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  1. The Silence of Scheherazade Audiobook The Silence of Scheherazade
  2. Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want Audiobook Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want
  3. Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food Audiobook Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food
  4. A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders Audiobook A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders
  5. Such a Quiet Place Audiobook Such a Quiet Place
  6. 1979 Audiobook 1979
  7. The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal Audiobook The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal
  8. Land of Big Numbers Audiobook Land of Big Numbers
  9. Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose Audiobook Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose
  10. What We Find Audiobook What We Find
Logic: A Very Short Introduction, 2nd Edition Audiobook

Logic: A Very Short Introduction, 2nd Edition

Author: Graham Priest Narrator: Kyle Tait Release Date: August 2021

Logic is often perceived as having little to do with the rest of philosophy, and even less to do with real life. In this lively and accessible introduction, Graham Priest shows how wrong this conception is. He explores the philosophical roots of the subject, explaining how modern formal logic deals with issues ranging from the existence of God and the reality of time to paradoxes of probability and decision theory. Along the way, the basics of formal logic are explained in simple, non-technical terms, showing that logic is a powerful and exciting part of modern philosophy. In this new edition Graham Priest expands his discussion to cover the subjects of algorithms, axioms, and proofs in mathematics.

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Game Theory: A Very Short Introduction Audiobook

Game Theory: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Ken Binmore Narrator: Jesse Einstein Release Date: June 2021

Games are everywhere: Drivers maneuvering in heavy traffic are playing a driving game. Bargain hunters bidding on eBay are playing an auctioning game. The supermarket's price for corn flakes is decided by playing an economic game. This Very Short Introduction offers a succinct tour of the fascinating world of game theory, a groundbreaking field that analyzes how to play games in a rational way. Ken Binmore, a renowned game theorist, explains the theory in a way that is both entertaining and non-mathematical yet also deeply insightful, revealing how game theory can shed light on everything from social gatherings, to ethical decision-making, to successful card-playing strategies, to calculating the sex ratio among bees. With mini-biographies of many fascinating, and occasionally eccentric, founders of the subject-including John Nash, subject of the movie A Beautiful Mind-this book offers a concise overview of a cutting-edge field that has seen spectacular successes in evolutionary biology and economics, and is beginning to revolutionize other disciplines from psychology to political science.

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Fractals: A Very Short Introduction Audiobook

Fractals: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Kenneth Falconer Narrator: Jason Huggins Release Date: June 2021

From the contours of coastlines to the outlines of clouds, and the branching of trees, fractal shapes can be found everywhere in nature. In this Very Short Introduction, Kenneth Falconer explains the basic concepts of fractal geometry, which produced a revolution in our mathematical understanding of patterns in the twentieth century, and explores the wide range of applications in science, and in aspects of economics.

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Relativity: A Very Short Introduction Audiobook

Relativity: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Russell Stannard Narrator: Nick Sullivan Release Date: June 2021

If you move at high speed, time slows down, space squashes up, and you get heavier. Travel fast enough and you could weigh as much as a jumbo jet, be flattened thinner than a CD without feeling a thing-and live forever! As for the angles of a triangle, they do not always have to add up to 180 degrees. And then, of course, there are black holes. These are but a few of the extraordinary consequences of Einstein's theory of relativity. It is now over a hundred years since he made these discoveries, and yet the general public is still largely unaware of them. Filled with illuminating anecdotes and fascinating accounts of experiments, this book aims to introduce the interested lay person to the subject of relativity in a way which is accessible and engaging and at the same time scientifically rigorous. With relatively few mathematical equations-nothing more complicated than the Pythagoras's Theorem-this VSI packs a lot time into very little space, and for anyone who has felt intimidated by Einstein's groundbreaking theory, it offers the perfect place to start.

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Journey to the Edge of Reason: The Life of Kurt Gödel Audiobook

Journey to the Edge of Reason: The Life of Kurt Gödel

Author: Stephen Budiansky Narrator: Bob Souer Release Date: May 2021

The first major biography of the logician and mathematician whose incompleteness theorems helped launch a modern scientific revolution. Nearly a hundred years after its publication, Kurt Gödel's famous proof that every mathematical system must contain propositions that are true-yet never provable-continues to unsettle mathematics, philosophy, and computer science. Yet unlike Einstein, with whom he formed a warm and abiding friendship, Gödel has long escaped all but the most casual scrutiny of his life. An intimate portrait of the scientific and intellectual circles in prewar Vienna and a vivid re-creation of the early days of Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study, Journey to the Edge of Reason is the first biography to fully draw upon Gödel's voluminous letters and writings-including a never-before-transcribed shorthand diary of his most intimate thoughts-to explore his profound intellectual friendships, his moving relationship with his mother, his troubled yet devoted marriage, and the debilitating bouts of paranoia that ultimately took his life. It illuminates the mind-bending implications of Gödel's revolutionary ideas for philosophy, mathematics, artificial intelligence, and man's place in the cosmos.

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Shape: The Hidden Geometry of Absolutely Everything Audiobook

Shape: The Hidden Geometry of Absolutely Everything

Author: Jordan Ellenberg Narrator: Jordan Ellenberg Release Date: May 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. How should a democracy choose its representatives? How does disease spread? How do computers teach themselves chess, and why is chess easier for them than analyzing a sentence? What should your kids study in school if they really want to learn to think? All of these are questions about geometry. Jordan Ellenberg reveals the mathematics behind some of the most important scientific, political and philosophical conundrums we face. The word 'geometry', from the Greek, means 'measuring the world'. If anything, geometry doesn't just measure the world - it explains it. Shape shows us how. © Jordan Ellenberg 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction Audiobook

Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Timothy Gowers Narrator: Craig Jessen Release Date: May 2021

The aim of this book is to explain, carefully but not technically, the differences between advanced, research-level mathematics, and the sort of mathematics we learn at school. The most fundamental differences are philosophical, and listeners of this book will emerge with a clearer understanding of paradoxical-sounding concepts such as infinity, curved space, and imaginary numbers. The first few chapters are about general aspects of mathematical thought. These are followed by discussions of more specific topics, and the book closes with a chapter answering common sociological questions about the mathematical community (such as 'Is it true that mathematicians burn out at the age of twenty-five?'). It is the ideal introduction for anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of mathematics.

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Peter 2.0: The Human Cyborg Audiobook

Peter 2.0: The Human Cyborg

Author: Peter Scott-Morgan Narrator: Peter Scott-Morgan, Rupert Farley Release Date: April 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. The incredible book behind the primetime Channel 4 documentary, Peter: The Human Cyborg. Peter, a brilliant scientist, is told that he will lose everything he loves. His husband. His family. His friends. His ability to travel the world. All will be gone. But Peter will not give up. He vows that this will not be the end and instead seeks a completely new beginning . . . Peter has Motor Neurone Disease, a condition universally considered by doctors to be terminal. He is told it will destroy his nerve cells and that within an average of two years, it will take his life too. But, face-to-face with death, he decides there is another way. Using his background in science and technology, he navigates a new path, one that will enable him not just to survive, but to thrive. This is the astonishing true story behind the primetime Channel 4 documentary, about Peter Scott-Morgan the first person to combine his very humanity with artificial intelligence and robotics to become a full Cyborg. His discovery means that his terminal diagnosis is negotiable, something that will rewrite the future. And change the world. By embracing love, life and hope rather than fear, tragedy and despair he will become Peter 2.0. This audiobook includes an exclusive introduction recorded by the author, Peter Scott-Morgan, in the final few days he was able to use his biological voice. This unique audiobook also features narration from Peter 2.0, using cutting-edge technology known as voice puppetry. Through the course of the book there will be further moments of this pioneering voice puppetry, plus a recording of the very last moving words to pass Peter's lips 'A remarkable story . . . you're left desperate to take nothing for granted' Radio Times 'What's striking is Peter's constant optimism, bravery and his ability to find radical answers to problems that have confounded Britain's brightest minds' The Daily Telegraph 'Intriguing' The Times 'Fascinating and extremely moving' The Sun 'A remarkable account of what it means to be human and what technology can really achieve' The Sunday Telegraph © Peter Scott-Morgan 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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The Model Thinker: What You Need to Know to Make Data Work for You Audiobook

The Model Thinker: What You Need to Know to Make Data Work for You

Author: Scott E. Page Narrator: Jamie Renell Release Date: March 2021

Work with data like a pro using this guide that breaks down how to organize, apply, and most importantly, understand what you are analyzing in order to become a true data ninja. From the stock market to genomics laboratories, census figures to marketing email blasts, we are awash with data. But as anyone who has ever opened up a spreadsheet packed with seemingly infinite lines of data knows, numbers aren't enough: we need to know how to make those numbers talk. In The Model Thinker, social scientist Scott E. Page shows us the mathematical, statistical, and computational models-from linear regression to random walks and far beyond-that can turn anyone into a genius. At the core of the book is Page's "many-model paradigm," which shows the reader how to apply multiple models to organize the data, leading to wiser choices, more accurate predictions, and more robust designs. The Model Thinker provides a toolkit for business people, students, scientists, pollsters, and bloggers to make them better, clearer thinkers, able to leverage data and information to their advantage.

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Ask the Experts: Physics and Math Audiobook

Ask the Experts: Physics and Math

Author: Scientific American Narrator: Graham Halstead Release Date: March 2021

For going on two decades, Scientific American's "Ask the Experts" column has been answering reader questions on all fields of science. We've taken your questions from the basic to the esoteric and reached out to top scientists, professors, and researchers to find out why the sky is blue or whether we really only use 10 percent of our brains. Now, we've combed through our archives and have compiled some of the most interesting questions (and answers) into a series of books. Organized by subject, each title provides short, easily digestible answers to questions on that particular branch of the sciences. The first title in our series-Physics and Math-explains a wide range of natural phenomena and mathematical concepts. Have you ever wondered what exactly antimatter is? How about game theory, quantum mechanics, and the origin of pi? Mathematicians and professors from universities across the country tackle these topics, drawing on their extensive expertise to give answers that are at once accurate and comprehensible by those who haven't studied physics or math since high school.

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Math Without Numbers Audiobook

Math Without Numbers

Author: Milo Beckman Narrator: Soneela Nankani Release Date: January 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. The only numbers in this book are the page numbers. Math Without Numbers is a vivid and wholly original guide to the three main branches of abstract math - topology, analysis, and algebra - which turn out to be surprisingly easy to grasp. Milo Beckman upends the conventional approach to mathematics, inviting you to think creatively about shape and dimension, the infinite and infinitesimal, symmetries, proofs, and how these concepts all fit together. How many shapes are there? Is anything bigger than infinity? And can mathematics even be described as 'true'? 'With charm, unwavering enthusiasm, and a lot of cartoons, Math Without Numbers waltzes the reader through a garden of higher mathematics' Jordan Ellenberg, author of How Not to Be Wrong © Milo Beckman 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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10 reglas para comprender el mundo: Cómo los números pueden explicar (y mejorar) lo que sucede Audiobook

10 reglas para comprender el mundo: Cómo los números pueden explicar (y mejorar) lo que sucede

Author: Tim Harford Narrator: Juan Magraner Release Date: January 2021

¿Cuándo leíste por última vez unas cifras en un titular y te preguntaste si realmente eran ciertas? ¿Sabes que hay una herramienta que te ayuda a verlo todo con mayor nitidez y no son unas gafas de rayos X? Se trata de los números y los datos que manejan las estadísticas, indispensables en el relato con el que se construye hoy en día la actualidad política, económica y social. Y para comprender la realidad cambiante y compleja en la que vivimos no se necesita un doctorado en matemáticas. Basta un poco paciencia y sentido común, pero sobre todo, se requiere la curiosidad que Tim Harford, autor de El economista camuflado, sabe contagiar a sus lectores para observar el mundo con otros ojos. Reseña: «Tim Harford consigue que disfrutemos de las estadísticas de la vida cotidiana y que incluso lleguen a resultarnos fascinantes.» Bill Bryson, autor de Una breve historia de casi todo

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