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The Blame Game

"A dramatic, enthralling and addictive tale that thrills and provokes thoughts and feelings. "

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

What an addictive and powerful book this is, I gobbled it up in one heady sitting and then sat and had a good ponder as certain aspects of this read knocked at the door to my consciousness. Two people have spent the last twenty-two years trying to forget, but someone is determined, no matter what, that they will remember. The first few pages really set the scene in a simple yet clever way, then I was hit by a wallop of an opening. Each chapter is headed by a character and a date, two main time frames are explored, time is sliced, spliced, offering a doorway to answers. As I read my mind explored possibilities, evaluated decisions, examined each character, their thoughts, their feelings. C. J. Cook balances the plot beautifully, keeping it taut, yet encouraging exploration in the moment. ‘The Blame Game’ (which is an absolutely perfect title) is a dramatic, enthralling and ultimately very satisfying read.

Liz Robinson

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Primary Genre Thriller and Suspense
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Reader Reviews

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Intriguing, intense and addictive – a must-read for anyone who loves a great psychological thriller.

The Blame Game is an amazing psychological thriller that gets under your skin from the very first page to the last.

The book depicts life after a tragedy that happened to a couple 22 years ago in the Swiss Alps, and shows us the lasting effects it has on Helen, Michael and their two children.

All they want to do is forget what happened, but somebody is going to great lengths to ascertain that the past remains prominent in every day of their lives.

If you enjoy great dialogues, intricate plots and surprising twists, this is the book for you!

... Read Full Review

Alexandra Harper-Williams

A real page-turner - keeps you guessing all the way through.

This is a story which keeps you guessing all the way through. Michael and Helen Pengilly are living with a secret, a traumatic event in their early lives which affected them both deeply and controlled their future, to the extent that they are constantly moving their family so that the past can’t catch up with them. But they can’t escape it – when their business is destroyed by fire in suspicious circumstances, they decide to take their two children on an extended holiday and end up in Belize where they are involved in a mystery car crash which raises some serious questions in Helen’s mind and spurs her on to finally get to the bottom of the mystery they live with.... Read Full Review

Doreen McKeown

Told from various points of view. This well-crafted thriller flits from the past to the present and cleverly ties the two together. An enjoyable read.

The story follows Helen and Michael on a dream holiday with their children, Reuben and Saskia. The family believe they are being watched and on their way to the airport for their return journey home, there is a tragic accident which has life-changing consequences.

Whilst in hospital, their family and lives begin to fall apart. As the story moves between Helen and Michael’s past and the whole family in the present, we slowly discover the underlying plot when Michael and Helen initially met. This has a dramatic impact on the present day. The story explores many aspects of the fallout from this earlier event and is told by Michael, Helen and Reuben.

It is a cleverly crafted thriller with a unique story. I especially enjoyed the story told from Reuben’s point of view and how it explores the relationships he has.... Read Full Review

Gail Phillips