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  4. The Orphans of Bell Lane: A powerful heartwarming saga Audiobook The Orphans of Bell Lane: A powerful heartwarming saga
  5. No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference Audiobook No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference
  6. War Doctor: Surgery on the Front Line Audiobook War Doctor: Surgery on the Front Line
  7. Beloved Audiobook Beloved
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  9. The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in 'Healthy' Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain Audiobook The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in 'Healthy' Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain
  10. I Spy Audiobook I Spy
The Crossing: The shocking truth about gang wars in Brexit Britain Audiobook

The Crossing: The shocking truth about gang wars in Brexit Britain

Author: Wensley Clarkson Narrator: Jo Dow Release Date: August 2019

The Dartford Crossing: a vital transport hub connecting Kent and Essex, the busiest river crossing in Europe, and the site of some of the most vicious organised crime today... For the last decade, there has been a intense turf war in the south-east of England between two sets of criminal gangs: On one side, there's the 'Establishment' - the old-school firms that have operated for decades and weaved their way into all areas of their communities. On the other, 'The New Kids on the Bloc' - mainly Eastern European gangs who have muscled in, boasting they'll crush anyone in their way and dominate the British underworld. The Dartford Crossing, due to its location between London and the ports of the south-east, has become the epicentre of these battles. Since Brexit began, the war has become even bloodier as both gangs try to claim new territory before the borders close. In an already terrifying and volatile world of drug smuggling, people trafficking, prostitution and money laundering, all rules are out and the body count is rising... With research and interviews from both sides conducted by one of true crime's most established names, The Crossing is a ground-breaking and fascinating look inside the UK's newest crime phenomenon.

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The Pearl Dagger Audiobook

The Pearl Dagger

Author: L.A. Chandlar Narrator: Emma Lysy Release Date: August 2019

Lane Sanders and her fiery boss, Mayor Fiorello "Fio" La Guardia, have managed to contain the explosive underground conspiracies of New York's most sinister schemers. But after a seemingly harmless pinball racket claims the life of a trusted ally, a new ringleader signals the rebirth of an all-too-familiar crime network at home and across the pond. Spurred on by the possibility of a violent syndicate spreading like wildfire through Europe, Lane sets sail for London-the city where her parents began the undercover work that led to their tragic undoing. And this time, she won't chase down childhood nightmares without Finn Brodie, who vows to dispel his own difficult secrets abroad. While Finn confronts a devious sibling's plot that echoes Orson Welles's Voodoo Macbeth, Lane discovers that a dazzling pearl dagger may wield the ultimate clue to guide their hunt for justice on both sides of the ocean. With terrors from the past and present converging, Lane can't save herself unless she starts believing that, like her weapon of choice, she also has the power to be both beautiful and dangerous.

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Gown with the Wind Audiobook

Gown with the Wind

Author: Stephanie Blackmoore Narrator: Christa Lewis Release Date: August 2019

Mallory's fine-really-handling the wedding arrangements for her ex, Keith. But his fiancée, Becca, has at the last minute decided to switch from a Japanese-cherry-blossom theme to a Gone with the Wind theme. She wants to honor her ailing grandmother, who owns an impressive collection of Gone with the Wind memorabilia-and who is fiercely at odds with the groom's mother over the nuptial plans. But among other complications, Becca gets into a fight with an old childhood rival over a replica Scarlett O'Hara wedding gown. She wins the dress-but soon becomes a murder suspect when the other woman is found dead in Becca's swimming pool. And it's up to Mallory to solve the mystery behind this unhappy occasion, before a different kind of civil war breaks out.

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Flour in the Attic Audiobook

Flour in the Attic

Author: Winnie Archer Narrator: Emily Durante Release Date: August 2019

Just as Ivy's brother Billy is about to get engaged to his beloved, a tragedy interrupts the happy moment. The body of longtime Santa Sofia resident Marisol Ruiz washes up on the beach-and it's even more heartbreaking since Marisol's father also recently died. But Marisol was a strong competitive swimmer. It seems unlikely there's even a grain of truth to the theory that she accidentally drowned. As Ivy gets to work helping her mentor, Olaya Solis, with the catering for Marisol's funeral, she also teams up with her partners in detection-because if they want to prevent someone from getting away with murder, there's no time for loafing.

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The Parable of the Knocker: The True Crime Story of a Prosecutor's Fight to Bring a Serial Killer to Audiobook

The Parable of the Knocker: The True Crime Story of a Prosecutor's Fight to Bring a Serial Killer to

Author: Bryan Porter Narrator: Michael Butler Murray Release Date: August 2019

Alexandria Assassin: The Parable of the Knocker is a nonfiction book about the investigation, prosecution, and trial of a notorious serial killer, Charles Severance. Severance committed his crimes in the City of Alexandria, Virginia, an affluent, historic community just miles south of Washington, D.C. Over the course of a decade, Severance ambushed three outstanding Alexandria residents in their middle-class neighborhood by knocking on their front doors in broad daylight and shooting them unexpectedly when they answered the knock. Severance was not personally acquainted with any of his victims, and instead selected his targets to revenge perceived wrongs and terrorize a community.

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For Alison: The Murder of a Young Journalist and a Father's Fight for Gun Safety Audiobook

For Alison: The Murder of a Young Journalist and a Father's Fight for Gun Safety

Author: Andy Parker, Ben R. Williams Narrator: Andy Parker, Keith Sellon-Wright Release Date: August 2019

On August 26, 2015, Emmy Award-winning twenty-four-year-old reporter Alison Parker was murdered on live television, along with her colleague, photojournalist Adam Ward. Their interviewee was also shot but survived. In the wake of his daughter's murder, Andy Parker became a national advocate for commonsense gun safety legislation. The night of the murder, with his emotions still raw, he went on Fox News and vowed to do 'whatever it takes' to end gun violence in America. Today he is a media go-to each time a shooting rocks the national consciousness, and has worked with a range of other crusaders, like Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Lenny Pozner, whose son was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School and brought suit against Alex Jones and Infowars, who claimed the shooting was staged. In For Alison, Parker shares his work as a powerhouse battling gun violence and gives a plan for commonsense gun legislation that all sides should agree on. He calls out the NRA-backed politicians blocking the legislation, shares his fight against 'truthers,' who claim Alison's murder was fabricated, and reveals what's ahead in his fight to do whatever it takes to stop gun violence. Parker's story is one of great loss, but also resilience, determination, and a call to action.

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Hairless Harassment Audiobook

Hairless Harassment

Author: Molly Fitz Narrator: Ann Richardson Release Date: August 2019

I never signed up to be a private investigator with a snarky, talking cat for a partner, but there's no backing down now. Especially considering a prominent politician was murdered pretty much right in my backyard. The only witnesses were the senator's two hairless cats, Jacques and Jillianne. Normally pets want to help us solve their owner's murders, but this time it seems the two devious felines might actually be the ones who committed it . . . Surprisingly enough, my own partner in crime, Octo-Cat, actually wants to help this time, but he can barely understand our two prime suspects because of their strange Sphynx accents. And I thought speaking tabby was hard! So, there you have it, even with two successful cases behind me, I really don't know how I'm going to solve this one. Is it too late to go back and pick another career?

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The Truth Behind the Lie Audiobook

The Truth Behind the Lie

Author: Sara Lövestam Narrator: Neil Shah Release Date: August 2019

When a six-year-old girl disappears and calling the police isn't an option, her desperate mother, Pernilla, turns to an unlikely source for help. She finds a cryptic ad online for a private investigator: "Need help, but can't contact the police?" That's where Kouplan comes in. He's an Iranian refugee living in hiding. He was forced to leave Iran after news of his and his brother's involvement with a radical newspaper hated by the regime was discovered. Kouplan's brother disappeared, and he hasn't seen him in four years. He makes a living as a P.I. working under the radar, waiting for the day he can legally apply for asylum. Pernilla's daughter has vanished without a trace, and Kouplan is an expert at living and working off the grid. He's the perfect PI to help...but something in Pernilla's story doesn't add up. She might need help that he can't offer...and a little girl's life hangs in the balance.

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En el blanco Audiobook

En el blanco

Author: Ken Follett Narrator: Neus Sendra Release Date: August 2019

Estremecedora, absorbente, En el blanco es una obra maestra del thriller, un género que Follett parece reinventar en cada una de sus novelas. Y esta es particularmente peligrosa: cuando se empieza a escuchar no puede dejarse. Oxenford Medical, empresa farmacéutica escocesa dedicada a la investigación de vacunas contra los virus más peligrosos, se dispone a pasar las fiestas navideñas bajo un temporal de nieve. La empresa cuenta con los sistemas más avanzados de seguridad, de modo que nadie espera ninguna incidencia seria. También Stanley Oxenford, propietario de la empresa, se dirige a su casa a pasar la noche con sus hijos. Los problemas entre ellos acabarán estallando, pero pronto quedarán olvidados: sin saberlo, todos ellos van a vivir un infierno. Porque justamente esa noche se produce el robo de un peligrosísimo virus. Los ladrones, sin embargo, quedan atrapados por el temporal. Y, en su errática huida, van a llegar al peor sitio de todos... Ya puedes escuchar este thriller en formato audiolibro. Reseña: «Esta novela absorbente, casi adictiva, recuerda algunas obras maestras de Hitchcock.» La Voz de Galicia

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The Missing Ones Audiobook

The Missing Ones

Author: Edwin Hill Narrator: Karen White Release Date: August 2019

Hester Thursby has given up using her research skills to trace people who don't want to be found. A traumatic case a few months ago unearthed a string of violent crimes, and left Hester riddled with self-doubt and guilt. Caring for a four-year-old is responsibility enough in a world filled with terrors Hester never could have imagined before. Finisterre Island, off the coast of Maine, is ruggedly beautiful and remote-the kind of place tourists love to visit, though rarely for long. But not everyone who comes to the island is welcome. A dilapidated Victorian house has become home to a group of squatters and junkies, and strangers have a habit of bringing trouble with them. A young boy disappeared during the summer, and though he was found safely, the incident stirred suspicion among locals. Now another child is missing. Summoned to the island by a cryptic text, Hester discovers a community cleaning up from a devastating storm-and uncovers a murder. Soon Hester begins to connect the crime and the missing children. And as she untangles the secrets at the center of the small community, she finds grudges and loyalties that run deep, poised to converge with a force that will once again shake her convictions about the very nature of right and wrong . . .

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The Do-Right Audiobook

The Do-Right

Author: Lisa Sandlin Narrator: Rebecca Gibel Release Date: August 2019

Winner of the 2015 Dashiell Hammett Prize and 2016 Shamus Award 1959. Delpha Wade killed a man who was raping her. Wanted to kill the other one too, but he got away. Now, after fourteen years in prison, she's out. It's 1973, and nobody's rushing to hire a parolee. Persistence and smarts land her a secretarial job with Tom Phelan, an ex-roughneck turned neophyte private eye. Together these two pry into the dark corners of Beaumont, a blue-collar, Cajun-influenced town dominated by Big Oil. A mysterious client plots mayhem against a small petrochemical company-why? Searching for a teenage boy, Phelan uncovers the weird lair of a serial killer. And Delpha-on a weekend outing-looks into the eyes of her rapist, the one who got away. The novel's conclusion is classic noir, full of surprise, excitement, and karmic justice. Sandlin's elegant prose, twisting through the dark thickets of human passion, allows Delpha to open her heart again to friendship, compassion, and sexuality.

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Sweeney on the Rocks Audiobook

Sweeney on the Rocks

Author: Allen Morris Jones Narrator: J. Rodney Turner Release Date: August 2019

Ted Sweeney. Affable everyman in small-town Montana. Tailgate hung on with baling wire, owner of his own business. Ten minutes ago, his biggest worry had been how to pay for the engagement ring rattling around in his pocket. But that was before he came home to find a corpse tidily arranged in his favorite recliner, his 'old pal of a piece of furniture.' Is it a warning or a setup or what? Sweeney can't help but admire the efficiency of the work, the slice deep across the guy's throat. Somebody knew what they were doing. Sweeney dumps the body into the Yellowstone River without attracting attention. But over the next few days, as the corpse tumbles its way downstream, Sweeney's complicated circumstances gradually start rolling into the unflattering light. His is a story that includes the waning days of Italian wise guys in Brooklyn, the rise of the Russian mafia, and his own reluctant retreat into the witness protection program. Throw in a bag of uncut 'rocks' (diamonds), an ex-wife turned country sheriff, a beloved mentor that might or might not be dead, and a former mistress cashing in favors, and we have a literary crime novel that shows how we can run from ourselves, but can never really hide.

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