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Espionage Audiobooks in Mystery, Thriller & Horror

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. The House on the Lake: The new gripping and haunting thriller from the bestselling author of Day of  Audiobook The House on the Lake: The new gripping and haunting thriller from the bestselling author of Day of
  2. Letters on Motherhood Audiobook Letters on Motherhood
  3. Until the End of Time: Mind, Matter, and Our Search for Meaning in an Evolving Universe Audiobook Until the End of Time: Mind, Matter, and Our Search for Meaning in an Evolving Universe
  4. Into the Fire Audiobook Into the Fire
  5. The Sun Sister Audiobook The Sun Sister
  6. Sea Witch Audiobook Sea Witch
  7. Get Sh*t Done: The Ultimate Guide to Productivity, Procrastination, & Profitability Audiobook Get Sh*t Done: The Ultimate Guide to Productivity, Procrastination, & Profitability
  8. The Lost Pianos of Siberia: In search of Russia’s remarkable survivors Audiobook The Lost Pianos of Siberia: In search of Russia’s remarkable survivors
  9. The Last Day: The Sunday Times bestseller and one of their best books of 2020 Audiobook The Last Day: The Sunday Times bestseller and one of their best books of 2020
  10. The Chase Audiobook The Chase
Without Sanction Audiobook

Without Sanction

Author: Don Bentley Narrator: Jack Armstrong Release Date: March 2020

After surviving a clandestine operation that went tragically wrong, Matt Drake escaped Syria with his life, but little else. Now, to save the life of another, he must return to Syria and confront his biggest failure in a debut thriller Lee Child calls 'sensationally good.' Defense Intelligence Agency operative Matt Drake broke a promise. A promise that cost three people their lives and crippled his best friend. Three months later, he's paralyzed by survivor's guilt and haunted by the memories of the fallen. Matt may have left Syria, but Syria hasn't left him. In the midst of his self-imposed exile, Matt is dragged back into the world of espionage and assets that he tried to forget. A Pakistani scientist working for an ISIS splinter cell has created a terrifying weapon of mass destruction. The scientist offers to defect with the weapon, but he trusts just one man to bring him out of Syria alive-Matt Drake.

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Our Man In Havana: An Introduction by Christopher Hitchens Audiobook

Our Man In Havana: An Introduction by Christopher Hitchens

Author: Graham Greene Narrator: Jeremy Northam Release Date: March 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. 'Graham Greene had wit and grace and character and story and a transcendent universal compassion that places him for all time in the ranks of world literature' John Le Carré Wormold is a vacuum cleaner salesman in a city of power cuts. His adolescent daughter spends his money with a skill that amazes him, so when a mysterious Englishman offers him an extra income he's tempted. In return all he has to do is carry out a little espionage and file a few reports. But when his fake reports start coming true, things suddenly get more complicated and Havana becomes a threatening place. © Graham Greene 1970 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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The Supremacy License Audiobook

The Supremacy License

Author: Alan Lee Narrator: Gary Tiedemann Release Date: March 2020

Sinatra, a notorious federal marshal, is drafted into a domestic black ops group. Their mission-arrest the untouchable. An international terrorist slips through the East Coast and takes up residence inside an impregnable mountain chateau-within American borders but beyond legal reach. Her name is El Gato and she's a top priority for both the DEA and FBI. The situation is dicey and politically explosive, perfect for Sinatra and his team. Sometimes a scythe works better than a hammer. Sinatra (real name-Manny Martinez) doesn't realize the dangerous waters into which he wades. This terrorist holds the key to his past and his future. He and the mysterious El Gato have tangled before . . .

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Shakedown: A Novel Audiobook

Shakedown: A Novel

Author: Newt Gingrich, Pete Earley Narrator: Eric Jason Martin Release Date: March 2020

Mayberry and Garrett, introduced in the national bestseller Collusion, are caught in the middle of a deadly crisis with a pending nuclear bomb attack and little help from the government that sidelined them both. When an exiled Iranian scientist is assassinated in Washington, DC, the former FBI counterintelligence agent and ex-SEAL are pulled back into the world of clandestine ops—and the fate of the entire East Coast is at stake. Joining ranks with a heralded Mossad agent, Mayberry and Garrett pursue a skilled international killer hired to murder a legendary Israeli spymaster.  Their pursuit draws them into an international conspiracy led by a power-hungry Russian oligarch intent on destroying Washington, DC, and the Navy’s most important Atlantic base. The oligarch plots to unleash a nuclear onslaught first devised by the KGB but shelved by Kremlin leaders during the Cold War. On top of this, Iran’s sudden offer to help the United States raises suspicions about its possible role in a global shakedown.  With too many enemies emerging and too little time, the two Americans are forced to operate outside official channels to stay ahead of naive US politicians and foreign enemies out to entangle their efforts in red tape. Operating in an international tinderbox, Mayberry and Garrett must decipher which players are allies and which are posers—in time to thwart a cataclysmic nuclear attack on US soil and prevent an international incident that could ignite a third world war. And they must keep themselves alive.

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Triple Audiobook


Author: Ken Follett Narrator: Raúl Rodríguez Release Date: March 2020

Una novela electrizante a partir de un suceso real. Una misión crucial: hacer desaparecer el barco que transporta el uranio que Egipto necesita para poseer la bomba atómica... Net Dickstein, uno de los mejores agentes secretos israelíes, tiene una misión crucial: hacer desaparecer el barco que transporta el uranio que Egipto necesita para poseer la bomba atómica. Ciertamente una misión casi imposible, ya que egipcios y palestinos no están dispuestos a contemplar pasivamente cómo se esfuma su gran baza para inclinar a su favor el conflicto de Oriente Medio. Una novela electrizante a partir de un suceso real. La crítica ha dicho... «Estremecedora.» New York Times «Fascinante.» The Washington Post

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The Man Upon the Stair: A Mystery in Fin de Siècle Paris Audiobook

The Man Upon the Stair: A Mystery in Fin de Siècle Paris

Author: Gary Inbinder Narrator: Piers Hampton Release Date: March 2020

At the public execution of the anarchist assassin Laurent Moreau, the outgoing Chief Inspector warns his protégé, the newly promoted Lefebvre: "I've heard that some of Moreau's cronies have sworn revenge. You don't want to get killed your first week as chief." Meanwhile, Lefebvre is charged with investigating the disappearance of the Baron de Livet, a brash millionaire with connections to Russian spies and a history of gambling, womanizing, and fighting in duels. The case is more complicated than it seems, of course, and Lefebvre and his team must make sense of a poisoned maid, an unidentifiable stagecoach, and a missing briefcase full of cash. The Baron's connection to the world of international espionage means that, if the Inspector isn't fast enough, the Baron's disappearance might trigger a war. And Lefebvre mustn't forget those stalking anarchists who are out for his blood, as he searches for the man who wasn't there...

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Into the Fire Audiobook

Into the Fire

Author: Gregg Hurwitz Narrator: Scott Brick Release Date: February 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. 'OUTSTANDING IN EVERY WAY' LEE CHILD Evan Smoak lives by his own code. As a boy he was taken from a foster home to be raised and trained as an off-the-books government assassin codenamed Orphan X. Then he broke free to live in the shadows as the Nowhere Man, using his unique skills to help those in desperate need. But all good things must come to an end. He'll take on one last mission then go out on a high note. Clean, neat and tidy, just the way he likes it. And then he met Max Merriweather. Max Merriweather hasn't got much left to lose. Bad luck and trouble have seen off his marriage, his home and his career. On the face of it he's the last guy you'd expect to be trusted with a deadly secret. Which is exactly why his cousin gave him an envelope with the instruction: 'If anything ever happens to me, call the number inside.' Now his cousin is dead and Max's own chances of survival look bleak. On the run and stalked by death, he meets the one man who might save him: Evan Smoak. But with Max now under his protection, Evan realizes that the forces ranged against them pose as daunting a threat as he has ever faced. He'll be lucky just to get through it alive . . . Packed with edge-of-your-seat suspense, explosive action and razor-sharp plotting, Into the Fire confirms Gregg Hurwitz as a rival to Lee Child, David Baldacci, James Patterson and Harlan Coben as a master of the modern thriller. 'WEAPONS-GRADE THRILLER WRITING' GUARDIAN 'A MASTERPIECE' DAILY MAIL © Gregg Hurwitz 2020 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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The Secret Guests Audiobook

The Secret Guests

Author: Benjamin Black Narrator: Fiona Hampton Release Date: February 2020

Brought to you by Penguin. It is 1940 and the bombs are falling thick and fast on London. The royal family must do all they can to assure the British public of their solidarity. But what of the two young princesses - Elizabeth and Margaret? How can they be kept safe without jeopardising morale in the capital? Meanwhile Celia Nashe is delighted when she finally gets her long-awaited transfer to MI5. But whatever she was expecting of her mission for the war effort, it wasn't this. A crumbling castle in remote, rural Ireland, playing nursemaid to two pampered young girls. But her posting soon turns out to be very far from tame. Questions are being asked by the locals about the identities of Celia's secret charges. And when a dead body turns up at the castle gates, it will take every effort to uncover the truth, and to stop it from coming to light. © Benjamin Black 2020 (P) Penguin Audio 2020

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The Apollo Deception Audiobook

The Apollo Deception

Author: Mitch Silver Narrator: George Newbern Release Date: February 2020

After China announced a space mission to place its own flag next to the one US astronauts planted during the Apollo 11 mission, few people bat an eyelid. Shortly after this statement, Charlie Stephens, an 81-year-old former filmmaker, is murdered. The incident is made to look like an accident, but why? Going through his father's effects, Gary Stephens-a director of beer and yogurt ads-discovers seven cans of old 35mm film. Dated before the landing, they're identical to the footage NASA claims was shot by the Apollo 11 crew. The US flag is not and has never been in the Sea of Tranquility, and only Tricky Dick and a handful of others knew it. Why was the real nature of the Apollo 11 mission kept hidden? And what measures will be taken to keep the secret buried?

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The King's Justice: A Maggie Hope Mystery Audiobook

The King's Justice: A Maggie Hope Mystery

Author: Susan Elia Macneal Narrator: Susan Duerden Release Date: February 2020

Can a stolen violin lead secret agent and spy Maggie Hope to a new serial killer terrorizing London? Find out as the acclaimed World War II mystery series from New York Times bestselling author Susan Elia MacNeal continues. "A wartime mystery to sink your teeth into."-Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author of The Huntress Maggie Hope started out as Winston Churchill's secretary, but now she's a secret agent-and the only one who can figure out how the missing violin ties into a series of horrifying murders. London, December 1943. As the Russian army repels German forces from Stalingrad, Maggie Hope takes a much-needed break from spying to defuse bombs in London. But Maggie herself is an explosion waiting to happen. Traumatized by her past, she finds herself living dangerously-taking huge risks, smoking, drinking, and speeding through the city streets on a motorbike. The last thing she wants is to get entangled in another crime. But when she's called upon to look into the theft of a Stradivarius, one of the finest violins ever made, Maggie can't resist. Meanwhile, there's a serial killer on the loose in London, targeting conscientious objectors. Little does Maggie know that investigating this dangerous predator will pit her against a new evil-and old enemies. Only Maggie can uncover the connection between the robbery, the murders, and a link to her own past.

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Robert Ludlum's™ The Treadstone Resurrection Audiobook

Robert Ludlum's™ The Treadstone Resurrection

Author: Joshua Hood Narrator: Ron Butler Release Date: February 2020

Operation Treadstone has nearly ruined Adam Hayes. The top-secret CIA Black Ops program trained him to be a nearly invincible assassin, but it also cost him his family and any chance at a normal life. Which is why he was determined to get out. Working as a cabinet-maker in rural Oregon, Adam thinks he has left Treadstone in the past, until he receives a mysterious email from a former colleague, and soon after is attacked by an unknown hit team at his job site. Adam must regain the skills that Treadstone taught him - lightning reflexes and a cold conscience - in order to discover who the would-be killers are, and why they have come after him now. Are his pursuers enemies from a long-ago mission? Rival intelligence agents? Or, perhaps, someone inside Treadstone? His search will unearth secrets in the highest levels of government and pull him back into the shadowy world he worked so hard to forget.

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Jagd Auf Null (Ein Agent Null Spionage-Thriller – Buch #3) Audiobook

Jagd Auf Null (Ein Agent Null Spionage-Thriller – Buch #3)

Author: Jack Mars Narrator: Mike Nelson Release Date: February 2020

„Sie werden nicht schlafen können, bis sie AGENT NULL ausgelesen haben. Ein großartiges Werk mit einer Reihe von Charakteren, die ausgereift und unterhaltsam sind. Die Beschreibung der Actionszenen entführt uns in eine Realität, die sich fast wie im Kino mit Surround-Sound und 3D-Effekt anfühlt (es würde sich großartig als Hollywood-Film machen). Ich kann die Fortsetzung kaum erwarten.“ --Roberto Mattos, Books and Movie Reviews Als CIA-Agent Null in JAGD AUF NULL (Buch #3) erfährt, dass seine beiden Teenager-Mädchen entführt wurden und sich auf dem Weg zu einem Menschenhandelsring nach Osteuropa befinden, beginnt er eine rasante Verfolgungsjagd quer durch ganz Europa und hinterlässt dabei eine Spur der Verwüstung, während er alle Regeln bricht, sein eigenes Leben riskiert und alles tut, um seine Töchter zurückzubekommen. Kent, der von der CIA zum Rückzug aufgefordert wird, weigert sich. Ohne die Unterstützung der Agentur, mit Maulwürfen und Auftragskillern zu allen Seiten, mit einer Geliebten, der er kaum vertrauen kann und während er selbst ins Visier genommen wird, muss sich Agent Null zahlreichen Gegnern stellen, um seine Mädchen zurückzubekommen. Gegen den tödlichsten Menschenhandelsring Europas, dessen politische Verbindungen bis an die Spitze reichen, ist dies ein unmöglicher Kampf – ein Mann gegen eine Armee – ein Gefecht, das nur Agent Null führen kann. Ihm wird bewusst, dass seine eigene Identität jedoch das möglicherweise verhängnisvollste Geheimnis von allen ist. JAGD AUF NULL (Buch #3) ist ein Spionage-Thriller, den Sie nicht wieder aus den Händen legen werden können und der Sie bis tief in die Nacht hinein an sich fesseln wird. „Thriller-Schreiben vom Feinsten.“ --Midwest Book Review (über Koste es, was es wolle) „Einer der besten Thriller, die ich dieses Jahr gelesen habe.“ --Books and Movie Reviews (über Koste es, was es wolle) Ebenfalls erhältlich ist Jack Mars’ #1 meistverkaufte LUKE STONE THRILLER SERIE (7 Bücher), die mit Koste es, was es wolle (Buch #1), einem kostenlosen Download mit über 800 Fünf-Sterne Bewertungen, beginnt!

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