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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man Audiobook Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man
  2. The Sin Eater Audiobook The Sin Eater
  3. Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be Audiobook Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be
  4. Near Dark: A Thriller Audiobook Near Dark: A Thriller
  5. Coming Home to Island House Audiobook Coming Home to Island House
  6. Outsider: A Novel of Suspense Audiobook Outsider: A Novel of Suspense
  7. What You Wish For: A Novel Audiobook What You Wish For: A Novel
  8. The Alchemist Audiobook The Alchemist
  9. Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex Audiobook Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex
  10. Tempt Me Audiobook Tempt Me
Never Say Never: The Inside Story of the Motorcycle World Championships Audiobook

Never Say Never: The Inside Story of the Motorcycle World Championships

Author: Nick Harris Narrator: Nick Harris Release Date: July 2019

Random House presents the audiobook edition of Never Say Never, written and read by Nick Harris. 'The unmistakable voice of Moto GP' - Valentino Rossi As 'The Voice' of motorcycle racing for forty years, commentator Nick Harris became the biggest star not on two wheels in the paddock, and this is his mostly eye-witness, white-knuckle account of MotoGP's scorching seventy-year history. The story starts on the Isle of Man in 1949, when Geoff Duke, with his slicked-back hair and one-piece black leathers, became the nation's hero, defying the odds and winning the most dangerous race in the world on a British-built Norton. Just over a decade later at Mallory Park, another British champion and one of the greatest riders of all time Mike Hailwood screamed past a young Nick Harris on his 250cc Honda, and a life-long passion was born. Harris has been at the centre of the sport for decades, getting to know the riders as individuals, seeings feuds unfold, champions made, careers and sometimes lives ended. We'll see the biggest podium stars up close, from Barry Sheene and Kenny Roberts to Valentino Rossi, and we'll meet the mechanics behind them, the manufacturers who poured millions into the teams, and the organisers who, in the early days, ruthlessly compromised rider safety for profits. The drama has often been as tense off the track as on it. This is the book the motorcycling world has been waiting for.

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Unique Hustle: My Drive to be the Best Car Customizer in Hip Hop and Sports Audiobook

Unique Hustle: My Drive to be the Best Car Customizer in Hip Hop and Sports

Author: Will Castro Narrator: Will Castro Release Date: July 2019

Will Castro, star of Velocity Channel's Unique Rides and one of the most popular car customizers in America, has achieved the American Dream, finding great success doing something he loves. He has worked with marquee names in entertainment and Unique Hustle is packed with anecdotes of some of the biggest names in sports, music, film, and television. Discover Will's inspiring journey to success from growing up poor in the housing projects in New York's Lower East Side to customizing the rides of the rich and famous. Unique Hustle tells his personal stories of trial and triumph. With only a high school education, audacity, and passion, he ground out a place for himself in the world and hustled his way to the top. Alongside Will's story, Unique Hustle provides a 'how to' from a professional to listeners who love to learn about cars and customization techniques. Listeners will learn: ● Which cars are best suited for specific customizations ● The do's and don'ts of car exteriors including paint jobs, rims, and wraps ● The do's and don'ts of car interiors ● How to add 'unique' flair with stereo and video systems, cigar boxes, and more

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Blockchain Technology Crash Course Audiobook

Blockchain Technology Crash Course

Author: Introbooks Narrator: Introbooks Release Date: July 2019

The internet has a short history when compared to the time that we have had life on earth. But in this very short period of time, it has taken mankind by a storm. There have been several transformation on the way we transact, and communicate since the time internet was developed. The manner in which we maintain a record of transactions and contracts create the basics of our economic, legal and political system. These instruments help us in protecting our assets and setting organizational boundaries. The record of every transaction or contract helps in the establishment and verification of identities as well as in chronicling events. They oversee the interactions between nations, organizations, communities and individuals. This explains that they are extremely critical tools and they must be managed very effectively and in a highly robust manner to ensure that no one tampers with these records. We have not been able to keep up with technology in the management of these records. And at this time, while most of the companies are looking for processes and methods and some have even established certain tools that can govern the management of such records; but for most part of it, these records are still limited when it comes to their security and management. In a world that is undergoing digital transformation, the way in which we regulate and maintain administrative control requires transformation too. This is where Blockchain can help. The technology comes with a lot of promise and it surely has the ability to solve a number of underlying problems when it comes to the proper administration of transactions and contracts. Blockchain is built into the core of Bitcoin and is currently used by a number of other cryptocurrencies as well. 

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Internet of Things Audiobook

Internet of Things

Author: Introbooks Narrator: Introbooks Release Date: July 2019

The Internet of things is a network of mechanical and digital devices like vehicles, home appliances etc. containing software or sensors and various other devices for network connectivity. This enables the devices to freely connect and exchange data with each other. All these devices are easily identifiable because of their embedded computing system. Internet of things is completely based on the use of modern technologies in our daily errands. Hence, it can be said to be a product of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It can be a sensor in the smart AC which tells the user to turn it off when a suitable temperature is obtained or it can be a microwave which stops the heating when the set time limit is reached-or any other natural or man-made system that can be assigned an IP address and given with the skill to move data over a network without human involvement.

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Profitable Sales: A Contractor's Guide Audiobook

Profitable Sales: A Contractor's Guide

Author: Michael C Stone Narrator: Michael C Stone Release Date: July 2019

Michael's 30+ years of experience in residential remodeling and specialty sales is shared in Profitable Sales, A Contractor's Guide. The information provided is valuable for both the construction-related business owner and their sales staff. In this book, you'll discover how to: determine if a lead is worth your time before you set the appointmentestablish ground rules with a potential client during the initial phone callhelp customers make selectionsknow when to walk awayaddress the three fears of every customersuccessfully ask the four questions you need answerednavigate through design agreements, letters of intent, and other documents that prevent you from wasting timelay the groundwork for a detailed contract with specific payment schedulesturn a cancellation into a positive eventfind, train, motivate and compensate sales staffA significant portion of the book is devoted to "What if?" scenarios. What if the customer wants you to fix something in their home during the appointment? What if they are distracted by the TV, by unruly kids, by neighbors who stop by? Michael discusses insurance calls, dealing with other professionals (attorneys, architects and designers, realtors, engineers, lenders) and issues that can arise after the contract is signed. The scenarios range from mildly humorous (arriving at a home to find homeowners inappropriately dressed) to frightening (homeowners handling firearms on a sales call). Sample forms are available as word processing (.rtf) or spreadsheet (.csv) files for use in your business. Michael Stone is the author of Markup & Profit; A Contractor's Guide Revisited, a top-selling business management book for the construction industry.

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Digital Revolution Audiobook

Digital Revolution

Author: Introbooks, Introbooks Team Narrator: Andrea Giordani, Introbooks Release Date: July 2019

In today's era, the technology is playing a pivotal role. Without the help of technology, it is extremely formidable to imagine life. The human race is so much used to of the technology. However, the digitalization of the world had brought many opportunities to the variety of businesses and companies. The digital revolution was one of the finest things that have ever happened to the humankind. This has made lives easier and better. With the help of the digital technology, the world is constantly improving. It is critical to understand everything from scratch. How the digital revolution was introduced and its extraordinary impacts on the world? Here is a precise introduction of the digital revolution along with its importance, its various impacts on the industries and humans. Also, it is necessary to understand its merit and demerits and the efficient use of the technology. Everything is discussed, which will provide a clear idea of the digital revolution.

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Industry 4.0 Audiobook

Industry 4.0

Author: Introbooks Narrator: Introbooks Release Date: July 2019

When the term 'industrial revolution' comes into mind, everything starts coming back from scratch. The Industry 4.0' or the digitalization, took place in the economic industry for bringing a great transformation. The approach of the Industry 4.0 is simple and beneficial. The main purpose of the Industry 4.0 is to provide a platform to such companies which haven't reached an international level. At the same time, it is very helpful in bringing and applying new technologies that are used for the Industries in many ways. The Industry 4.0 has given new heights to the digitalization and because of it; the digital technology is serving at the pinnacle. The technology or the technique of the fourth industrial revolution is required to access better information for the smooth working of a company. Along with this, the smooth execution of works, with full security and privacy is also the main concern. The Industry 4.0 is providing better ways for communicating with machines as well as humans. Here is a precise discussion about the whole technique.

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Grease Junkie: A book of moving parts Audiobook

Grease Junkie: A book of moving parts

Author: Edd China Narrator: Edd China Release Date: July 2019

Penguin presents the audiobook editon of Grease Junkie by Edd China. 'Think fast. Think big. Think the unthinkable!' As you'll discover in his incomparable memoir, inventor, mechanic, TV presenter and walking tall as the definition of the British eccentric, Edd China sees things differently. An unstoppable enthusiast from an early age, Edd had 35 ongoing car projects while he was at university, not counting the double-decker bus he was living in. Now he's a man with not only a runaround sofa, but also a road-legal office, shed, bed and bathroom. His first car was a more conventional 1303 Texas yellow Beetle, the start of an ongoing love affair with VW, even though it got him arrested for attempted armed robbery. A human volcano of ideas and the ingenuity to make them happen, Edd is exhilarating company. Join him on his wild, wheeled adventures; see inside his engineering heroics; go behind the scenes on Wheeler Dealers. Climb aboard his giant motorised shopping trolley, and let him take you into his parallel universe of possibility.

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Robotics Audiobook


Author: Introbooks Narrator: Introbooks Release Date: July 2019

The robotics is the term used for the study of the science robots. The robots were developed by the humans as a measure to create a helping hand for themselves that would make the work easy and would require less time for its completion with great accuracy and precision. As a result, keeping in mind all the benefits that it provides, the emergence of robots was first seen in the mid twentieth century.  A robot is manufactured with expertise in fields of science, physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering, mathematics, computing as well as biology, chemistry and medicine in the rarest cases. Therefore, the construction of robots is considered to be a multidisciplinary approach. Artificial Intelligence also known as the machine intelligence. The designed robots are engineered with Artificial Intelligence which gives them the ability to exhibit human-like behaviour. The main aim of the artificial intelligence was to recreate the human intelligence. Currently through use face recognition and voice assistant, artificial intelligence is being utilised.  With all the benefits that they provide and keeping in mind their capability, the robots are considered to be one of the greatest inventions on earth by man. 

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Automation Technology Audiobook

Automation Technology

Author: Introbooks Narrator: Introbooks Release Date: July 2019

Automation is a well-known technology which is widespread and used across the world. With the help of this technology, a lot can be achieved which seems to be a difficult task. It is an overwhelming technology which has a lot to offer to the human race. Automation is popular everywhere and is used in several industries. These industries are also responsible for making the efficient use of the Automation Technology. It is fascinating to understand and know more about this tremendous technology which has not only evolved in the past but has also emerged and enhanced so that it can be a feasible, accessible and useful for everyone. The automation or the automatic system is responsible for making a lot of things easier. The use of automation in the various sectors helps in maintaining the important data, finances etc of an industry. It is a high-profile technique which is responsible for decreasing the need for Manpower. There is a lot more to know and understand about this technology so go on.

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Industrial Design Audiobook

Industrial Design

Author: Introbooks Narrator: Introbooks Release Date: July 2019

Industrial Design is a broad field and its application is found in every field where production of new products takes place. Industrial Design is said to be teamwork and a collaborative work of people from technical field, sales team and brand managers along with designers who work together for the successful making of product as well as obtaining its efficient market value. The entire process of design takes approximately 4 months of time starting from the description of the product to the concept designing till the marketing of the product. Before falling in the profession, one must be aware about the possible scope of the profession, its pros and cons as well its future reach and also must know about how demanding the profession can be for proper completion of the duties. Designing of product is in itself a task but proper measures must be taken to prevent encryption. It not only preserves the originality of the product but also renders profit in terms of the benefit it provides.

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Product Development Audiobook

Product Development

Author: Introbooks, Introbooks Team Narrator: Andrea Giordani, Introbooks Release Date: July 2019

We currently live in a very fast paced environment. It's become a very competitive corporate world where it's the products which decide on the fate of the company. New products ideas float around almost everywhere, but not every one of them becomes the next big thing in the market. Even the biggest of companies fail to survive, with Nokia being a prime example of the above.  Product development is an art in itself and when mastered, will hold potential to propel your company up the competition list.

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