wish For: A Novel Audiobook What You Wish For: A Novel
  8. The Alchemist Audiobook The Alchemist
  9. Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex Audiobook Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex
  10. Tempt Me Audiobook Tempt Me
Blockchain Revolution Audiobook

Blockchain Revolution

Author: Alex Tapscott, Don Tapscott Narrator: Jeff Cummings Release Date: May 2016

The first generation of the digital revolution brought us the Internet of information. The second generation-powered by blockchain technology-is bringing us the Internet of value: a new, distributed platform that can help us reshape the world of business and transform the old order of human affairs for the better. Blockchain is the ingeniously simple, revolutionary protocol that allows transactions to be simultaneously anonymous and secure by maintaining a tamperproof public ledger of value. Though it's the technology that drives bitcoin and other digital currencies, the underlying framework has the potential to go far beyond these and record virtually everything of value to humankind, from birth and death certificates to insurance claims and even votes. Why should you care? Maybe you're a music lover who wants artists to make a living off their art. Or a consumer who wants to know where that hamburger meat really came from. Perhaps you're an immigrant who's sick of paying big fees to send money home to loved ones. Or an entrepreneur looking for a new platform to build a business. And those examples are barely the tip of the iceberg. This technology is public, encrypted, and readily available for anyone to use. It's already seeing widespread adoption in a number of areas. For example, forty-two (and counting) of the world's biggest financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Credit Suisse, have formed a consortium to investigate the blockchain for speedier and more secure transactions. As with major paradigm shifts that preceded it, the blockchain will create winners and losers. And while opportunities abound, the risks of disruption and dislocation must not be ignored. Don Tapscott, the bestselling author of Wikinomics, and his son, blockchain expert Alex Tapscott, bring us a brilliantly researched, highly readable, and utterly foundational book about the future of the modern economy. Blockchain Revolution is the business leaders' playbook for the next decade and beyond. *Contact customer service for additional content*

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The Soul of A New Machine Audiobook

The Soul of A New Machine

Author: Tracy Kidder Narrator: Ben Sullivan Release Date: May 2016

Computers have changed since 1981, when Tracy Kidder memorably recorded the drama, comedy, and excitement of one companys efforts to bring a new microcomputer to market. What has not changed is the feverish pace of the high-tech industry, the go-for-broke approach to business that has caused so many computer companies to win big (or go belly up), and the cult of pursuing mind-bending technological innovations. The Soul of a New Machine is an essential chapter in the history of the machine that revolutionized the world in the twentieth century.

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Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions Audiobook

Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions

Author: Brian Christian, Tom Griffiths Narrator: Brian Christian Release Date: April 2016

All our lives are constrained by limited space and time, limits that give rise to a particular set of problems. What should we do, or leave undone, in a day or a lifetime? How much messiness should we accept? What balance of new activities and familiar favorites is the most fulfilling? These may seem like uniquely human quandaries, but they are not: computers, too, face the same constraints, so computer scientists have been grappling with their version of such issues for decades. And the solutions they've found have much to teach us. In a dazzlingly interdisciplinary work, acclaimed author Brian Christian and cognitive scientist Tom Griffiths show how the algorithms developed for computers can also untangle very human questions. They explain how to have better hunches and when to leave things to chance, how to deal with overwhelming choices and how best to connect with others. From finding a spouse to finding a parking spot, from organizing one's inbox to understanding the workings of memory, Algorithms to Live By transforms the wisdom of computer science into strategies for human living.

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History of Engineering Audiobook

History of Engineering

Author: Introbooks Narrator: Introbooks Release Date: April 2016

The idea of engineering has been present since prehistoric times when humans started shaping important creations like lever, wheel and pulley. Every invention is reliable with the contemporary explanation of engineering manipulating basic principles of mechanics to develop useful tools and objects. The word engineering has been derived from the term engineer and dates back to around recently 1325 and the word engineer in those times meant or denoted to someone who was the constructor of engines. The term engine has actually become obsolete now as it is now referred to a military machine or in a more detailed description it was a mechanical apparatus used in wars for eg: a catapult. Engine comes from an old word used in Latin ingenium which means intrinsic quality, particularly cerebral power, hereafter an ingenious creation. As time passed more structures like houses, buildings and bridges which required technicalities the term what we know as civil engineering was introduced to differentiate among those who were experts in building military machines and was called military engineering. The term engineering has much depth and the discipline is extremely broad and comprises a variety of more dedicated types of engineering, each with a more precise prominence on specific parts of technology, applied science and types of application.

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History of Internet Audiobook

History of Internet

Author: Introbooks Narrator: Introbooks Release Date: April 2016

Internet is perhaps one of the most prestigious indispensable tools of modern times where people simply cannot imagine a life without it, or even the world without it. It makes planet earth go round and helps to move it forward. It is one of the primary essence of technological evolution. Every era has had its own indispensable tool - for us in these modern times, it is none other than the world-wide web. Having such humble beginnings in the university campuses of American institutes in the 1960s, internet would soon become a global phenomenon, a concept and a medium on its own. Universities now teach the origins of internet and how it has shaped mankind in the last 60 years. It has its own nuances and the little nuts and bolts that need to be known and be aware of if one aspires to become a professional web designer. It is indeed a field of study and involves continuous scrutiny and observation if one needs to understand how this global phenomenon really became global in technical sense and how it governs almost everything we see around us. In this book, a brief understanding of the origins and evolution of internet will be discussed and how it has grown to become one of the foremost tools for almost everything that surround people. In short, a brief, interesting history of the internet, and its evolution.

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LinkedIn Marketing Audiobook

LinkedIn Marketing

Author: Introbooks Narrator: Introbooks Release Date: April 2016

Marketing is an essential part of every business these days. Gone are the days when there were door-to-door marketers introducing new products to customers. The internet has enabled people to become aware of all types of products, services and price. They cannot be cheated at any time. You have to beware while marketing your company on any platform. Social media is now considered to be the best marketing tool for all the businessman and companies. Although there are a few social sites that offer good platforms to the businessmen for marketing but the only one which is especially for professional businessmen is LinkedIn. The site is flooded with businessmen who make deals, look for investors and expand business through LinkedIn it has become an integral part to be present on LinkedIn for your company to prosper more. Today we are here to learn how you can use your presence on LinkedIn to profit your business.

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Present! A Techie's Guide To Public Speaking Audiobook

Present! A Techie's Guide To Public Speaking

Author: Karen Catlin, Poornima Vijayashanker Narrator: Karen Catlin, Poornima Vijayashanker Release Date: February 2016

The ultimate interactive public speaking guide from tech speakers Poornima Vijayashanker and Karen Catlin that prepares and encourages  techies to discover their expertise, confidently share it, and successfully level up in their careers. Techies around the world can now jump start and grow their speaking careers with the book, Present! A Techie's Guide to Public Speaking, written by tech leaders, Poornima Vijayashanker and Karen Catlin. The book serves as a resource for technology professionals who want or need to develop the skills to communicate their expertise effectively, whether in a meeting at work or delivering an engaging talk at a conference. Poornima, who is the founder of Femgineer and the founding engineer of, collaborated with former Adobe vice president and founder of Karen Catlin Consulting, Karen Catlin, to compile and share their lessons, tips, and techniques learned from their own experiences as professional tech speakers. "Karen and I wanted to write this book so that our fellow techies would have a comprehensive resource to help them with their own public speaking endeavors. So many folks in the tech industry have amazing ideas and experience, but they often feel stuck on how to present them effectively. Also, our hope is that more women will be inspired by our stories and encouraged to get out there and share their own valuable expertise through public speaking in order to boost representation of women tech speakers," Poornima said. Present! covers public speaking from A to Z. Through stories, examples, and interactive exercises, Poornima and Karen dive into topics including, overcoming stage fright, exploring personal speaking style, creating the right talk for the right audience, polishing presence and delivery, and nailing any type of talk, whether it's a lightning or long-form talk or being part of a panel. Karen said, "Even though Poornima and I are professional speakers, we felt it was important to share our own feelings of nerves and uncertainty, and bumps we've had along the way - and sometimes continue to experience. It was important for us to communicate that no one is perfect and it really is okay when talks don't always go according to plan. Our hope is that by being open, we'll be able to give others the confidence and the techniques to handle situations when they arise, deliver an amazing presentation, and most importantly, have FUN"!

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Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know Audiobook

Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know

Author: Allan Friedman, P.W. Singer Narrator: Sean Pratt Release Date: January 2016

In Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know®, New York Times bestselling author P. W. Singer and noted cyber expert Allan Friedman team up to provide the kind of deeply informative resource book that has been missing on a crucial issue of twenty-first-century life. Written in a lively, accessible style, filled with engaging stories and illustrative anecdotes, the book is structured around the key question areas of cyberspace and its security: how it all works, why it all matters, and what we can do. Along the way, they take listeners on a tour of the important (and entertaining) issues and characters of cybersecurity, from the "Anonymous" hacker group and the Stuxnet computer virus to the new cyber units of the Chinese and U.S. militaries. Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know® is the definitive account on the subject for us all, which comes not a moment too soon.

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Obfuscation: A User's Guide for Privacy and Protest Audiobook

Obfuscation: A User's Guide for Privacy and Protest

Author: Finn Brunton, Helen Nissenbaum Narrator: Dana Hickox Release Date: December 2015

With Obfuscation, Finn Brunton and Helen Nissenbaum mean to start a revolution. They are calling us not to the barricades but to our computers, offering us ways to fight today's pervasive digital surveillance -- the collection of our data by governments, corporations, advertisers, and hackers. To the toolkit of privacy protecting techniques and projects, they propose adding obfuscation: the deliberate use of ambiguous, confusing, or misleading information to interfere with surveillance and data collection projects. Brunton and Nissenbaum provide tools and a rationale for evasion, noncompliance, refusal, even sabotage -- especially for average users, those of us not in a position to opt out or exert control over data about ourselves. Obfuscation will teach users to push back, software developers to keep their user data safe, and policy makers to gather data without misusing it. Brunton and Nissenbaum present a guide to the forms and formats that obfuscation has taken and explain how to craft its implementation to suit the goal and the adversary. They describe a series of historical and contemporary examples, including radar chaff deployed by World War II pilots, Twitter bots that hobbled the social media strategy of popular protest movements, and software that can camouflage users' search queries and stymie online advertising. They go on to consider obfuscation in more general terms, discussing why obfuscation is necessary, whether it is justified, how it works, and how it can be integrated with other privacy practices and technologies.

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SQL QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner's Guide to Managing, Analyzing, and Manipulating Data  Audiobook

SQL QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner's Guide to Managing, Analyzing, and Manipulating Data

Author: Walter Shields Narrator: Russell Newton Release Date: November 2015

'THE BEST SQL BOOK FOR BEGINNERS IN 2020 - HANDS DOWN!' INCLUDES FREE ACCESS TO A SAMPLE DATABASE, SQL BROWSER APP, COMPREHENSION QUIZES & SEVERAL OTHER DIGITAL RESOURCES! Not sure how to prepare for the data-driven future? This book shows you EXACTLY what you need to know to successfully use the SQL programming language to enhance your career! Are you a developer who wants to expand your mastery to database management? Then you NEED this book. Buy now and start reading today! Are you a project manager who needs to better understand your development team’s needs? A decision maker who needs to make deeper data-driven analysis? Everything you need to know is included in these pages! The ubiquity of big data means that now more than ever there is a burning need to warehouse, access, and understand the contents of massive databases quickly and efficiently. That’s where SQL comes in. SQL is the workhorse programming language that forms the backbone of modern data management and interpretation. Any database management professional will tell you that despite trendy data management languages that come and go, SQL remains the most widely used and most reliable to date, with no signs of stopping. In this comprehensive guide, experienced mentor and SQL expert Walter Shields draws on his considerable knowledge to make the topic of relational database management accessible, easy to understand, and highly actionable. SQL QuickStart Guide is ideal for those seeking to increase their job prospects and enhance their careers, for developers looking to expand their programming capabilities, or for anyone who wants to take advantage of our inevitably data-driven future—even with no prior coding experience! SQL QuickStart Guide Is For: - Professionals looking to augment their job skills in preparation for a data-driven future - Job seekers who want to pad their skills and resume for a durable employability edge - Beginners with zero prior experience - Managers, decision makers, and business owners looking to manage data-driven business insights - Developers looking to expand their mastery beyond the full stack - Anyone who wants to be better prepared for our data-driven future! - In SQL QuickStart Guide You'll Discover: - The basic structure of databases—what they are, how they work, and how to successfully navigate them - How to use SQL to retrieve and understand data no matter the scale of a database (aided by numerous images and examples) - The most important SQL queries, along with how and when to use them for best effect - Professional applications of SQL and how to “sell” your new SQL skills to your employer, along with other career-enhancing considerations *GIVING BACK:* ClydeBank Media proudly supports the non-profit AdoptAClassroom whose mission is to advance equity in K-12 education by supplementing dwindling school funding for vital classroom materials and resources.*

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What to Think About Machines That Think: Today's Leading Thinkers on the Age of Machine Intelligence Audiobook

What to Think About Machines That Think: Today's Leading Thinkers on the Age of Machine Intelligence

Author: John Brockman Narrator: Brett Barry, Lisa Larsen Release Date: October 2015

As the world becomes ever more dominated by technology, John Brockman’s latest addition to the acclaimed and bestselling “Edge Question Series” asks more than 175 leading scientists, philosophers, and artists: What do you think about machines that think? The development of artificial intelligence has been a source of fascination and anxiety ever since Alan Turing formalized the concept in 1950. Today, Stephen Hawking believes that AI “could spell the end of the human race.” At the very least, its development raises complicated moral issues with powerful real-world implications—for us and for our machines. In this volume, recording artist Brian Eno proposes that we’re already part of an AI: global civilization, or what TED curator Chris Anderson elsewhere calls the hive mind. And author Pamela McCorduck considers what drives us to pursue AI in the first place. On the existential threat posed by superintelligent machines, Steven Pinker questions the likelihood of a robot uprising. Douglas Coupland traces discomfort with human-programmed AI to deeper fears about what constitutes “humanness.” Martin Rees predicts the end of organic thinking, while Daniel C. Dennett explains why he believes the Singularity might be an urban legend. Provocative, enriching, and accessible, What Do You Think About Machines That Think? may just be a practical guide to the not-so-distant future.

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The Master Algorithm Audiobook

The Master Algorithm

Author: Pedro Domingos Narrator: Mel Foster Release Date: September 2015

Algorithms increasingly run our lives. They find books, movies, jobs, and dates for us; manage our investments; and discover new drugs. More and more, these algorithms work by learning from the trails of data we leave in our newly digital world. Like curious children, they observe us, imitate, and experiment. And in the world's top research labs and universities, the race is on to invent the ultimate learning algorithm: one capable of discovering any knowledge from data, and doing anything we want, before we even ask. Machine learning is the automation of discovery-the scientific method on steroids. It enables intelligent robots and computers to program themselves. No field of science today is more important yet more shrouded in mystery. Pedro Domingos, one of the field's leading lights, lifts the veil for the fi rst time to give us a peek inside the learning machines that power Google, Amazon, and your smartphone. He charts a course through machine learning's five major schools of thought, showing how they turn ideas from neuroscience, evolution, psychology, physics, and statistics into algorithms ready to serve you. Step-by-step, he assembles a blueprint for the future universal learner-the Master Algorithm-and discusses what it means for you, and for the future of business, science, and society. If data-ism is today's rising philosophy, this audiobook will be its bible. The quest for universal learning is one of the most significant, fascinating, and revolutionary intellectual developments of all time. A groundbreaking book, The Master Algorithm is the essential guide for anyone and everyone wanting to understand not just how the revolution will happen, but how to be at its forefront.

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