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Cozy Mystery Audiobooks in Mystery, Thriller & Horror

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LoveReading Top 10

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  2. Winning the War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life Audiobook Winning the War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
  3. Shelter in Place Audiobook Shelter in Place
  4. People Like Us Audiobook People Like Us
  5. The Secret Keeper of Jaipur Audiobook The Secret Keeper of Jaipur
  6. What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing Audiobook What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing
  7. The Squiggly Career: Ditch the Ladder, Discover Opportunity, Design Your Career Audiobook The Squiggly Career: Ditch the Ladder, Discover Opportunity, Design Your Career
  8. Virgin River Audiobook Virgin River
  9. Life's Too Short Audiobook Life's Too Short
  10. False Witness Audiobook False Witness
Marriage is Murder? + Murder in the London Lights: Posie Parker Novellas #9 + #10 - Double edition Audiobook

Marriage is Murder? + Murder in the London Lights: Posie Parker Novellas #9 + #10 - Double edition

Author: L.B. Hathaway Narrator: Clare Wille Release Date: April 2021

1.) YOU’RE INVITED!Posie Parker is finally getting married!The date is Saturday 6th December, 1924. It’s snowing heavily outside, but in the little white Swiss Church in London, packed to the rafters with beautifully-dressed guests, everything is just right. All is going to plan. Or is it? 2.) A STAR IS IN TOWN. BUT IS HE ABOUT TO BE MURDERED IN A BLAZE OF LIGHT?London glitters during a snowstorm, and a mysterious famous guest has been invited to switch on the Christmas lights at Piccadilly. But when he asks Posie Parker for help, she finds herself thrown into a dazzling world of American movie stars, high-octane glamour at the Café de Paris, Death Threats, and very, very complicated private lives. And with the ceremony itself overshadowed by danger, and an unknown killer in their midst, Posie Parker must use all of her wits to ensure things run to plan. But it’s a countdown to murder… 'Marriage is Murder?' and 'Murder in the London Lights' are (respectively) the ninth and tenth novellas in the Posie Parker Mystery Series, although they can be enjoyed as stand-alone stories. If you love an action-packed 1920s historical cozy crime with a feisty protagonist, download an audiobook sample now: 'Murder Offstage' (A Posie Parker Mystery #1) 'The Tomb of the Honey Bee' (A Posie Parker Mystery #2) 'Murder at Maypole Manor' (A Posie Parker Mystery #3) 'The Vanishing of Dr Winter' (A Posie Parker Mystery #4) 'Murder of a Movie Star' (A Posie Parker Mystery #5) 'Murder in Venice' (A Posie Parker Mystery #6) 'The Saltwater Murder' (A Posie Parker Mystery #7) 'Murder on the White Cliffs' (A Posie Parker Mystery #8) 'Murder in Tuscany' (A Posie Parker Mystery #11) Sign up for my newsletter on

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Wands in a Lifetime: Spellbound Paranormal Cozy Mysteries 1-3 Audiobook

Wands in a Lifetime: Spellbound Paranormal Cozy Mysteries 1-3

Author: Annabel Chase Narrator: Emily Lawrence Release Date: March 2021

Curse the Day: The only magic Emma Hart believes in is caffeine and the power of the dryer to lose one sock per load. A chance encounter lands her in Spellbound, a town where supernaturals have been cursed to remain for centuries-probably not the best time for Emma to discover that she's actually a witch. Between the recent murder of the town's public defender, a goblin accused of theft, remedial witch classes, and the attention of one smoking hot vampire, Emma struggles to navigate this unfamiliar terrain without losing her mind . . . or her life. Doom and Broom: Emma Hart hasn't had a moment's peace since her arrival in Spellbound. When a werewolf is found dead and Daniel is named as the prime suspect, Emma takes the initiative to prove that the angel's halo is firmly intact. The heat is on as Emma struggles to get a grip on her broomstick and identify the killer before it's too late. Spell's Bells: When a sleeping dwarf is found entombed in a glass coffin and remedial witch Sophie is blamed, Emma Hart must defend her friend while trying to get to the bottom of the enchantment. The investigation lands Emma smack dab in the middle of Spellbound's dating scene. Emma knows it's time to kick her witchy skills up a notch if she expects to survive Thursday night speed dating and keep sweet Sophie from a life in paranormal prison.

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The Ghost and the Witches' Coven Audiobook

The Ghost and the Witches' Coven

Author: Anna J. McIntyre, Bobbi Holmes Narrator: Romy Nordlinger Release Date: March 2021

The mediums of Beach Drive don't take rumors of a witches' coven seriously-not until it threatens one of their own. Meanwhile, Officer Brian Henderson can no longer ignore the secrets of Marlow House. Can he handle the truth?

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Picture Perfect Frame Audiobook

Picture Perfect Frame

Author: Lynn Cahoon Narrator: Susan Boyce Release Date: March 2021

In the new Tourist Trap mystery from the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, a new art studio has opened in the coastal California town of South Cove-but it's about to turn into a crime scene . . . As the owner of Coffee, Books, and More, Jill Gardner likes to support other Main Street businesses, so she attends a paint-and-sip event where, sadly, her brushstrokes look more like blobs. It's still fun, though-aside from some disruption by a couple doing more sipping than painting. Jill's police-detective boyfriend is on alert, but a designated driver volunteers to take the drunken pair back to their bed and breakfast, and everything seems resolved. Until the wife's body turns up the next morning back in the studio. The victim, Nan, is from out of town, so it's hard to imagine who'd have a motive aside from her spouse. Now, in between puzzling over her fortuneteller neighbor's strange behavior, preparing for her best friend's wedding, and pouring cups of java at the bookstore, Jill must uncover the secrets of Nan's life and find out who wanted her out of the picture . . .

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El ladrón de meriendas (Comisario Montalbano 3) Audiobook

El ladrón de meriendas (Comisario Montalbano 3)

Author: Andrea Camilleri Narrator: Javier Portugués Release Date: March 2021

Vuelve el inspector Salvo Montalbano y su particular forma de ver el mundo desde el imaginario pueblo de Vigàta, en Sicilia. Tercera entrega de la serie del comisario que ha conseguido un espacio propio y original en la literatura policiaca contemporánea. Sus anteriores andanzas han trazado su polifacético perfil que, como demuestra esta nueva aventura, está lejos de agotarse en el simple estereotipo. En esta ocasión el comisario debe investigar el asesinato de un comerciante jubilado, cuya amante, una joven tunecina desaparecida tras el crimen, es objeto de todas las sospechas. Sin embargo, las pesquisas guían a Montalbano hacia el turbio mundo de los servicios secretos y su sucia guerra contra el terrorismo internacional. La razón de Estado se ve sometida a su implacable instinto de justicia, «quijotesco» según uno de los agentes secretos. Al mismo tiempo, la trama nos reserva sorpresas inusitadas, como un Montalbano profundamente conmovido por el destino del hijo de la joven acusada hasta el punto de proponerle matrimonio a su tan paciente como lejana compañera Livia. Como todas las obras de Camilleri que tanto disfrutan sus cientos de miles de lectores en todo el mundo, El ladrón de meriendas es un irónico pero tierno recorrido por la cara más humana del homo sapiens, con personajes cuyo realismo surge precisamente de la penetrante y compasiva mirada de don Salvo. El duro universo de la inmigración ilegal, de los barrios populares mediterráneos, de los fríos burócratas al servicio del Estado, o el de la solidaridad femenina aparecen plasmados con pasmosa nitidez en cada una de las escenas de la novela, convirtiéndonos inevitablemente en testigos y cómplices no sólo de la intriga sino también de un entorno que acaba siéndonos sorprendentemente familiar.

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Shunned and Dangerous: An Amish Mystery, Book Three Audiobook

Shunned and Dangerous: An Amish Mystery, Book Three

Author: Laura Bradford Narrator: Joyce Oben Release Date: March 2021

Living in the small town of Heavenly, Pennsylvania, Claire Weatherly has come to admire the Amish for their wholesome, honest way of life. But she also knows that nothing is as simple as it seems-especially when murder disturbs the peace.Claire has always been game for a good puzzle, so when she hears that Mose Fisher has made one of his famous corn mazes, she can't wait to walk the paths and test her skill. But she'll have a much more serious puzzle to solve when, deep inside the maze, she discovers the body of Amish dairy farmer Harley Zook.It won't be easy for Detective Jakob Fisher to investigate a murder on his own father's farm-not after being shunned by the man  for leaving the Amish community and becoming a cop. With Mose himself as a suspect, and old family secrets cropping up, it's up to Claire to help catch the killer before she finds herself at a dead end.

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Murder Ink Audiobook

Murder Ink

Author: Betty Hechtman Narrator: Erin Deward Release Date: March 2021

Veronica Blackstone has been hired to write an end-of-life book for a woman whose wedding vows she completed only a year earlier. Saddened by the task and confused by the seemingly callous reactions of family members, Veronica sets forth to create the booklet the woman's mother desires. But not everything is as it seems, and the more Veronica digs the more she comes to realize that maybe the young woman's death wasn't the accident her wealthy family keeps insisting it was.

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Chilled to the Cone Audiobook

Chilled to the Cone

Author: Ellie Alexander Narrator: Emily Durante Release Date: March 2021

Pastry chef and amateur sleuth Juliet Capshaw finds herself on thin ice as she attempts to solve her latest case of small-town murder in Ellie Alexander's Chilled to the Cone: A Bakeshop Mystery. The deep freeze has thawed in Ashland, Oregon, and Torte is gearing up for a busy spring. When a surprise opportunity to launch a pop-up ice cream shop comes her way, Jules jumps at the chance to showcase Torte's signature iced drinks and cold custards. But selling the desserts of her dreams comes at a price . . . and, before she knows it, Jules's life swirls into a nightmare. One of the town's most colorful characters, a street performer known for wearing capes and a cone-shaped hat, turns up dead just as Torte 2.0 is set to open its doors. Can Jules get the scoop on what happened to 'The Wizard' of Ashland before her new business venture reaches a chilling conclusion?

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For Whom the Smell Tolls Audiobook

For Whom the Smell Tolls

Author: Renee George Narrator: Margaret Strom Release Date: March 2021

My name is Nora Black. I'm over fifty and enjoying my life to the fullest. That is, when I'm not worried about graying hair, low back pain, allergies, and a psychic gift that sometimes stinks. After solving a murder with the help of my new scent-induced psychic ability, I'm thrilled to report that everything is finally getting back to normal. Better than normal, actually. My BFFs work with me at my Scents & Scentsability shop, I'm dating a young, hot detective, and the upcoming Memorial Day weekend promises to bring in lots of tourists to Garden Cove. There's not a thing in this world that could spoil my great mood . . . Nothing except a suspicious death. When police officer Reese McKay asks me to use my aroma-mojo to look into the 'accidental drowning' of her black-sheep cousin, I can't turn her away. Especially now that she's become a friend. With help from my besties Gilly and Pippa, along with an unofficial assist from Detective Hot Stuff, I'm determined to crack the case of the drowned girl and sniff out the killer before he or she can strike again.

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War of the Noses Audiobook

War of the Noses

Author: Renee George Narrator: Margaret Strom Release Date: March 2021

My name is Nora Black. I'm turning fifty-two, but I don't feel a day over thirty-nine. That is, when I can find my glasses, my feet don't hurt, and my scent-induced psychic ability isn't showing me crimes. For my birthday, my best friends Gilly and Pippa signed us up for a weekend at the Central Midwest Spa Convention. Yay. Massages, fine dining, maid service, and best of all, as long as we attend a few workshops, the weekend is a tax write-off. It should be all sunshine and roses, right? Wrong. My former intern at Belliza Beauty aka the Job Stealer, Carmen Carraway, is a featured presenter. Yuck. Throw in an ex-boyfriend, a number one fan, a brewing scandal, and a dead body, and my relaxing birthday weekend is DOA. I'll need all my senses, along with my friends, if I want to stop a killer from striking once again.

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A Deadly Chapter Audiobook

A Deadly Chapter

Author: Essie Lang Narrator: Teri Reeves Release Date: March 2021

Wake up on a houseboat, moored in scenic Alexandria Bay, New York. Ride the gentle waves to work at quaint Bayside Books, where you spend your days supplying literature and conversation to the charming locals and seasonal tourists. Sounds pleasant, doesn't it? Except bookseller Shelby Cox has already sleuthed two murders from Bayside Books's home base on Blye Island, one of New York State's famed Thousand Islands. And this time, mayhem knocks right on Shelby's waterside door when she finds a body lodged between the side of her houseboat and the dock, his skull shattered.The victim is no local, but Shelby can't shake the feeling she's seen him before-twice, in fact. That's how many times he's dropped into Bayside Books asking about an enigmatic woman who lived on Blye Island many years before. The last time? The day before he was found. But the poor man obviously was killed elsewhere, so who brought him down to the bay, and why?When the victim's daughter hits town demanding answers, Shelby takes the case, despite Police Chief Tekla Stone's usual reservations. But she uncovers more suspects than there are pages in War and Peace, and Shelby can expect no peace-except the peace of the grave-unless she can turn the page on this grisly mystery.

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Murder By Page One: A Peach Coast Library Mystery from Hallmark Publishing Audiobook

Murder By Page One: A Peach Coast Library Mystery from Hallmark Publishing

Author: Hallmark Publishing, Olivia Matthews Narrator: Janina Edwards Release Date: March 2021

Marvey, a librarian, has moved from Brooklyn to a quirky small town in Georgia. When she's not at the library organizing events for readers, she's handcrafting book-themed jewelry and looking after her cranky cat. At times, her new life in the South still feels strange...and that's before the discovery of the dead body in the bookstore. After one of her friends becomes a suspect, Marvey sets out to solve the murder mystery. She even convinces Spence, the wealthy and charming newspaper owner, to help. With his ties to the community, her talents for research, and her fellow librarians' knowledge, Marvey pursues the truth. But as she gets closer to it, could she be facing a deadly plot twist? This first in series cozy mystery includes a free Hallmark original recipe for Classic Peach Cobbler.

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