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  1. freckles Audiobook freckles
  2. A Slow Fire Burning: The addictive new Sunday Times No.1 bestseller from the author of The Girl on t Audiobook A Slow Fire Burning: The addictive new Sunday Times No.1 bestseller from the author of The Girl on t
  4. Piranesi Audiobook Piranesi
  5. 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think Audiobook 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think
  6. Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg Audiobook Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg
  7. State of Terror Audiobook State of Terror
  8. The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music Audiobook The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music
  9. Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them Audiobook Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them
  10. Bad Boss Audiobook Bad Boss
The Poetry of Scotland Audiobook

The Poetry of Scotland

Scottish poetry is a powerful, beautiful expression of Country and Culture. It's proud history includes such figures as Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson and many other illustrious figures. This volume of poetry is a perfect compendium of the words and works of Scotland. The track list is; The TWA Corbies - Ballad; Sir Patrick Spens - Ballad; Get Up And Bar The Door - Anonymous; The TWA Books - Alan Ramsay; from A Hymn On The Seasons - James Thomson; Hymn On Solitude - James Thomson; Johnnie Cope - Adam Skirving; from O Tell Me How To Woo Thee - Robert Graham of Gartmore; from Auld Reikie - Robert Fergusson; A Red Red Rose - Robert Burns; Tam O' Shanter - Robert Burns; To A Mouse - Robert Burns; A Man's A Man For A' That - Robert Burns; Ae Fond Kiss - Robert Burns; from 'Caller Herrin' ' - Lady Nairne; Ca' The Yowes To The Knowles - Anonymous; McLean's Welcome - James Hogg; Lochinvar - Walter Scott; Proud Maisie - Walter Scott; Old Christmastide (An Extract) By Sir Walter Scott; My Native Land - Sir Walter Scott; The Dirge Of Wallace - Thomas Campbell; Ode To The Memory Of Burns - Thomas Campbell; Lord Ullin's Daughter - Thomas Campbell; Lachin Y Gair - George Gordon (Lord) Byron; Beautiful Balmoral - William Topaz McGonagall; from 'The City Of Dreadful Night' - James Thomson; from 'In The Shadows' (Sonnet 1) - David Gray; The Vagabond - Robert Louis Stevenson; Where Go The Boats - Robert Louis Stevenson; God Gave To Me A Child In Part - Robert Louis Stevenson; I Do Not Fear To Own Me Kin - Robert Louis Stevenson; Autumn Fires - Robert Louis Stevenson; Christmas At Sea - Robert Louis Stevenson; Winter - Robert Louis Stevenson; When You See Millions Of The Mouthless Dead -Charles Sorley; Such Such Is Death - Charles Sorley; Scottish Ground - Daniel Sheehan; Selkirt Grace - Robert Burns; Scots Whahae - Robert Burns; Auld Lang Syne - Robert Burns.

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Adam Bede Audiobook

Adam Bede

Author: George Elliot Narrator: Hannah Gordon Release Date: May 2017

The fictitious landscape of Loamshire provides the setting for this country tragedy, with little peace about the intertwined lives of its inhabitants. Dinah Morris is an earnest Methodist preacher who rejects Seth Bede for a life devoted to God. Adam Bede, his brother, is also rejected, but by Hetty Sorrel, a gullible dairymaid who falls for dashing Arthur Donnithorne, the squire's heir. The passions roused in the community of Hayslope have disastrous consequences: a fight between two rivals, an illegitimate pregnancy and a woman driven to desperate deeds. In Adam Bede George Eliot gripped her readers with an imaginative and complex tale. 1. The Bede Family - A woman preacher - Death of a drunkard. The village of Hayslope is excited by the visit of a female Methodist preacher, Dinah Morris, an attractive, deeply religious young woman. After her sermon she meets Seth Bede, her suitor, but gently rejects his proposal of marriage. Adam, Seth's older brother, is angry to find that his father is off drinking, leaving his work unfinished. Next morning, Adam and Seth find their father lying dead in a brook by the house. 2. Foolishly in Love - Flirting in the dairy. Captain Arthur Donnithorne, grandson and heir to the squire, accompanies the Reverend Irwine to call on the Poysers, local farmers. The Rector questions their niece Dinah about her preaching. Meanwhile, Arthur is more interested in their young dairymaid, Hetty Sorrel. She is strongly interested in him, and soon she can think of no one else ? certainly not of Adam, who is wooing her. Arthur resolves not to see Hetty again but waivers. He meets her by Fir-tree Grove and they are drawn together. That night Hetty admires herself by candlelight, disturbing Dinah, who comes to ask if she is in trouble. 3. An Ill-fated Party - Good resolutions falter - Hopes raised and dashed. Arthur rides to the Rector, meaning to confess his feelings for Hetty. On the way he meets and warmly greets Adam. At the rectory Arthur lacks the courage to say what's on his mind. During a summer party held at the Donnithornes' house, Arthur announces that his grandfather has agreed to employ Adam to manage the woods. Adam's pleasure at his new job is, however, overshadowed by Hetty's behaviour towards him. When he finds that her locket contains someone else's hair, Adam leaves the festivities early. Hetty stays and is swept off her feet when dancing with Arthur. 4. End of an Affair - Fight between rivals - A letter of farewell. Walking by the grove, Adam surprises Arthur and Hetty kissing. Arthur tries to make light of his offence by explaining he had no knowledge of Adam's strong feelings for Hetty. Adam is enraged because Arthur is leading Hetty on. The two men fight and Arthur is knocked out. Adam demands that Arthur write a letter of farewell to Hetty and delivers it to her himself. She takes it to read later. 5. Desperation - Fatal letter - A doomed journey. Alone, Hetty reads Arthur's letter with despairing disbelief. Months pass and Adam is offered a share in a business. Emboldened, he asks Hetty to marry him. To his joy she accepts, but his pleasure is soon marred by her apparent unhappiness. In truth, she is pregnant and almost suicidal. She sets off to look for Arthur at Windsor, where she discovers that his regiment has gone to Ireland. Adam goes in search of her and learns of her misfortune. He grows anxious and seeks out Mr Irwine for his advice about Hetty's whereabouts. 6. Trial and Punishment - Found guilty. Adam discovers that Hetty is in Stoniton Prison, awaiting trial for the murder of her baby. He hastens to Stoniton where he reluctantly attends the trial. The evidence against Hetty mounts and she is found guilty, to be hanged. Arthur, returning home at his grandfather's death, hears the news and at once leaves for Stoniton. Dinah, also informed, visits Hetty in prison and prays with her. Hetty and Dinah set out for the scaffold but Arthur gallops onto the scene waving a reprieve, and Hetty's life is saved. 7. Parting and Discovery - A remorseful soldier - A mother's touch. Meeting again in the woods, Arthur and Adam are reconciled. Arthur says he is going away, but begs Adam to stay. Hetty is deported to Australia for her crime. Eighteen months later, Adam tells Dinah how sorry he is that she will not become his sister-in-law, not realizing that she is attracted to him. She declares that she must go away to preach, but Adam's mother reveals the truth to her son. Amazed but delighted, he decides to propose marriage to Dinah. 8. True Love - Scruples overcome - Reconciliation. After discussing his proposal with his brother Seth, Adam hastens to declare his love to Dinah. She confesses that she loves him too, but says that she cannot marry him due to her preaching. She then leaves to follow her calling. However, when Adam follows her, Dinah accepts him at last. Six years later, a much altered Arthur returns to Hayslope, grieving over the fate of Hetty, who died on her passage home from exile. Arthur is fully reconciled with Adam, who now has two children and is successfully established in his own business.

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Middlemarch Audiobook


Author: George Elliot Narrator: Hannah Gordon Release Date: May 2017

George Eliot opens her complex study of life in the provincial Midlands with a brilliant portrait of Dorothea Brooke in all her strengths and weaknesses. Dorothea's misguided marriage is only one of the many, at first seemingly quite separate, stories of thwarted ideals, passions and ambitions. In the end the 'web of relationships' comes together as every character meets an appropriate fate. The story links the struggles of the individuals with the problems of society as a whole, as it wrestles with the disturbances that are approaching through industrialisation and a changing social order. 1. A BETROTHAL. Dorothea Brooke, high minded and puritanical, is bored by the limited horizons of most men in Middlemarch. Only the scholarly, if far older, Casaubon appeals; he, for his part, is lonely. Dorothea's easy going uncle Mr Brooke contests to their hasty marriage, although Celia, her conventional but perceptive sister, is dismayed by what seems a mismatch - a view which is shared by most in Middlemarch. Meanwhile, Tertius Lydgate, an ambitious young doctor, arrived in town. 2. FAMILY AMBITIOUS. The Vincys are revealed as a well-established Middlemarch family. The daughter, Rosamond, is socially ambitious, while the son, Fred, is bone-idle, but with expectation of an inheritance from his uncle, the elderly Mr Featherstone. Rosamond is attracted to Dr Lydgate, who appears almost heroic to her when compared to the ordinary Middlemarch young men. Well-bred and intelligent, he is an idealist who longs to become a great doctor. When they meet, at Featherstone's sickbed, Lydgate finds Rosamund beautiful but he is not thinking of marriage yet. 3. ROMAN HONEYMOON. On their honeymoon in Rome, Dorothea discovers that her learned husband is neither a companion nor a great scholar. He also refuses her help with his studies. Depressed by his coldness, she finds comfort in the company of Will Ladislaw. A young artist and second cousin of Casaubon, whom she has already briefly met. He falls hopelessly in love with her. 4. TRIALS OF LOVE. When Dorothea and Casaubon return home, their marriage is further troubled by a letter from Will asking if he may visit them. Casaubon's distrust of Dorothea upsets her and throws him into a passion. Soon afterward, he suffers a heart attack. Dorothea passes the letter to Mr Brooke, who tactlessly issues his own invitation to Will. Celia meanwhile marries Sir James Chettam, a local landowner. Lydgate, finding Rosamond in tears, proposes to her in a moment of weakness. Old Featherstone dies at last, surrounding by his would-be heirs. 5. STRANGE INHERITANCES. When Featherstone's final will is read out, most people are amazed, for almost everything goes to Joshua Riggs, a stranger to Middlemarch, and Fred is desperately disappointed. He had been hoping that legacy would enable him to marry Mary Garth, his childhood sweetheart. Will Ladislaw, who is staying with Mr Brooke, calls on Dorothea when Casaubon is out. Rigg, however, has a less welcome visitor, the dissolute Raffle, his stepfather. 6. A POISONOUS WILL. Casaubon, wrongly convinced that Will has returned to Middlemarch with Dorothea's knowledge, is tormented by jealousy. He asks her to promise to do only as he decrees, even after his death. She is dismayed by his request, and does not know how to answer him. His sudden death frees her from making the promise, but his will includes a clause disinheriting her if she ever marries Ladislaw. This codicil is kept from Dorothea by her protective family, and from Will by his friends. 7. BLACKMAIL AND REVELATIONS. Bulstrode, the local banker and a pillar of society, buys Stone Court from Rigg but has little time to enjoy it before Raffles return and is surprised to find the house has changed hands - to another acquaintance of his. Raffles and Bulstrode knew each other years before, and Raffles recalls past crimes and misdemeanours, and demands money from the banker. Lydgate also faces money problems, to which Rosamond is unsympathetic. Will is shocked when Rosamond reveals the truth about Casaubon's legacy. Meanwhile, Fred finds useful work. 8. THE SHADOW OF THE PAST. Bulstrode is now haunted by his early dealings in stolen goods, which started his rise to wealth. Raffles, returning once too often and in ill-health, is nursed by Bulstrode under Lydgate's instructions. Lydgate, desperately in debt, appeals to Bulstrode for a Loan, which he receives after he has attended to Raffles. Later that night, by allowing Raffles to have brandy against Lydgate's orders, Bulstrode contrives to ensure his death. 9. DEPARTURES. News of Bulstrode's early dealings leaks out, along with that of his association with Raffles. His reputation ruined. He resigns his posts and leaves Middlemarch. Lydgate, unjustly believed to have hastened Raffles' death to effect a loan from Bulstrode, is also under suspicion, not least from his wife, and they also move away. Will and Dorothea at last declare their love and go to London, where the pursuit of their ideals culminates in Will's election to parliament.

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The Mill On The Floss Audiobook

The Mill On The Floss

Author: George Elliot Narrator: Hannah Gordon Release Date: May 2017

The action starts and ends on the River Floss at Dorlcote Mill, home to the Tullivers for generations. But, for all the mill's beauty, Maggie Tulliver, the heroine, finds family life intolerably narrow. The Tullivers, for so long solidly prosperous, are soon beset by financial problems, the result of Mr Tulliver's misguided lawsuit and his feud with Wakem. Against this troubled background, Maggie's well-meaning attempts to reconcile her pursuit of love and happiness with her sense of duty to her family lead to tragedy. 1. A FAMILY GATHERING. Mr Tulliver, owner of Dorlcote Mill, decides that his son, Tom, must have a proper education. His wife agrees but suggests they ask the advice of her Dodson sisters, which annoys him. Both Tullivers agree that Maggie, their daughter, is brighter than Tom and difficult to control. The family party takes place in Easter week, with all relations invited. Lucy Deane, blonde and quiet, contrasts with her boisterous cousin Maggie. When Tom's education is discussed, Mrs Glegg, sharp-tongued and bossy, quarrels with her brother-in-law Tulliver. Attention is distracted when Maggie appears, having hacked her hair short. In the row that follows, Tulliver takes his daughter's side, thus strengthening the bond between them. The gathering breaks up in acrimony. Afterwards, Maggie's life reverts to forlornly following after Tom, who likes to spend time with Bob Jakin, a local lad. 2. SCHOOL-DAYS. Tom finds being a pupil of the Reverend Stelling trying, for he is no scholar. He goes home for Christmas and learns that his father is engaged in a major lawsuit with his neighbour Pivart over water rights. Tom also learns that Philip Wakem, the crippled son of the lawyer who acts for Pivart, will be joining him at Stelling's. 3. RUIN. Tom goes back to Stelling's to find Philip Wakem there. The boys are wary of each other until Tom notices Philip's wonderful drawings. Despite his admiration, the boys have little in common for Tom is extrovert and athletic while Philip is withdrawn and bookish. In contrast, Maggie finds Philip interesting when she meets him on a visit to the school. Some time later, Maggie arrives unexpectedly at the Reverend Stelling's. She reveals that their father has lost his lawsuit and is ruined. He has also fallen from his horse and lost his senses. Drawn together in sorrow, brother and sister leave for home. 4. SOLD UP. While Tulliver lies insensible upstairs, the mill and its contents must be auctioned to pay the family's debts. Bob Jakin offers Tom ten guineas which he has just earned. Tom, who doesn't recognize Bob at first, declines but is touched by Bob's kindness. Tom finds a job with a local merchant. Tulliver recovers enough to come downstairs to see his empty house. It now belongs to Wakem, who has bought it. He has offered Tulliver the post of mill manager Tulliver sees this as a grievous insult but has to accept. He makes Tom write in the family Bible that he will never forgive Wakem. 5. LOVE BETWEEN ENEMIES. Maggie often takes walks up to a wild spot called the Red Deeps. One day, she meets Philip Wakem there and, timidly, he reveals his love for her. Maggie is both moved and worried, for Philip's father, the lawyer Wakem, is her family's worst enemy. She tells Philip any relationship is impossible but nonetheless agrees to see him again. Meanwhile, Tom has been given a business tip by Bob Jakin. He borrows money from an uncle and begins to trade on his own account. 6. A SECRET IS OUT. Maggie blushes when her Aunt Pullet mentions Philip Wakem's name in connection with the Red Deeps. Tom is suspicious, and more so when he hears from Bob that Phil is often seen going to the Red Deeps. Tom confronts Maggie, drags her off to meet Philip and forbids any further trysts. Maggie is deeply upset. Tom pleases his father by making enough money in trade to pay off the family debts. Revived, Tulliver mounts his horse and sets off to take revenge on Wakem. He collapses as he whips the lawyer, then takes to his bed and dies, still swearing revenge. 7. THE BEST INTENTIONS. Lucy Deane is happily engaged to Stephen Guest. She invites Maggie to stay, hoping she and Philip, a mutual friend, will make a match. But Stephen and Maggie find themselves falling in love, despite their best intentions. Lucy notices nothing but the observant Philip does and withdraws. Maggie and Stephen go boating together. Stephen declares his love and Maggie, aware of her true feelings, does not turn him down. They take a ship to Mudport, but there Maggie decides she cannot elope with Stephen. 8. REJECTION. Maggie returns to Dorlcote five days after suddenly vanishing with Stephen Guest to find herself widely regarded as a fallen woman. She is turned away from the mill by Tom. Her mother chooses to go with her, however, and Bob Jakin takes them in. Maggie is very depressed, despite an understanding letter from Philip and a visit from Lucy, which gives Maggie a chance to explain herself. A letter from Stephen, still passionate, adds to her woes. A tremendous flood sweeps the valley one night. Maggie rouses Bob and finds a boat in order to rescue Tom from the mill. Their craft is hit by floating wreckage and capsizes. Brother and sister are drowned together, united again.

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Wuthering Heights Audiobook

Wuthering Heights

Author: Emily Bronte Narrator: Hannah Gordon Release Date: May 2017

The year in 1801. In this section, all the principal characters are introduced. Mr Lockwood, the new tenant of Thrushcross Grange, arrives at Wuthering Height to meet his landlord, Heathcliff. The next day, he encounters Hareton, the orphaned son of Hindley Earnshaw, and Heathcliff's daughter-in-law, Cathy Linton. During the night, Lockwood is disturbed by the vexed ghost of Cathy's mother, Catherine - the story's heroine- at the window. Lockwood's cries of terror alert Heathcliff and the section ends with a distraught Heathcliff begging his beloved Catherine to return to him.

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Classic BBC Radio Shakespeare: Romances: The Winter's Tale; Pericles; The Tempest Audiobook

Classic BBC Radio Shakespeare: Romances: The Winter's Tale; Pericles; The Tempest

Author: William Shakespeare Narrator: , Hannah Gordon, Paul Scofield, Tim Pigott-Smith Release Date: July 2016

Three classic radio productions from the BBC archives starring Hannah Gordon, Tim Pigott-Smith, Paul Scofield and a host of celebrated acting talent.These three legendary plays, performed by some of the best-known theatrical actors of the 20th Century, are the perfect way to commemorate England's greatest dramatist. The Winter's Tale One man's consuming jealousy threatens to destroy both himself and those around him, but his actions arouse a passionate sense of honour, love, justice and self-sacrifice in members of his Court and family. First broadcast in 1982, starring Ronald Pickup as Leontes, with Hannah Gordon as Hermione and John Gielgud as Time. Pericles Pericles is haunted by Fate, buffeted by storms, driven from country to country and cruelly separated from his wife and daughter. Having endured the waywardness of Fortune, will he be reunited with his family? First broadcast in 1981, starring Tim Pigott-Smith as Pericles and Angharad Rees as Marina. The Tempest Set on an enchanted island ruled by the sorcerer Prospero, this spellbinding tale of magic, illusion, forgiveness and repentance is one of Shakespeare's greatest plays. First broadcast in 1974, starring Paul Scofield as Prospero and Patrick Stewart as Caliban. Recorded at BBC Broadcasting House and featuring the BBC Drama Repertory company, with specially composed music, this is classic radio drama at its finest. Duration: 7 hours 35 mins approx.

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Twinkles, Arthur and Puss Audiobook

Twinkles, Arthur and Puss

Author: Judith Kerr Narrator: Hannah Gordon, Rupert Degas, Susan Sheridan Release Date: June 2013

Read by Hannah Gordon, Susan Sheridan and Rupert Degas, this furry feline tale comes from the creator of Mog the Forgetful Cat and The Tiger Who Came to Tea!Grandpa has a black cat called Puss. They like eating bacon and chips together.The Jones family also have a black cat. They call him Twinkles.Lady Daisy found a lovely black cat outside her window one day, whom she calls Arthur.One day Twinkles, Arthur and Puss all disappear! As Grandpa, the Jones family and Lady Daisy search everywhere for their cats, a hilarious plot unfolds. Whatever have Twinkles, Arthur and Puss been getting up to?

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Mog's Bad Thing Audiobook

Mog's Bad Thing

Author: Judith Kerr Narrator: Hannah Gordon, Rupert Degas, Susan Sheridan Release Date: June 2013

Read by Hannah Gordon, Susan Sheridan and Rupert Degas. Mog, everyone's favourite cat, is back and she is not happy...Mog loves her garden, but somehow it seems to have completely disappeared over night. What Mog doesn't realise is that the flappy floppy thing that has replaced her garden is in fact a marquee put up for a cat show. Mog hides in the house and is oblivious to the cats of various sizes and colours who parade themselves hoping to be winners. Then curiosity takes over and Mog makes a spectacular entrance in true prize-winning form!

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Scott's Last Expedition Audiobook

Scott's Last Expedition

Author: Robert Scott Narrator: Hannah Gordon Release Date: September 2011

Robert Scott's final journey to the South Pole has been called one of history's greatest tales of adventure, and in his journals this extraordinary mission is recorded in vivid detail; readers are carried with Scott and his companions until the final entry on 29th March 1912. Scott's writing is a harrowing narration of an expedition filled with drama and cruel disappointment. In his conversational entries there is fascinating insight into the character of an icon of courage and adventure.

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The Lost King Of France: Revolution, Revenge and the Search for Louis XVII Audiobook

The Lost King Of France: Revolution, Revenge and the Search for Louis XVII

Author: Deborah Cadbury Narrator: Hannah Gordon Release Date: July 2009

'This is history as it should be. It is stunningly written, I could not put it down. This is the best account of the French Revolution I have ever read.' Alison Weir, author of 'Henry VIII, King and Court' The fascinating, moving story of the brief life and many possible deaths of Louis XVII, son of Marie-Antoinette. Louis-Charles Bourbon enjoyed a charmed early childhood in the gilded palace of Versailles. At the age of four, he became the Dauphin, heir to the most powerful throne in Europe. Yet within five years, he was to lose everything. Drawn into the horror of the French Revolution, his family was incarcerated. Two years later, following the brutal execution of both his parents, the Revolutionary leaders declared Louis XVII was dead. No grave was dug, no monument built to mark his passing. Immediately, rumours spread that the Prince had, in fact, escaped from prison and was still alive. Others believed that he had been murdered, his heart cut out and preserved as a relic. In time, his older sister, Marie-Therese, who survived the Revolution, was approached by countless 'brothers' who claimed not only his name, but also his inheritance. Several 'Princes' were plausible, but which, if any, was the real Louis-Charles? Deborah Cadbury's 'The Lost King of France' is a moving and dramatic story which conclusively reveals the identity of the young prince who was lost in the tower.

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Mansfield Park Audiobook

Mansfield Park

Author: Jane Austen Narrator: , Amanda Root, Hannah Gordon, Michael Williams Release Date: November 2007

Fanny Price, the timid eldest daughter of a large and struggling family, is nine years old when she is sent to live with her aunt and uncle, Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, at Mansfield Park. At first homesick, Fanny is no match for three of her witty and vivacious cousins, but finds friendship with the fourth, Edmund. In time Fanny's steadfast and purposeful character makes her an indispensable member of the household. But when Sir Thomas is away on a lengthy journey to the West Indies the Bertram children indulge in 'theatricals' and romantic flirtations which ultimately lead them into a web of intrigue. Fanny, by now in love with Edmund, is dismayed to find him enraptured by their cousin Mary Crawford, whilst Mary's brother Henry has himself become besotted with Fanny, whose hopes of finding love with Edmund seem ever more unlikely. Amanda Root, Jane Lapotaire and Louise Jameson are among the cast in this warmly perceptive story of 19th Century morals and manners.

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Middlemarch Audiobook


Author: George Eliot Narrator: Hannah Gordon Release Date: September 2007

Middlemarch was first published in 1871 and 1872, as a serial novel in eight parts. This was Eliot's most comprehensive and sweeping novel to date, and was intended as a study of provincial British life.

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