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The 2-day Diet Diet Two Days a Week. Eat Normally for Five.

by Michelle Harvie, Tony Howell

eBooks of the Month Lifestyle and Health

The 2-day Diet Diet Two Days a Week. Eat Normally for Five. Synopsis

The 2-Day Diet is a simple, effective and clinically proven diet to get slim and healthy developed by acclaimed scientists Dr Michelle Harvie and Prof Tony Howell at Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention in Manchester. To reach your perfect weight, all you need to do is follow a low-carb, low calorie diet for two days a week. For the rest of the week you simply eat normally but sensibly - ideally eating foods associated with a Mediterranean lifestyle. It really is that simple and the science proves it: in trials followers had a 65 per cent success rate of losing weight and keeping it off (the success rate of other continuous calorie-controlled diets trialled ranged between 20per cent and 50 per cent); they also lost twice as much weight as those on a continuous calorie-controlled diet as well as more centimetres around their waist. The 2-Day Diet is packed with clear and simple guidance, meal planners and 100 delicious and filling recipes to help you on your way. There are also options for vegetarians. The authors explain how and why the diet works, and outline the numerous proven health benefits associated with it, including reducing insulin and levels of other hormones and inflammation in the body known to cause cancer, lowering high blood pressure, and improving well-being, mood and energy levels. It is a unique way of eating and one that can completely rejuvenate your body on a cellular level. Finally you can enjoy your food and stop worrying about your weight for good.

The 2-day Diet Diet Two Days a Week. Eat Normally for Five. Press Reviews

'Revolutionary and clinically proven Good Housekeeping the key to easier - and longer lasting - weight loss Red magazine Following a strict diet for just two days of the week is a far more effective way to lose weight than trying to calorie count all the time' Daily Mail


'No calorie counting, no going hungry and it takes only TWO DAYS a week ... guarantees weight loss Daily Mail Easy to follow and stick to ... clinically proven' -- Jenni Murray

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All versions of this book

ISBN: 9780091948054
Publication date: 14/02/2013
Publisher: Vermilion an imprint of Ebury Press
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9780091948054
Publication date: 14th February 2013
Author: Michelle Harvie, Tony Howell
Publisher: Vermilion an imprint of Ebury Press
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 368 pages
Genres: eBook Favourites, Lifestyle & Health,
Categories: Diets & dieting,

About Michelle Harvie, Tony Howell

Dr Michelle Harvie is an award-winning research dietician at Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention, specialising in optimum diet and exercise strategies to prevent breast cancer and its recurrence. Her findings have been published in many major scientific publications and she was awarded the British Dietetic Association Rose Simmond's Award for best published dietetic research in 2005.   Prof Tony Howell is Professor of Medical Oncology and specialises in pharmacological and lifestyle measurements to prevent breast cancer. He is also Research Director of Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention. ALL AUTHOR PROCEEDS GO TO GENESIS BREAST CANCER PREVENTION.

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