April showers bring the perfect opportunity to curl up on the sofa with a new book. And this month we have an array of new releases to recommend to you. From gripping thrillers to glorious non-fiction and captivating debuts, scroll through for some of our monthly highlights.

Fiction Books of the Month

From action and war-filled adventure to the wonderfully entertaining and witty and the gothic and thrilling take a look at the fiction books we've been loving this month Click through to discover reviews, exclusive extracts and add them to your wishlist.

James by Percival Everett - "An important, brilliant, perception-altering retelling of an American literary classic."

Old School Ties by Daisy Waugh - "A wonderfully entertaining and witty exploration of murder and mayhem among the rich and privileged."

Sword of the War God by Tim Hodkinson - "An absolutely thrilling action and war-filled adventure as the Burgundars battle for survival against the combined might of Rome and the Huns from 436AD."

Manny and the Baby by Varaidzo - "A character-driven debut novel, full of heart, about what it means to be Black and British, now and in the past."

No Place to Hide by J. S. Monroe - "A thrilling, fearsome Faustian drama unfolds as a decades-old pact made at Cambridge University seems set to detonate a doctor’s comfortable life."

Three-Inch Teeth by C. J. Box - "Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett has to contend with two killers—one human, one ursine—and find them both before more people die in this gripping thriller."

Hokey Pokey by Kate Mascarenhas - "Set in a glamorous hotel in 1929, this genre-bending page-turner ripples with suspense and brilliantly bizarre gothic twists."

Non-Fiction Books of the Month

This month we have a vibrant and varied collection of non-fiction titles for you to enjoy. From memoirs bursting with heart to fascinating reads about the ghosts that haunt the British Library and joyous, welcoming reads about the love of gardening. Read snippets of our reviews and add the book to your basket at the bottom of the page.

Not That I'm Bitter A Truly, Madly, Funny Memoir by Helen Lederer - "A memoir bursting with heart in this no-holds-barred account of life in the spotlight from the adorable Helen Lederer."

Shakespeare for Every Night of the Year by Colin Salter - "By Jove, a veritable feast of highlights from Shakespeare's work, to be nibbled every night of the year"

Ghosts of the British Museum by Noah Angell - "Absolutely fascinating, this thoughtfully told and telling book about the ghosts that haunt the British Museum deserves to be read and considered."

Sea Bean by Sally Huband - "This eloquent and special book about a beachcomber’s search for a sea bean is a profoundly moving insight into the author and our natural world."

Lost & Found by Helen Chandler-Wilde - "A thorough and insightful investigation into the meaning of the things we have, written by a journalist who lost nearly everything she owned."

The Rising Down by Alexandra Harris - "Highly recommended by our LoveReading team, this book inspires contemplation and a fascination with the history of a place, it’s just glorious!"

Enzo Ferrari by Luca Dal Monte - "A detailed account of the extraordinary life of the godfather of motor-racing"

Drawn to the Garden by Caroline Quentin - "A joyous and welcoming book, packed full of useful information, recipes, amusing snippets, and colourful illustrations detailing a love for gardening and all that entails."

Debuts of the Month

In the mood for something new? Explore these debuts, you might just discover your next favourite author at the start of their career. These recommendations cover everything from sharp, flirty rom-coms to knockout psychological thrillers and captivation historical fiction. 

Love & Other Scams by PJ Ellis - "Sharp, flirty, and outrageously fun, this glittering rom-com is worth stealing *"

The Quiet Tenant by Clemence Michallon - "A debut psychological thriller that delivers one heck of a knockout punch, it’s oh-so clever and beautifully provocative."

The Husbands by Holly Gramazio - "When Lauren’s husband goes up into the attic, he comes down a new man – literally – in Holly Gramazio’s brilliant high-concept novel about life-changing relationships."

The Library Thief by Kuchenga Shenjé - "With layers of intrigue, this captivating debut historical novel ultimately focuses on the power of inclusivity, hope, and love."

Liz Robinson's Picks of the Month

As always, our Editorial Expert Liz Robinson has delivered a buffet of brilliant reads for her April picks. With recommendations across the genres, scroll down to explore this fabulous selection and learn why Liz loved them.

The Mantis by Kotaro Isaka - "A fabulously amusing and engaging novel that excels in exploring the family life of an assassin as he attempts to retire."

#panic by Luke Jennings - "A fast-moving, provocative, and fabulously readable thriller which throws four young people against a group of far-right extremists."

Someone You Can Build a Nest in by John Wiswell - "Dark and at times gruesome, yet also bright and bold and absolutely wonderful, this is a novel with characters and a story you can fall in love with."

Dragonfall by L.R. Lam - "Soar out into a dragon-filled land in this glorious fantasy adventure and then fall into the human world that cast out the dragons."

Darker By Four by June CL Tan - "Magically imaginative, this smart action-packed modern fantasy novel spills into Chinese superstitions, customs, and traditional love stories."

Deep Water by James Bradley - "A clarion call of a read, explore the unknown deep ocean waters, discover fascinating history, observe our effect on our environment, and reach for hope in our future."

Floating Hotel by Grace Curtis - "Brilliantly turning the spotlight on the foibles and strengths of humanity as a hotel hurtles through space, this LoveReading Star Book comes as highly recommended by our team."

Black Wolf by Juan Gómez-Jurado - "An inspired pairing results in the most thrilling battle of wits and firepower during the investigation of mafia dealings in Spain."

Star Books

April has passed us by in a flash and it might be because of all the Star Books we've been reading. With paperbacks and brand new releases, here's a selection of books that have our highest regards.