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  1. The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021 Audiobook The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021
  2. Dune Audiobook Dune
  3. The Christmas Escape Audiobook The Christmas Escape
  4. Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness Audiobook Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness
  5. Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain Audiobook Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain
  6. As Good As Dead Audiobook As Good As Dead
  7. How to Kill Your Family Audiobook How to Kill Your Family
  8. Never Audiobook Never
  9. Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography Audiobook Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography
  10. Touch of Regret Audiobook Touch of Regret
JFK vs. Allen Dulles: Battleground Indonesia Audiobook

JFK vs. Allen Dulles: Battleground Indonesia

Author: Greg Poulgrain Narrator: Brian Holsopple Release Date: July 2021

For fans of conspiracy theories and JFK assassination theories, the untold story of Indonesia, gold, JFK, Allen Dulles, the CIA, and secret military coups. Two of the most fascinating figures in history, John F. Kennedy, thirty-fifth president of the United States, and Allen Dulles, our nation’s longest-serving CIA director, often clashed over intelligence issues and national security. However, one such conflict has remained in the shadows until now. JFK vs. Allen Dulles: Battleground Indonesia takes reader to the vast archipelago 3350 miles wide where this secret showdown occurred. In 1936, an Allen Dulles-established company discovered the world's largest gold deposit in remote Netherlands New Guinea. In 1962, President Kennedy intervened, and Netherlands New Guinea was added to President Sukarno's Indonesia. Neither Sukarno nor JFK was aware of the gold, since Dulles had not informed Kennedy. Dulles planned a complicated and ruthless CIA regime-change strategy to seize control not only of Indonesia itself, but also of its vast resources, including the gold. This strategy included a push to start Malaysian Confrontation. Yet Kennedy's plan to visit Jakarta in early 1964 would have sunk Dulles' master plan, which included the destruction of the Indonesian communist party as a wedge to split Moscow and Beijing. Only an assassin's bullet put an end to Kennedy’s plan of peace. Did Allen Dulles arrange for JFK to be killed to save his plan and his gold? Was his coup for gold successful with JFK out of the picture? Using archival records as a basis, Greg Poulgrain adds word-of-mouth evidence from those people who were directly involved—such as Dean Rusk and others who worked with President Kennedy and Allen Dulles at the time; or the person who was with Michael Rockefeller when he mysteriously disappeared in West New Guinea during this whole affair.

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Debacle: Obama's War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future Audiobook

Debacle: Obama's War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future

Author: Grover Glenn Norquist, John R. Lott Narrator: Brian Holsopple Release Date: July 2020

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama promised time after time 'a net spending cut' to make government smaller in order to cut the deficit. But the huge increase in government spending and debt, and the resulting higher future taxes will make America a poorer country. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the deficits that President Obama proposes for the years from 2011 through 2020 come to a staggering $126,000 per family of four. That is on top of the $35,000 per family already chalked up under the first two years of Obama's administration. But has all the new government been worth it? Are Americans happier because the government has determined where this money should be spent? The answer is clearly no. Obama's economic policies have raised unemployment, slowed economic growth, dramatically raised the national debt, squandered taxpayer money through poor investments, and further damaged the housing market. The economy will eventually grow, though slowly. The No Tax Pledge will explain why Obama's policies on spending, taxes, regulation have all worked to harm the recovery, increased unemployment, and depressed housing prices. This debate is part of a broader debate over Keynesian economics most notably involving Paul Krugman in the New York Times. The authors plan on dissecting these arguments and explaining why Keynesianism represents more a way of transferring wealth to desired political constituencies than it provides a legitimate economic theory for how the economy operates.

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Gross Deception: A Tale of Shifting Markets, Shrinking Margins, and the New Truth of Used Car Profit Audiobook

Gross Deception: A Tale of Shifting Markets, Shrinking Margins, and the New Truth of Used Car Profit

Author: Dale Pollak Narrator: Brian Holsopple Release Date: February 2020

A journey of discovering and correcting a hole in the used car universe. Dale Pollak, innovator and leader of the automotive sales and management industry, will once again, have you rethinking how to manage the used car business. More than a how-to business book, Gross Deception is a story of finding a problem in the reliance on gross profit and the trials to create a solution. This thoughtfully written book not only shows you the trial and error of potential answers, but also how to apply the answer that culminated from years of work. Referred to as ProfitTime, Dale's solution includes both the “New Math of Used Vehicles” and the “Investment Score” system, helping you to know the ROI and net profit potential of every vehicle. With Dale’s ProfitTime solution you will: • Invigorate your cash flow • Increase your sales volume • Introduce new metrics • Initiate value-based management • Identify market shifts Through metric and methodology, Gross Deception will restructure how you view a car’s time on the lot.

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Inconvenient Facts: The Science That Al Gore Doesn't Want You to Know Audiobook

Inconvenient Facts: The Science That Al Gore Doesn't Want You to Know

Author: Gregory Wrightstone Narrator: Brian Holsopple Release Date: May 2018

You have been inundated with reports from media, governments, think tanks, and "experts" saying that our climate is changing for the worse and it is our fault. Increases in droughts, heat waves, tornadoes, and poison ivy-to name a few-are all blamed on our "sins of emissions" from burning fossil fuels and increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Yet, you don't quite buy into this human-caused climate apocalypse. You aren't sure about the details because you don't have all the facts and likely aren't a scientist. Inconvenient Facts was specifically created for you. Writing in plain English and providing easily understood charts and figures, Gregory Wrightstone presents the science to assess the basis of the threatened Thermageddon.The book's sixty "inconvenient facts" come from government sources, peer-reviewed literature, or scholarly works, set forth in a way that is lucid and entertaining. The information likely will challenge your current understanding of many apocalyptic predictions about our ever dynamic climate.You will learn that the planet is improving, not in spite of increasing CO2 and rising temperature, but because of it. The very framework of the climate-catastrophe argument will be confronted with scientific fact. Arm yourself with the truth.

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Like I See It: Obstacles and Opportunities Shaping the Future of Retail Automotive Audiobook

Like I See It: Obstacles and Opportunities Shaping the Future of Retail Automotive

Author: Dale Pollak Narrator: Brian Holsopple Release Date: December 2017

Simply Selling More Cars Won’t Be Enough: Revolutionizing the Retail Automotive Industry ​Dale Pollak believes that the car business—and the dealers who make their living in it—are in more trouble than anyone cares to admit. After four decades and three best-selling books, Pollak has witnessed the trials and triumphs of the retail automotive industry from a vantage point that few get. While car dealers are making good money, he warns that the industry is at a critical turning point, with too few paying attention to how inefficiency and lack of transparency are sapping the industry’s true potential. Amid the ever-faster confluence of technology, the Internet, and changing consumer preferences, the future prosperity of the industry is far from secure. Like I See It offers practical solutions, such as making the sales process more customer-focused and digitally driven to encourage sales, managing new and used inventory to mitigate margin compression, and ending factory bonus checks. It spurs much-needed conversations and sets guideposts that help dealers, OEMs, and solution providers improve how they do business. It also shows dealers how to stay relevant, evolve to keep up with the changing times, and deal with issues like high personnel turnover and the coming disruption of ride-sharing, self-driving cars, and Millennials who don’t want (or can’t afford) to own a car. Pollak believes that success will come to dealers who recognize that each customer engagement is a chance to make a positive impact and create a bond. He offers a collectively minded approach that will help build a better, more profitable, and prosperous retail automotive industry for tomorrow.

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Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption is Worse than You Think Audiobook

Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption is Worse than You Think

Author: Congressman Ken Buck Narrator: Brian Holsopple Release Date: April 2017

Lavish parties. Commitee chairmanships for sale. Pay-to-play corruption. Backroom arm-twisting. Votes on major legislation going to the highest bidder. Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) is blowing the whistle on the real-life House of Cards going on behind the scenes in our nation's capital. Elected in 2014 as president of one of the largest Republican freshman classes ever to enter Congress, Buck quickly realized why nothing gets done in Congress, and it isn't because of political gridlock-in fact, Republicans and Democrats work together all too well to fleece taxpayers and plunge America deeper into debt. "It is an insular process directed by power-hungry party elites who live like kings and govern like bullies," Buck reports. Buck has witnessed first-hand how the unwritten rules of Congress continually prioritize short-term political gain over lasting, principled leadership. When Buck tangled with Washington power brokers like former Speaker John Boehner, he faced petty retaliation. When he insisted Republicans keep their word to voters, he was berated on the House floor by his own party leaders. When other members of Congress dared to do what they believed to be right for America instead of what the party bosses commanded, Buck saw them stripped of committee positions and even denied dining room privileges by the petty beltway bullies. In Drain the Swamp, Buck names names and tells incredible true stories about what really happened behind closed doors in Congress during legislative battles that have ensued over the last two years including budget, continuing resolutions, omnibus, trade promotion authority, Iran, and more.

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Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade Audiobook

Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade

Author: John O. Casler Narrator: Brian Holsopple Release Date: December 2016

Every memoir of the American Civil War provides us with another view of the catastrophe that changed the country forever. But this is one of the clearest and most informative ever put to paper. As a commander in Stonewall Jackson's brigade, John Casler experienced all the horrors and comedy of the American Civil War. His time was not so different from his countrymen on the other side, with the exception of point of view. "I was no secessionist, and hoped the trouble would be settled without recourse to arms; but when the war came I shouldered my musket in behalf of my native State and defended her to the last." Drawn from his diary at the time, Casler recounts his experiences in the ranks, from marches and looting to nail-biting escapades and the monotony of life as a prisoner of war. Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade is a remarkable account of men in war, graphically bringing to light the challenges they faced on a daily basis.

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The Jon Stanton Omnibus: Books 4-5 Audiobook

The Jon Stanton Omnibus: Books 4-5

Author: Victor Methos Narrator: Brian Holsopple, R.C. Bray Release Date: July 2015

Please note: The Jon Stanton mysteries are standalone novels and do not need to be listened to in a particular order. Arsonist, book 4: Evil is released onto the streets of San Diego. A series of deadly fires rages across the cityscape, claiming the lives of entire families. Helpless to stop the fires, the SDPD assigns their most famous detective, Jon Stanton, to the case. The evidence points him to a single arsonist committing the horrendous acts. But with a troubled young girl as his only credible witness, Stanton is running out of time. The San Diego PD's in-house arson investigator does not believe the fires correspond to the work of an arsonist and impedes the investigation into the murders. Stanton is left on his own to find the deadliest and most powerful opponent he has ever faced. The Porn Star Murders, book 5: In 2006 the Blum family were brutally killed in their home. Detective Jon Stanton worked the case but was never able to turn up enough to make an arrest. Now, having left the San Diego PD, he still keeps the Blum file in his home. A man facing life in prison is willing to confess to several murders of adult film stars over the last decade in exchange for a deal with the district attorney's office. He claims he also killed the Blum family but insists he will confess only to Jon Stanton. Pulled into a world he thought he left behind, Jon Stanton will face the man he has sought and hated for years. The Blum case eats at Stanton in a way no other case has. Faced with the possibility of bringing closure to the families of all the victims, he must decide if he is willing to enter the darkness of the human mind one last time.

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Fall of the White Ship Avatar Audiobook

Fall of the White Ship Avatar

Author: Brian Daley Narrator: Brian Holsopple Release Date: May 2015

Uneasy Lies The Head. In just a few months Alacrity Fitzhugh and Hobart Floyt had claimed Hobart\'s inheritance from the ruler of a small interstellar empire, then returned to Earth and toppled its government. They\'d also become good friends. But Alacrity had more important goals than bodyguarding Hobart - he wanted command of the fabulous White Ship, the starship designed to track down the secrets of the ancient and powerful Precursor aliens. Yet it took only a few minutes at the White Ship\'s helm for Alacrity to learn that a Captain\'s problems can be tougher than the

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The Philosophical Investor: Transforming Wisdom into Wealth Audiobook

The Philosophical Investor: Transforming Wisdom into Wealth

Author: Gary Carmell Narrator: Brian Holsopple Release Date: April 2015

Living in Southern California, Gary Carmell has become very familiar with tectonic shifts: cataclysmic changes in the earth’s crust that cause earthquakes and tsunamis. Carmell has also experienced numerous tectonic shifts in the economic landscape in his nearly thirty-year investing career. Correctly anticipating economic trends has allowed his real estate investment and management firm, CWS Capital Partners LLC, to grow from assets of $250 million in the late 1980s to over $3 billion today. CWS foresaw the collapse of manufactured housing in the late 1990s and anticipated a massive shift from homeownership to renting, prompting them to reposition aggressively for growth in apartment construction and management. Carmell feels special pride in the results his company’s delivers for its investors, as a result—long-term average annual returns exceed 13 percent—even during the Great Recession of 2007–2009. Navigating turbulent economic markets and experiencing his two-year-old son’s near-fatal stroke has taught Carmell that real success requires not only financial acumen, but also deep reflection. He credits Shakespeare, Hume, and Schopenhauer as his mentors, with more modern sages like Buffett, Soros, and Munger also guiding his actions. In The Philosophical Investor: From Wisdom to Wealth, he shares the insights he has gained along the way in the hope of inspiring a new cadre of critical thinking investors.

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Jinx On A Terran Inheritance Audiobook

Jinx On A Terran Inheritance

Author: Brian Daley Narrator: Brian Holsopple Release Date: March 2015

The flies in the ointment. Once upon a time the dying ruler of a small interstellar kingdom made a minor Old-Earth bureaucrat named Hobart Floyt the surprised inheritor of an interstellar spaceship. And that was wonderful, for in those days, when Mankind was again expanding into the galaxy, a private spaceship was a license to coin credits. There were just a couple of minor problems. The dead ruler never told Floyt how to find the ship, the bureaucrats of Earth wanted the ship for themselves, and someone kept trying to murder Floyt and his friend Alacrity Fitzhugh....

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Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds Audiobook

Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds

Author: Brian Daley Narrator: Brian Holsopple Release Date: July 2014

Mankind was beginning its third leap into the Galaxy, but Old Earth had so long kept to herself that her people were unable to travel safely among the rough-and-tumble cultures that had evolved on distant worlds. That annoyed Earth's rulers, for Hobart Floyt--a minor Terran bureaucrat-- had been left a mysterious inheritance by the deceased ruler of a small but wealthy interstellar empire. Earth was dirt-poor, and the government wanted Floyt's inheritance; but to collect it, Floyt would have to travel to the Reading of the Will...many light-years away! And so Alacrity Fitzhugh--a young, but seasoned spacer--is blackmailed into shepherding this naive Terran on a dangerous interstellar quest.

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