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  1. Over My Dead Body Audiobook Over My Dead Body
  2. The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller Audiobook The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller
  3. Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4 Audiobook Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4
  4. Lapvona Audiobook Lapvona
  5. You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good Audiobook You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good
  6. Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition Audiobook Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition
  7. The Murders at Fleat House Audiobook The Murders at Fleat House
  8. Modern Romance: An Investigation Audiobook Modern Romance: An Investigation
  9. Counterfeit Audiobook Counterfeit
  10. Richer Than Sin Audiobook Richer Than Sin
How I Stayed Alive When My Brain Was Trying to Kill Me: One Person's Guide to Suicide Prevention Audiobook

How I Stayed Alive When My Brain Was Trying to Kill Me: One Person's Guide to Suicide Prevention

Author: Susan Rose Blauner Narrator: Tavia Gilbert Release Date: April 2022

'I continued to romanticize my death by suicide: who would find me; what I'd look like. I spent hundreds of hours planning my funeral, imagining the remorse of my family and friends. I wrote good-bye letters, composed wills, and disrupted the lives of everyone close to me. Then reality hit.' -Susan Rose Blauner The statistics on suicide are staggering. The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 800,000 people die by suicide every year, which is one person every forty seconds, and for each completed suicide there may be twenty or more attempts. In How I Stayed Alive When My Brain Was Trying to Kill Me, Susan Blauner is the perfect emissary for a message of hope and a program of action for these millions of people. A survivor of multiple suicide attempts, she explains the complex feelings and fantasies that surround suicidal thoughts. In a direct, nonjudgmental, and loving voice, she offers affirmations and suggestions for those experiencing life-ending thoughts, and for their friends and family.

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Give Love Audiobook

Give Love

Author: Daniel Kenney Narrator: Tavia Gilbert Release Date: March 2022

What Really Makes Us Happy? Is it Honor? Is it Power? Or could it be Pleasure or possibly Wealth? Or maybe, just maybe, the real answer is something else. Give Love is a simple book where a wise old grandpa answers this question for his favorite little girl. Beautifully performed by multi award-winning narrator Tavia Gilbert, Give Love is a beautiful tale about what really matters in life. Listen to Give Love today!

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Wave Woman: The Life and Struggles of a Surfing Pioneer Audiobook

Wave Woman: The Life and Struggles of a Surfing Pioneer

Author: Vicky Heldreich Durand Narrator: Tavia Gilbert Release Date: February 2022

Wave Woman is the untold story of an adventurer whose zest for life and learning kept her alive for ninety-eight years. Betty Pembroke Heldreich Winstedt was the granddaughter of Mormon pioneers who, after spending an active and athletic childhood in Salt Lake City, moved to Santa Monica with her family and enrolled at USC to study dental hygiene. Betty went on to elope with a man she hardly knew, and to have two daughters. In middle age, Betty finally followed her dream of living near the ocean; she moved to Hawaii and, at age forty-one, took up surfing. She lived and surfed at Waikiki during the golden years of the mid-1950s and was a pioneer surfer at Makaha Beach. She was competitive in early big-wave surfing championships and was among the first women to compete in Lima, Peru, where she won first place. Betty was an Olympic hopeful, a pilot, a mother, a sculptor, a jeweler, a builder, a fisherwoman, an ATV rider, and a potter who lived life her way, dealing with adversity and heartache on her own stoic terms. A love letter from a daughter to her larger-than-life mother, Wave Woman will speak to any woman searching for self-confidence, fulfillment, and happiness.

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When Mr. Push Came To Shove Audiobook

When Mr. Push Came To Shove

Author: Daniel Kenney Narrator: Tavia Gilbert Release Date: January 2022

Can you help children be kind?  Of course you can! Kindness can be taught and it can be modeled. And stories are an incredibly effective way to teach and model kindness for kids and adults!  When Mr. Push Came to Shove, the first book in the Kindness Project series, is an adorable tale about what happens when a lonely old man meets a big crazy family. And it's a story that models kindness for kids!  And after the story, there is a short section that helps adults lead children in a discussion about kindness!  Enjoy the story beautifully brought to life by award winning narrator Tavia Gilbert. Then spend some time listening to the discussion questions at the end. Listen to the amazing When Mr. Push Came To Shove today!

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A Grave Girls' Getaway: A Night Huntress Novella Audiobook

A Grave Girls' Getaway: A Night Huntress Novella

Author: Jeaniene Frost Narrator: Tavia Gilbert Release Date: January 2022

Vampire Cat Crawfield is experiencing a new role as a mother. Turns out, trying to manage a perfect domestic life for her daughter is more ... challenging than Cat ever imagined. Since things have finally quieted down in the undead world, her husband, Bones, suggests that Cat recharge by spending a girls-only getaway with her best friend, Denise. Cat and Denise intend to spend the week doing nothing more than dancing, drinking, and sightseeing. Unfortunately, they stumble across a deadly summer solstice ritual performed by powerful witches who have no intention of letting their uninvited guests live to reveal what they saw. Will this girls-only getaway turn out to be the last vacation-ever!-for Cat and Denise?

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A Hopeless Discovery Audiobook

A Hopeless Discovery

Author: Daniel Carson Narrator: Tavia Gilbert Release Date: January 2022

A funny cozy mystery series full of bold women, a quirky and lovable town, and one seriously hopeless romance. Wanda Wegman invented the pumpkin chomping dragon at the pumpkin patch. Then three years ago, she mysteriously vanished. And on a Saturday morning among the pumpkins, she finally returned. After a twelve-year absence from Hopeless, Idaho, investigative reporter Hope Walker continues to find dead bodies. And this time? Hope has her work cut out for her. The trail has run cold and this investigation seems particularly hopeless. Plus, Hope is a little preoccupied. She's babysitting three rambunctious kids for her best friend Katie. And the sheriff in town has got her a little distracted. Is this the crime that Hope just can't solve? And will Hope ever take a chance in her personal life? Listen to the third book in the Hope Walker Mysteries, A Hopeless Discovery, today!

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Warrior: Audrey Hepburn Audiobook

Warrior: Audrey Hepburn

Author: Robert Matzen Narrator: Tavia Gilbert Release Date: December 2021

Gone almost thirty years, Audrey Hepburn remains among the most beloved of movie stars, known for great beauty and for hits like Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Wait Until Dark. At the height of her fame at age thirty-eight, she walked away from Hollywood to raise her sons. Two decades later, seeking a new direction, she joined the organization that had saved her as a Dutch girl at the end of World War II: UNICEF. What happened next surpassed the plot twist of any movie. The introverted Audrey applied lessons learned in the war to become a warrior, using her fame to capture the media's attention as she charged into the most dangerous places on earth to save children and mothers in desperate situations. Audrey's son Luca had wanted for years to show the world this side of his mother, and Robert Matzen tells that story. Down-to-earth, funny, and fearless, this is an Audrey Hepburn-the warrior-that must be seen to be believed.

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The Pilot's Daughter: A Novel Audiobook

The Pilot's Daughter: A Novel

Author: Meredith Jaeger Narrator: Hillary Huber, Tavia Gilbert Release Date: November 2021

The glitzy days of 1920s New York meet the devastation of those left behind in World War II in a new, delectable historical novel from USA Today bestselling author Meredith Jaeger. In the final months of World War II, San Francisco newspaper secretary Ellie Morgan should be planning her wedding and subsequent exit from the newsroom into domestic life. Instead, Ellie, who harbors dreams of having her own column, is using all the skills she's learned as a would-be reporter to try to uncover any scrap of evidence that her missing pilot father is still alive. But when she discovers a stack of love letters from a woman who is not her mother in his possessions, her already fragile world goes into a tailspin, and she vows to find out the truth about the father she loves-and the woman who loved him back. When Ellie arrives on her aunt Iris's doorstep, clutching a stack of letters and uttering a name Iris hasn't heard in decades, Iris is terrified. She's hidden her past as a Ziegfeld Follies showgirl from her family, and her experiences in New York City in the 1920s could reveal much more than the origin of her brother-in-law's alleged affair. Iris's heady days in the spotlight weren't enough to outshine the darker underbelly of Jazz Age New York, and she's spent the past twenty years believing that her actions in those days led to murder. Together the two women embark on a cross-country mission to find the truth in the City That Never Sleeps, a journey that just might shatter everything they thought they knew-not only about the past but about their own futures. Inspired by a true Jazz Age murder cold case that captivated the nation, and the fact that more than 72,000 Americans still remain unaccounted for from World War II, The Pilot's Daughter is a page-turning exploration of the stories we tell ourselves and of how well we can truly know those we love.

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A Christmas Courtship Audiobook

A Christmas Courtship

Author: Shelley Shepard Gray Narrator: Tavia Gilbert Release Date: October 2021

In this endearing Christmas tale, a bookmobile librarian knows just the novel to help an Amish bachelor woo his next-door neighbor in the latest installment of the “charming” (Carla Laureano, RITA Award–winning author of Five Days in Skye) Berlin Bookmobile series. A solitary sort, forty-two-year-old Atle Petersheim spends his time hard at work in his wood shop. But as the days get long, he realizes just how lonely he’s become. When his longtime crush, Sadie Mast, a widow and mother of three, asks him to help her build a room in their barn for her son Cale, Atle can’t say no. Eager to pursue Sadie at last, he turns to bookmobile librarian Sarah Anne Miller for courting advice. More than happy to help, Sarah Anne decides the best way to learn about love is through books—romance novels to be precise. Between completing holiday orders for her flourishing food business, helping Cale navigate a dramatic new relationship with his boss’s daughter, and coming to terms with the trauma her late husband had inflicted upon her and her children—not to mention Atle showing up at her door with flowers—Sadie is in over her head. Though Atle’s efforts are initially clumsy and his declarations a bit awkward, Sadie can’t help but be charmed by him. He’s patient and kind...and at times even seems to know far more about romance than he’s let on. Another delightful romance about the “transformative powers of love, hope, and faith” (Publishers Weekly), A Christmas Courtship is the perfect holiday read.

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The Chuckling Fingers Audiobook

The Chuckling Fingers

Author: Mabel Seeley Narrator: Tavia Gilbert Release Date: September 2021

Rediscover one of the great mystery authors of the twentieth century in this Depression-era tale of a wealthy family's dark secrets turned deadly on their secluded lakeside estate.   An urgent note from a friend spurs Ann Gay to visit her recently married cousin, Jacqueline Heaton. Upon her arrival at Fiddler's Fingers, a remote, pine-grown estate on Lake Superior, Ann immediately senses her cousin's fear-someone has been playing increasingly malicious tricks on the Heatons, a proud family of Minnesota lumber tycoons, and worse yet, they seem determined to frame Jacqueline.   Ann quickly resolves to take Jacqueline and her young daughter, Toby, away from the danger. But what began as seemingly trivial pranks-ruined clothes, a burnt bed, a smashed boat-escalates to direct attacks and ultimately murder. Dangerous waters crash against the finger-like rocks on the lakeshore, making a sound like a guttural chuckle, one that seems to mock the murder that took place there-but no one is laughing when everyone on the estate becomes a suspect. Potential motives are revealed as Ann learns more about the Heaton family, and with no chance of anyone leaving Fiddler's Fingers until the killer is caught, Ann realizes that the only way to prove her cousin's innocence is by snaring the murderer herself.   The trap is set; with herself as bait, Ann's door creaks open in the night as a cloaked figure moves silently toward her bed....

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How To Help An Impatient Cow Audiobook

How To Help An Impatient Cow

Author: Daniel Kenney Narrator: Tavia Gilbert Release Date: August 2021

Calvin is a cow. He's a very good cow. But he's not perfect. You see, sometimes Calvin is impatient. And he needs to learn that waiting is important. Can you relate? Do you know a young child that needs to work on becoming more patient? 'How To Help An Impatient Cow' is a fun audio picture book for young children that helps them learn how to become a little more patient. Perfect for children ages 3-8, this amazing audio book brought to life by award winning narrator Tavia Gilbert is a great first step in helping your child learn to become a little more patient. The How To Cow Series of books and audiobooks are designed to help young children grow in different areas of their lives. They are a great resource for parents to aid their children as they grow and get a little better each and every day. Try 'How To Help An Impatient Cow' today or visit for for information.

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She Persisted Audio Collection: Volume 1: Harriet Tubman; Claudette Colvin; Virginia Apgar; and more Audiobook

She Persisted Audio Collection: Volume 1: Harriet Tubman; Claudette Colvin; Virginia Apgar; and more

Inspired by the #1 New York Times bestseller She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton and Alexandra Boiger comes a chapter book series about women who stood up, spoke up, and rose up against the odds. Listeners can now enjoy the first eight biographies in one audio collection! • She Persisted: Harriet Tubman by Andrea Davis Pinkney, read by Bahni Turpin • She Persisted: Claudette Colvin by Lesa Cline-Ransome, read by Janina Edwards • She Persisted: Sally Ride by Atia Abawi, read by Carolyn King • She Persisted: Virginia Apgar by Dr. Sayantani DasGupta, read by Tavia Gilbert • She Persisted: Nellie Bly by Michelle Knudsen, read by Rebekkah Ross • She Persisted: Sonia Sotomayor by Meg Medina, read by Frankie Corzo • She Persisted: Florence Griffith Joyner by Rita Williams-Garcia, read by Janina Edwards • She Persisted: Ruby Bridges by Kekla Magoon, read by Janina Edwards In each chapter book biography by an award-winning and/or best-selling author, listeners learn about the amazing life of an important woman--and how she persisted. Includes an introduction written and read by Chelsea Clinton.

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