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  1. freckles Audiobook freckles
  2. A Slow Fire Burning: The addictive new Sunday Times No.1 bestseller from the author of The Girl on t Audiobook A Slow Fire Burning: The addictive new Sunday Times No.1 bestseller from the author of The Girl on t
  4. Piranesi Audiobook Piranesi
  5. 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think Audiobook 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think
  6. Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg Audiobook Impostor: An Alexander Gregory Thriller (The Alexander Gregory Thrillers Book 1): The Alexander Greg
  7. State of Terror Audiobook State of Terror
  8. The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music Audiobook The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music
  9. Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them Audiobook Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them
  10. Bad Boss Audiobook Bad Boss
Durasha : MyStoryGenie Bengali Audiobook 28: Mythical Romantic Audiostory Audiobook

Durasha : MyStoryGenie Bengali Audiobook 28: Mythical Romantic Audiostory

A tourist stumbled upon one grieving women during his morning strolls along the hilly tracks of Darjeeling. The women seemed to be a hermit draped in saffron as she was inconsolable in the backdrop of persistent rain and chilly weather with thick fog engulfing the entire Himalayan range. The Tourist enquired about her pain and after moments of silence, the women narrated her story that transfixed the tourist with sheer wonder leaving him in a state of hallucination where religion or the less of it along with respect, love and faith created a rich tapestry of mythical proportion. It left the tourist soul searching for the elusive truth of our own life and existence. What was that narrative that left the tourist speechless?? Tune in to this mythical romantic philosophy - a time agnostic narrative that was relevant yesterday, is relevant today and perhaps shall remain relevant till humanity survives. 'MyStoryGenie' Bengali Audiobook, takes the pleasure of bringing to you a timeless jewel from the mighty pen of by far the greatest Bengal litterateur, a global intellectual icon and philosopher - Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore.

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Mortukaam: A Psychological Noir Audiobook

Mortukaam: A Psychological Noir

It is a story of two close friends who are similarly placed in life - be it their shattered future, unfulfilled dreams, frustrations and or their moribund state of persistent and existential crisis. Their perception of life is full of black humor - somewhat of an overbearing and overwhelming callous attitude that amuse them no end but to channelize their dark thoughts through incessant flow of garrulous dialogues with a certain degree of continuity that dare to defy even the shadows of death. Social conditioning have turned them into nonchalant commentators about life that borders smirk and apathy about every gory development that they witness happening around them all the time which affects their life and their fragile family as well. It is therefore perhaps ironical yet apt to see in equal measure that when one of them gets killed, the other gets deeply immersed in the act of detection, helping the police on one level yet simultaneously and strangely that same one remains conceited in a fabricated world of self and make belief on another level. What did the investigation reveal and what role did the surviving friend play in the ensuing drama?? Tune in to this dark psychological masterpiece from the celebrated pen of Bani Basu in yet another classic from 'MyStoryGenie' Bengali Audiobooks series.

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Aalok Akasher Maa: Legacy of a Revolutionary Audiobook

Aalok Akasher Maa: Legacy of a Revolutionary

'Aalok' and 'Akash' - the idealist sons of 'Dr. Anadarup' and 'Ms Bani', got consumed in the fire of student agitation centered around the Utopian ideals of the 'Naxal Uprising', that was aimed at 'Capitalist Exploitation of Resource' and the associated 'Income Divide' of the early 70's. Two brilliant and sensitive young minds that cared about the impoverished and the marginalized, atypical of the movement, were lost to the nation leaving their parents in a time loop of memories. The parents never came around to reconcile to the fact that selfless championing of cause-driven ideologies would exact such a heavy price by the 'Incumbent Dispensation' on the afflicted individuals while the world around would be non-nonchalantly moving on without battling an eye-lid while generally benefiting from the emergence of better order post the systemic cleansing. Dr Anandarup became a recluse within few years and died impoverished leaving behind his wife - Bani and his daughter 'Averi' in a state of penury. Averi grew up as any other normal child, with practical materialistic considerations and self aspirations like the rest of her generation, in complete contrast to her brothers' ideologies that she felt were misplaced, Dystopian and hopelessly idealistic. She got married, started her own family and she also started rallying around her mother to help her getting over her self consuming vortex of grief by constantly coaxing her to forget about her idealist sons. Averi unabashedly maintained that her brothers were irresponsible and misguided lose canons in today's self obsessed parlance.  Will the legacy of the idealists' become irrelevant in this new age of self indulgent society, or will these forgotten chapters from history continue to infuse inspiration to many more such uprisings throughout the time space continuum?? Tune in to the thought provoking soulful audio narrative on social order through passage of time from 'MyStoryGenie' Bengali Audiobooks.

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Unoshottor ar Teshotti: Romantic Comedy Audiobook

Unoshottor ar Teshotti: Romantic Comedy

Sexagenarians Tapodhir and Karuna - the husband wife pair is being sent on a holiday trip to the seaside vacation destination - 'Puri', by their children and grand children on an overnight train journey. The couple is travelling for the first time in decades as familial responsibilities have never allowed them to break the shackles of household chores in ages. The pair presents a picture in contrast as their personalities could aptly be described as distinct as from Mars and Venus. Their love and concern for each other manifests itself through their incessant rounds of verbal duels over trivial, providing amusement and hearty laugh to the co-passengers all along the journey. Yet when the night descends, the verbose pair is seen hurdled together in cosy twosome, blissfully aligned to the calmness of the moonlight night and the silent flutter of the cool breeze that give them company in their extended hour of sleepless companionship.  Experience the pure magic of tenderness and love in the transit between the cacophonies to the sublime silence in this audio drama from 'MyStoryGenie' Bengali Audiobooks series. A must have master piece based on short story work of the celebrated litterateur Suchitra Bhattacharya, for your personal collection.

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Nanad Boudir Rannaghar: A Tale of Betrayal, Hope and Love Audiobook

Nanad Boudir Rannaghar: A Tale of Betrayal, Hope and Love

'Minoti' and 'Kakuli' are the sisters-in-law of a broken household whose men have deserted them in their prime. Undaunted, they strive for a living and started home delivery of food from their own kitchen to the dwellings of the neighborhood. Their life is hard; their mind is full of painful memories as they vent their frustrations on each other in routine domestic altercations over trivial as part of their daily chores. Their support are a local goon, a local tea vendor and the myriad flat owners of the high rises - the proverbial Robin Hoods in their mundane existence. Sudden news of death threatens to unleash fresh turbulence in their life which may potentially destroy their carefully constructed fragile ecosystem. Will fate outdo their resolve to live or will their intent, triumph every hurdle in their battle for survival?? Tune in to this soulful audio story from 'MyStoryGenie' Bengali Audiobooks series to witness existentialism taking on the vagaries of human existence!

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Ourosh Bikreta: Nothing Counts in the Line of Duty Audiobook

Ourosh Bikreta: Nothing Counts in the Line of Duty

'Bhuvan' and 'Yasoda' - the poor peasant couple are expecting their first child after series of miscarriages, triggered by malnutrition and hunger. This pregnancy has now become complicated owing to the same curse and it needs expensive medical intervention to sustain but poverty and hunger has left them with no choice but to pray for divine interventions to pull this through. Bhuvan desperately looks for every avenues to earn more over his frugal means but village politics and administrative corruption robs him of all opportunities. He turns to people for monitory help but none obliged. As things turned pretty hopeless, Bhuvan meets a stranger who strangely seems aware of Bhuvan's plight. What's more, the stranger voluntarily offers every possible assistance to help Bhuvan ride over the crisis but makes it clear that help comes at a cost - some unknown service that Bhuvan has to render in exchange which he can't decline later. Desperate Bhuvan accepts the bait to try saving his beloved wife and possibly their first child. Time finally arrives to return the favor and Bhuvan is escorted by the stranger to an unknown destination in the darkness of the night. There Bhuvan confronts his destiny and is petrified to face the reality - a proverbial moment of truth that is ready to test his character and resolve in honoring his commitment as return favor. Tune in to this pulsating social thriller from 'MyStoryGenie' Bengali Audiobooks series to witness an intense drama of eternal human dilemma between relationship and responsibility.

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Ola Driverer Shasuri: Aspiration & the New Age Women Audiobook

Ola Driverer Shasuri: Aspiration & the New Age Women

A middle aged woman and mother of two grown up kids has silently nurtured her passion and dream about bike riding and four wheeler driving. But traditional middle class upbringing along with conservative family norms and role expectations were pulling her back from pursuing her desire. The only silver-lining is her mother-in-law who has been a great support and mentor; someone who always encourages her to come out of her mental conditioning to emerge from under the shadows of society imposed inhibitions in fulfilling her dreams. The woman's dreams finally seemed to have found the much needed support from a build-up in the surrounding ecosystem, where a taxi aggregation service provider rolled out their cab hiring services locally and the lady, coaxed by her mother-in-law, went about obtaining her driving certificate, pursuant to her application for commercial driving with the cab aggregator. The service provider thought of it as a great advertisement of their socially inclusive model and cleared the application in no time. But, will this enterprise triumph the test of time?? Tune in to the audio story from 'MyStoryGenie' Bengali Audiobooks series to witness the changing milieu of the Indian society which is slowly but surely breaking down gender stereotypes with a new found zeal for pursuing passion.

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Megh Ase Rodh Hanshe: Children's Classic Literature Audiobook

Megh Ase Rodh Hanshe: Children's Classic Literature

'Suku' was very good in his academics and he had an inquisitive mind that prompted him to explore unknowns with enthusiasm. Once he got attracted to his father's beaming 'Parker' pen that he found in his father's study table drawer and he was tempted to take it to his school to impress his friends. That very day, he also carried a live 'beetle' to school, encased in a box to try studying its behavior through the day and perhaps to catch few advises about the insect from his biology teacher - 'Father Dyson'. But things went out of control as his classmate - 'Mary Alva' became curious to know about both these curious collections. The insect broke loose and created panic among the kids before jetting out of the window. The resultant commotion also threw the valuable pen somewhere under the desks and Suku was bitter and anxious about losing both his valuables. That evening, Suku's father came enquiringly about the pen but fear psychosis prevented Suku from admitting the truth and to the contrary he tried pushing the blame on to his brother 'Ruku'. Innocent and upright Ruku got very upset while Suku became crestfallen because of his cowardice in owing up the truth and so was their father - 'Dr. Mukherjee', who expected one of his sons to admit his mistake as such accidents might have happened with anyone.  Did Suku manage to overcome his fear psychosis in admitting the truth and what lessons did the two kids learn in the bargain?? Tune in to this all time classic children's literature from the legendary Sanjib Chattopadhyay in yet another classic collection from 'MyStoryGenie' Bengali Audiobooks series.

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Ramdhenu Rong: Blossoming of a Child Audiobook

Ramdhenu Rong: Blossoming of a Child

'Papu' is all set to appear for his kindergarten school admission interview. Anxious parents are sweating it out to ensure needful preparation so that Papu can secure an admit offer in this highly competitive slug-fest where demand for seats outstrips the supply by far. Sense of déjà vu is overwhelming as Papu could not manage in his earlier attempts in some other well known school admission interviews. Concerned parents are determined this time around and they intend to curb the child's every tender emotions and inquisitive distractions other than to program his mind into rote learning in a desperate attempt to train him for the d-day. High drama unfolded inside the interview room as the interviewers went on sending one after another seemingly innocuous but probing questions to test the natural reflexes of Papu, in a significant departure from the standard pattern of questioning that parents normally anticipate in such admission interviews, at least going by their previous experience. Will the natural instinct of the child prove decisive this time or will it extend the string of heart burns?? Tune in to this high octane social drama from 'MyStoryGenie' Bengali Audiobooks series and revisit your childhood memories of not so distant past !

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Phire Paoya : MyStoryGenie Bengali Audiobook 13: Social Drama Audiobook

Phire Paoya : MyStoryGenie Bengali Audiobook 13: Social Drama

Bikram is an Indian software professional who had migrated to America many years back on work and have had since then settled down permanently like many skilled and highly educated Indian professionals in that country. After few years, he started his own family and got married to homely Indian women named Sefali, whom he moved overseas with him from India with permanent visa. Things were happy with the young couple getting used to the American way of living and soon they had their first child whom they had affectionately named "Tito". Sefali was happily attending to her child full time and she soon started moving around with her child when Bikram was away from home with his day job. During one such outdoor stroll, the child got stolen by a habitual offender and history sheeter and thereby devastated the couple's peaceful abode. A sense of guilt and deep remorse amidst the terrible tragedy led to eventual separation and the spouses drifted apart. Long term psychiatric counselling saved Sefali from turning lunatic and her broken lonely world started limping back with a day job at a child day care center. More than helping Sefali to survive, the job acted as a balm to soothe Sefali's unfulfilled motherly yearnings. But twist of fate had more in store for Sefali as she heard news that threatened to reopen her wounds fresh. Tune in to this audio story from "MyStoryGenie" Bengali Audiobooks series that succinctly captures the riveting dilemma between emotion and responsibility.

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Banolata : MyStoryGenie Bengali Audiobook 6: A Life Less Ordinary Audiobook

Banolata : MyStoryGenie Bengali Audiobook 6: A Life Less Ordinary

Author: Suchitra Bhattacharya Narrator: Nandini Sarkar, Rajati Mukhopadhyay, Shamin Chakraborty Release Date: July 2019

One History Professor was busy examining university answer papers in the secluded silence of her apartment, when the door bell rang snapping her attention. The irritated Professor was however surprised to see an unexpected visitor standing outside who happened to be a senior citizen, but whose face seemed very familiar. Suddenly the professor recollected that the visitor was her own primary school teacher of the yesteryear and she welcomed her inside. In the course of conversation the Professor got to know that the superannuated teacher was then actively engaged with social causes and that she had been canvassing door to door collecting voluntary donations from good Samaritans to supplement her own effort in pooling every possible resource for the cause besides contributing from her own paltry pension income. Oblivious to her age, health and personal tragedies, the superannuated teacher had led by example in standing for the cause that she believed. The History Professor was moved and was impressed beyond measure. She contributed to the kitty and the relationship entered into a new phase of extending support to the cause. But, did the relationship stood the test of time on the face of human notion of drawing limits ?? Tune in to the 'full cast' audio story from 'MyStoryGenie' Bengali Audiobooks series to witness the temptations of human emotions that test our resolve and integrity in viewing life through the lens of practical and materialistic considerations.

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Titlir Baba Maa: Romantic Humor Audiobook

Titlir Baba Maa: Romantic Humor

Titli - a young woman in her twenties has recently moved to Switzerland after marriage to join her husband who runs a successful restaurant business that offers traditional Indian cuisine. Although she is happy and contended, the prospect of her father living alone in India worries her constantly. This loneliness is in some way self imposed as her parents had decided to live separate quite some years back without any formal divorce. The reason was being the constant bickering among parents without any serious misgivings, but which got triggered by their respective personality traits. Titli as a doting daughter tried to facilitate mending of fences but failed due to the obstinate stands of her parents. Now as newly married couple, she and her husband plans for a coup d'état of some sorts by inviting them to their new home without informing them about the other's arrival. Titli's objective is to get her warring parents reconcile in this new country, where each is away from familiar territory. But, will this objective achieve its goal ?? Tune in to the 'full cast' audio story from 'MyStoryGenie' audiobook series to relive our everyday marital drama that captures familial love, bonding and concerns behind the veil of noisy strife and divergent opinions.

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