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  4. Piranesi Audiobook Piranesi
  5. 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think Audiobook 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think
  6. Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg Audiobook Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg
  7. State of Terror Audiobook State of Terror
  8. The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music Audiobook The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music
  9. Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them Audiobook Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them
  10. Bad Boss Audiobook Bad Boss
Race to Disaster Audiobook

Race to Disaster

Author: Peg Kehret Narrator: Carine Montbertrand Release Date: September 2016

Sixth-graders Rosie and Kayo have a new Care Club project. They are taking Bone Breath, Rosie's dog, to the Oakwood Nursing Center to visit the residents. Old Mr. Winters is one of the girls' favorite people there, even if he does ramble on about crazy things, like seeing a man with a gun across the street. One night, when Rosie and Kayo watch the evening news, they discover that Mr. Winters isn't so crazy after all. A murder has occurred in the house opposite Oakwood. By the next day, the old man is missing, and the two girls embark on a risky search for their white-haired friend. Filled with non-stop action, lovable pets, and plenty of excitement, Peg Kehret's Frightmares series is a hit with young readers across the country. Kehret's books are regularly nominated for state awards. She draws on her own love of animals and work with the SPCA for the frisky details of her stories.

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Stolen Children Audiobook

Stolen Children

Author: Peg Kehret Narrator: Madeleine Lambert Release Date: March 2013

Amy learned a lot in her babysitting course-but not what to do if two thugs show up, intent on kidnapping. When Amy agreed to babysit little Kendra Edgerton, she had no idea she was stepping into a kidnapping plot. Armed with misinformation and a weapon, the two men force the girls out of the house and take them to a remote cabin in the woods. There they make videos of the girls and mail them to Kendra's wealthy parents in an effort to get ransom money. After several of her escape attempts fail, Amy is forced to make one last, desperate move, sending clues to the police through the videos. But time is working against her. In Stolen Children, award-winner Peg Kehret crafts a suspenseful thriller with a spunky, resourceful heroine. "Stolen Children features an interesting story and a strong female character."-School Library Journal

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Abduction! Audiobook


Author: Peg Kehret Narrator: Rebecca Gibel Release Date: February 2013

Matt is missing. Bonnie's six-year-old brother left his classroom to use the bathroom-and disappeared. A police dog traces his scent to the curb, where he apparently got into a vehicle. But why would Matt go anywhere with a stranger? Overwhelmed with fear, Bonnie discovers that her dog is gone, too. Was Pookie used as a lure for Matt? Bonnie makes one big mistake in her attempt to find her brother. In a chilling climax on a Washington State ferry, Bonnie and Matt must outsmart their abductor or pay with their lives.

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Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio Audiobook

Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio

Author: Peg Kehret Narrator: Susan Boyce Release Date: January 2013

Acclaimed author Peg Kehret has written the true story of the year when she was twelve and stricken with polio. At first paralyzed and terrified, she fought her way to recovery, aided by doctors and therapists, a loving family, supportive roommates fighting their own battles with the disease, and plenty of grit and luck. With the humor and suspense that are her trademarks, Peg Kehret vividly recreates a year of heartbreak and triumph.

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Earthquake Terror Audiobook

Earthquake Terror

Author: Peg Kehret Narrator: Charles Carroll Release Date: September 2012

From the beginning, Jonathan is spooked by the deserted island where his family is camping—and his premonitions come true. After Jonathan’s mother breaks her ankle, Jonathan and his younger sister Abby are left alone. Then a devastating earthquake hits. The bridge is destroyed, the trailer is smashed, and there’s no food or water. Suddenly, Jonathan and Abby are fighting for their lives… “Prolific author Kehret has a well-deserved reputation for writing good, solid thrillers for middle-graders…It will be a rare thriller fan who won’t want to see what happens.”—

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The Ghost's Grave Audiobook

The Ghost's Grave

Author: Peg Kehret Narrator: Charles Carroll Release Date: October 2011

When Josh is forced to spend a summer with his eccentric aunt, he thinks it will be the most boring summer ever. Instead, he finds himself talking to a ghost from one hundred years ago! In order for the ghost to finally be at peace, it needs some help, and Josh reluctantly agrees to assist. But Josh needs to dig in the old cemetery, and when he does, he finds much more than he bargained for.

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Escaping the Giant Wave Audiobook

Escaping the Giant Wave

Author: Peg Kehret Narrator: Terry Bregy Release Date: August 2011

Thirteen-year old Kyle thought spending a vacation on the Oregon coast with his family would be great. He'd never flown before, and he'd never seen the Pacific Ocean. Kyle's perfect vacation becomes a nightmare while he's babysitting his sister, BeeBee. An earthquake hits the coast and starts afire in their hotel. While fighting their way through smoke and flame, Kyle remembers seeing a sign at the beach that said after an earthquake everyone should go uphill and inland, as far from the ocean as possible. Tsunamis, giant waves that often follow earthquakes, can ride in from the sea and engulf anyone who doesn't escape fast enough. Can Kyle and BeeBee outwit and outrun nature's fury to save themselves from tsunami terror? Recommended for Grades 5 and up.

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The Ghost Followed Us Home Audiobook

The Ghost Followed Us Home

Author: Peg Kehret Narrator: Carine Montbertrand Release Date: April 2002

The Oakwood Doll Museum is one of six-graders Kayo and Rosie's favorite places. After thieves break into it one night, the girls are worried. Are the dolls okay? Is the French musical cat still there? When the girls rush to the site, they see that everything is all right-the police have scared away the burglars. While Kayo and Rosie enjoy the dolls, they hear strange music coming from a locked glass case. The musical cat is playing by itself! Could there be a ghost in the Oakwood Doll Museum? Award-winning author, Peg Kehret, creates fast-paced, spine-tingling adventures for young readers in her Frightmares series. You will hold your breath with Kayo and Rosie while they solve the spooky mystery in The Ghost Followed Us Home.

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Backstage Fright Audiobook

Backstage Fright

Author: Peg Kehret Narrator: Carine Montbertrand Release Date: September 1998

The adventures of sixth-graders Rosie Saunders and Kayo Benton are always filled with plenty of suspense and excitement. In Backstage Fright, Rosie's dog, Bone Breath, has a part in the Oakwood Community Theater's latest production. While he shares the spotlight with the star, Rosie and her best friend, Kayo, will work backstage helping the director. But when Rosie finds a painting hidden deep in the theater's storeroom, suddenly the two girls are faced with a dangerous question: Is it a priceless stolen masterpiece, or a fake? Lurking in the dusty dark, amidst the props, someone is determined to keep Rosie from finding out. All youngsters, even the most reluctant readers, will be rooting for Rosie and Kayo as they try to solve this spooky mystery. Narrator Carine Montbertrand captures the girls' curiosity with ease.

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The Screaming Eagles Audiobook

The Screaming Eagles

Author: Peg Kehret Narrator: Carine Montbertrand Release Date: October 1997

Welcome to the world of the Frightmares books. Full of excitement and suspense, each will keep your heart pounding right until the end. Peg Kehret's popular series is creepy, but never grisly. It is a favorite of young readers across the country. Sixth graders Kayo and Rosie are on a motor home trip with Rosie's parents in the North Cascades National Park. The two girls can't resist a chance to hike high up into the hills, where they sight several bald eagles. But when a poacher nabs one of the baby eaglets from its lofty nest, Kayo and Rosie suddenly find themselves on a dangerous chase that will lead them deep into unfamiliar territory. Screaming Eagles is a hair raising adventure, yet it is also packed with information about the National Park and its wildlife. As the two resourceful girls race to avoid capture by the poacher and find their way out of the wilderness, they gain a fuller understanding of the dangers facing wild animals and their habitats.

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Desert Danger Audiobook

Desert Danger

Author: Peg Kehret Narrator: Carine Montbertrand Release Date: December 1996

When sixth-grader Rosie Saunders asks her best friend, Kayo Benton, to come along on her family's summer trip, the girls look forward to a perfect vacation. Their first stop is a campground in the colorful Arizona desert, where Rosie and Kayo busily explore trails lined with the almost-human forms of the Saguaro cactus. Soon they have found a new animal friend, too: a tiny abandoned kitten. But the eerie shapes of the giant plants aren't the only spooky things in the desert. Kidnappers looking for the daughter of a wealthy businessman grab Kayo by mistake. Now, instead of trying to find a home for the kitten, Rosie desperately searches for a way to rescue Kayo from the two rough men who have carried her away into the desert night. In each addition to the Frightmare series, Peg Kehret provides plenty of suspense while the two girls' love for animals leads them into perilous adventures. The nonstop action will whisk you through Desert Danger at a hair-raising pace.

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Don't Go Near Mrs. Tallie Audiobook

Don't Go Near Mrs. Tallie

Author: Peg Kehret Narrator: Carine Montbertrand Release Date: September 1996

Sixth-grader Kayo Benton and her friend Rosie are busy trying to find a good home for old Mrs. Tallie's cat, Muffin. But when Rosie gets a menacing phone call warning her to stay away from the old woman, the girls begin to realize that it isn't just the cat that needs help. In her stately mansion, Mrs. Tallie is getting sicker each day. Her gardener keeps chasing Kayo and Rosie away. And there's a poisonous plant sitting near Mrs. Tallie's garden. Someone is trying to kill Mrs. Tallie. But who? And why? Peg Kehret has written many popular books for children. Her novels are regularly nominated for state awards. Drawing on her many years as volunteer for the Humane Society and the SPCA, Kehret creates suspenseful adventures for the two young animal lovers in her Frighmares series-a series that has become a favorite with readers of all ages.

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