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"A fierce yet thoughtful historical fantasy based on the witch trials in 17th century England."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A gobble-it-up fiery and intense yet thoughtful debut novel about family, betrayal, and witchcraft. Opening the pathway to a fabulous historical fantasy series this calls out as a must-read for young adults. Set during the civil war in 17th century England, 15 year old Evey has to flee with her little sister Dill when her mother is murdered. As with all good young adult novels, it is perfectly easy to slide into and really enjoy as an adult too, particularly with the wonderful cover drawing you in. Touching history, it flies into fantasy, as author Finbar Hawkins examines the meaning of witch. Evey is a complex character and as she tells her own story she has the ability of self-reflection, even if she doesn’t always like what she sees. Witch is a read that fair on crackles with energy, it also encourages thoughts to both consider and soar and deservedly sits as one of our LoveReading debuts of the month.

Liz Robinson

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This tale is spellbinding, it glitters with gems of insight into our relationships with those we hold most dear and it positively pulses with raw energy. Highly recommended.

Set during the 17th century witch trials, this is Evey's story.

Hunted by the men who brutally murdered their mother, Evey and her sister Dill must flee for their lives. They are young and afraid but their mother has taught them well and they have many skills. They are strong, independent and resourceful but at the same time shattered by the loss of their mother. They will need the help of others in order to survive but this isn’t only a story of survival, this is also a story of revenge. It explores the depths of a mother's love, the strength of women and the power wielded by men.... Read Full Review

S Harper

A magical, atmospheric tale, very well told.

At first I found the style of writing a little strange, but soon got totally engrossed in the story. Evey is a young teenage girl, who with her sister Dill, live in dark troubled times when suspicion falls on those who are a bit different. When they lose their mother who is accused of witchcraft, they must make their way on their own through dangerous situations, not knowing who to trust. Evey swears revenge on her mother's killers, but she is only a young girl, how can she succeed?

This is a story of magical times, beautifully written and very atmospheric. There are some dark moments in the book, so definitely for the older teenage reader.... Read Full Review

christine woolfenden

The writing was beautifully poetic and suited the magic and enchanting setting. It was about finding the power within and the importance of love and friendship for women.

The story of Evey and her sister Dill in the aftermath of their mother's murder at the hands of witch hunters, is a powerful tale. It is set in a time of wars, witch trials and hard lives for women. Women were supposed to be subservient. Not the women Evey knew.
I loved the historical aspects of the story, but it is the character development in the face of enormous struggles and grief that impressed me most. The writing was beautifully poetic and suited the magic and enchanting setting.... Read Full Review

Karen McIntosh