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  1. The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021 Audiobook The Promise: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2021
  2. Dune Audiobook Dune
  3. The Christmas Escape Audiobook The Christmas Escape
  4. Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness Audiobook Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness
  5. Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain Audiobook Empireland: How Imperialism Has Shaped Modern Britain
  6. As Good As Dead Audiobook As Good As Dead
  7. How to Kill Your Family Audiobook How to Kill Your Family
  8. Never Audiobook Never
  9. Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography Audiobook Will: The Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography
  10. Touch of Regret Audiobook Touch of Regret
Bella's Not So Little Secret: Futanari Pleasures Audiobook

Bella's Not So Little Secret: Futanari Pleasures

Author: Hellen Heels Narrator: Katrina Medina Release Date: November 2021

Enjoy this short story by Hellen Heels. That’s not to say that Leah was not beautiful. But she was the shy, petite beauty of a girl whereas Bella was a beautiful, gorgeous woman and would have been dubbed a maneater. When the orientation ended, Leah gathered her things, also gathering the nerve to say hi to Bella, whom she would be stuck to for next twelve months, when Bella made it unnecessary. “Hi Leah, I am so glad to meet you. I read your paper on the possibilities of using 3D organ models for surgery. It was amazing.” Leah flushed but felt a bit more confident. “Hi, thanks. I thought no one read it, it felt so out there.” Bella shook her beautiful head. “Oh no, it was brilliant.” Then she threw the most charming smile Leah had seen in her life, which, for some reason, made Leah blush. “And don’t you worry, I can see you are the shy, nervous type and you seem half out of your wits to be working under someone like Harold, but don’t worry, I have got your back. I am sure we will become great friends.” She said everything so confidently but also so candidly that Leah believed her and actually felt her spirits lifting. And Bella was so nice that Leah couldn’t even feel justified in being jealous of her charm and beauty.

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Raunchy Taboo Sex Stories (2 Books IN 1): Lesbian Sex, Threesomes, Orgy, Gangbangs, BDSM, MILFs, Fir Audiobook

Raunchy Taboo Sex Stories (2 Books IN 1): Lesbian Sex, Threesomes, Orgy, Gangbangs, BDSM, MILFs, Fir

Author: Samantha Rajii Narrator: Leanne Potter Release Date: November 2021

Explore Raunchy, Erotic Stories Of Young Vixens Who Know How To Make The Taboo Fun In This 2-In-1 BundleWhat makes a woman seductive and irresistible? Is it her toned, yet soft body? Her innocent face? Her dark mind? Or, is it her hunger for the perverted and the sublime? We like to think we know the women we meet. But, in truth, women are complex creatures filled with a burning desire to explore their sexuality in the kinkiest ways possible. Meet women like Jennifer, Evelyn, Bettina, and Heather and get lost in a seductive realm of young and restless vixens who made bad decisions… and lived long enough to enjoy them. In her stories, Samantha Rajii explores the taboo world of lesbian sex, threesomes, orgies, gangbangs, double penetrations, BDSM, domination, and submission. Here’s what you’ll enjoy in this bundle: • Raunchy sex stories about stripped boundaries, twisted rhythms, wild encounters, intimate aggressions, forbidden obsessions, and carnal responses • Erotic taboo sex stories about wicked motives, secret revelations, uninhabited perversions, destructive passions, sinister Edens, and twisted sensual touch Life is short. Spend it by exploring your wildest sexual fantasies! In Samantha Rajii’s stories, you will be reading about the hottest, raunchiest, and most taboo sex stories that will make a nun blush! We all have desires that we try hard to keep hidden. But, then again, we’re only human… and humans are creatures driven by both reason and sex — there is no in-between. Indulge yourself, and quench the inner thirst you’ve been keeping inside all this time. Scroll up and Click on “Buy Now” today!

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Gold Member VIP: Crossdressing Stories Audiobook

Gold Member VIP: Crossdressing Stories

Author: Hellen Heels Narrator: Katrina Medina Release Date: November 2021

Enjoy this short story by Hellen Heels. The waiter fidgeted and twisted his fingers. 'You did, ma’am. But that was a while ago and -' 'I don't want to hear any more of your complaints,' she cut him off mid-sentence. 'Just get out of my presence right now, before I am forced to report you to your manager.' The waiter bowed. 'As you wish, ma’am. I take my leave.' Angela hissed as the waiter hurried away. He hadn't been gone long when another waiter came to her. He smiled and bowed his head. 'Good day, madam. How can I be of service to you?' She crossed her legs and frowned as she regarded him with visible contempt. 'Are you any different from the one I just sent away a while ago?' He blinked. 'Ma’am?' 'No, why not call me 'sir' instead of 'ma’am'.' 'I am sorry, madam. But I didn’t quite understand what you just said.' She hissed aloud. 'I don't blame you. How can any of you know how best to attend to a customer when you are all ill -mannered, unprofessional, and incompetent?'

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Демон ночи. Забытые страсти. Книга 2 Audiobook

Демон ночи. Забытые страсти. Книга 2

Author: Elise Wurm Narrator: John Ivanov Release Date: November 2021

Есть только два вечных призрака – призрак Любви и призрак Жизни... Любовный треугольник - Мидас, Франк и Нелл. Их любовь продолжается – влюблённость переросла в глубокую симпатию и привязанность. Они друзья, любовники, супруги, и друзья – чтобы любить кого-то долго, нужно с этим человеком дружить. Дружба многое прощает, а любовь – ничего! Между ними зарождается глубокое взаимопонимание и доверие, им хорошо вместе, всем вместе. Они путешествуют, Африка, Греция, Америка, они рассказывают другу о своих жизнях-судьбах, они счастливы тем, что чувствуют в себе силу, желание, страсть жить дальше! После всех своих трагедий, дальше! И пусть Трагедия сопровождает Смерть и Нежность в их земной жатве, герои этой книги продолжают любить...

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Демон ночи. Забытые страсти. Книга 1 Audiobook

Демон ночи. Забытые страсти. Книга 1

Author: Elise Wurm Narrator: John Ivanov Release Date: November 2021

Встречаются трое, мужчина и две женщины – пара, которая не может быть вместе и друг без друга не может, и женщина переживающая удар судьбы. Пару – мужчину и женщину зовут Мидас и Франк, он когда-то был жиголо, она – женой человека, который его пожалел. Невозможно быть вместе, когда между вами стоит призрак Любви... И они не могут быть вместе, Мидас и Франк, даже страстно и преданно любя, не могут – не даёт призрак Любви, а может Совести... Мидас влюбляется в Нелл – она для него та доброта, которую он не может получить от Франк, потому, что Франк не добра к себе – она себя не любит, как впрочем, и сам Мидас. Нелл нежный и добросердечный человек и… не эгоистичная женщина, она видит, что Мидас и Франк любят друг друга, она желает им счастья… больше, чем желает его себе.

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Cinders of Yesterday Audiobook

Cinders of Yesterday

Author: Jen Karner Narrator: Amy Landon Release Date: October 2021

Paranormal Hunter Dani Black wants nothing more ardently than she does revenge. A year ago, the rogue Necromancer Spectre murdered her partner during a hunt gone wrong, and she's been looking for a way to kill him-and keep him dead-ever since. When rumors of a weapon capable of killing anything surfaces in Dawson, Maryland, she sets out on a mission to get her hands on it. While unraveling a web of clues about her own past, Dani runs into the alluring Emilie Lockgrove, eldest daughter of a magical family who are inexplicably tied to Spectre. Emilie Lockgrove survived the catastrophic fire that killed her mother and hospitalized both her and her sister. Ten years later, she has returned to Dawson, expecting to confront the trauma of her past and move on. Instead, she discovers magic is real and encounters actual ghosts, namely the necromancer who has been hunting her family for 200 years. Dani intends to kill Spectre, or die trying. Emilie wants to reclaim her life and her memories of the magic protecting her from Spectre. To survive, they'll need to work together to confront their past, break the spell holding back Emilie's magic, and destroy Spectre once and for all.

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Trendsetter: Crossdressing Stories Audiobook

Trendsetter: Crossdressing Stories

Author: Hellen Heels Narrator: Katrina Medina Release Date: October 2021

Enjoy this short story by Hellen Heels. She licked her lips. 'I actually decided on bringing it up with anyone who would be my new manager here. It is just a coincidence that you are my new manager.' 'Lucy.' 'Yeah?' 'Enough of the excuses. What is it?' She opened the magazine and placed it on his lap. 'This is what I feel you should do.' He flipped open a few pages of the magazine and frowned. 'These are all models in different attires.' 'Yes, I know.' 'And how is that supposed to help boost your sales?' 'You know that ours is an industry that moves with trends.' 'Yes. That is true.' 'And if any boutique aspires to make it, then they must be trendsetters.' 'Naturally.' 'I have noticed that some of my competitors are making a killing like this,' she said, pointing at the magazine. 'You mean by getting live models?' 'No, Anthony. It's their attire.' 'You want to stock what they are wearing?' 'No. I already have them in stock.' 'I don't understand you at all. What are you trying to say?' 'I am thinking of my manager being in some of those attires.' He nodded. 'That is not a bad idea, especially when you consider that these attires are beautiful and would fit any woman well. Besides, it would be free publicity for the boutique.' She held his gaze. 'You now understand, don't you?' 'Sure. It makes perfect sense. Let the manager advertise the stock that is available so that customers would know how much-' 'Are you not forgetting something?' 'No, I am not.' 'You are the manager now.' 'Yes, I know that already.'

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Ray Must Obey: Crossdressing Stories Audiobook

Ray Must Obey: Crossdressing Stories

Author: Hellen Heels Narrator: Katrina Medina Release Date: October 2021

Enjoy this short story by Hellen Heels. “Let me quickly put on something more appropriate,” she said as she made her way from the kitchen. He took another sip of his beer and burped. “Yeah. You do just that. I am going to be here waiting for you to get ready, my dear.” “Are you not going to change into anything else?” she called from the bedroom. “Anything else like what?” “Something different from that suit you have on, darling.” “Do I really have to change, Laura? I feel cool in this suit.” “Why not change into something less formal?” “Why?” “Because we are going on a social call to my sister’s, Ray. Come on, think. Besides, you need to freshen up and take off that suit.” “Laura, I am absolutely fine. Honestly. Believe me. I am fine in this suit.”

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Ola, Muito prazer!: Toca uma Agora - 07 histórias pra todos os gostos Audiobook

Ola, Muito prazer!: Toca uma Agora - 07 histórias pra todos os gostos

Author: Eros Paixão, Jhonattan Zanandrea Narrator: Vinicius Léscio Release Date: October 2021

É só você dar o player e Tocar uma agora! 07 Histórias de tirar o folêgo de qualquer um. Uma Audio Série que agrada todos os Gostos. Em uma Tarde Inesquevicel de Puro Prazer: Muitas vezes, ao voltar da faculdade, já encontrava o marido a dormir. Aquela mesmice virou rotina e a rotina transformou-se em tédio, como acontece com a maioria dos matrimônios. Camila absorvia tudo calada. Em algumas ocasiões, até usava roupas mais provocantes a fim de atiçar os desejos lascivos do marido. Fora vencida, contudo, pelo aspecto conservador do esposo. Até que Paulo César, um jovem professor substituto, apresentou-se a ela, na sala dos professores... Conheça outros personagens e viva novas emoções nos episódios seguintes.

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It Is Your Honor: Crossdressing Stories Audiobook

It Is Your Honor: Crossdressing Stories

Author: Hellen Heels Narrator: Katrina Medina Release Date: October 2021

Enjoy this short story by Hellen Heels. With her head still lowered she looked up furtively, trying to catch his gaze. And that was when she caught sight of his shoes which were peeping out from underneath the robe he had on. She had to blink several times to be sure of what she was seeing. Were those not black high heels, she mused. St. Vincent's black high heels to be precise. Angie could tell they were, from the shiny gold buckles and the inscription 'SV' that was clear and visible even from that distance. 'I said, what do you think I am supposed to do to you, young lady?' Judge Maxwell demanded. Angie looked up at him with a smile. 'You have to pardon me, your honor.' 'How can I do that when the evidence is overwhelmingly against you? You have destroyed public property, almost killed an officer of the law, endangered other motorists on a major road, and also shown a lack of remorse and bad attitude while in court.' 'Well, I think you should pardon me because my taste in St. Vincent’s is also quite remarkable,' she said with a smirk. The Judge sat up. 'What?' 'I have a remarkable taste too, for St. Vincent's attires and designs, your honor,' Angie said. The police man stepped forward with a frown. 'Objection, my Lord.' 'Overruled,' Judge Maxwell said. The police man gaped at the Judge. 'But she is just blabbing and calling names of saints, your honor.' Judge Maxwell glared at the police man. 'And I still over -rule your objection, officer. St. Vincent’s is not just any name. Do you understand?' The officer ran his fingers through his hair, confused. 'I don't understand. But she is guilty, your honor.'

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Royal Suite: Crossdressing Stories Audiobook

Royal Suite: Crossdressing Stories

Author: Hellen Heels Narrator: Katrina Medina Release Date: September 2021

Enjoy this short story by Hellen Heels. She turned her attention to him. 'Does your hotel have something bigger?' 'Bigger? You mean like a double room?' 'No. Something bigger than that. Much bigger and more luxurious too.' He smiled. 'Yes, we do. We have three different types of suites. There is the Regular, the Executive, and the Royal.' She snapped her fingers that were adorned with long red nails. 'The Royal sounds interesting. Is it available?' 'Yes, it is.' 'Good. I would take it.' 'I am sorry. But it is usually reserved for dignitaries and other distinguished guests.' She raised her eyebrows. 'Is that so?' 'Yes, ma’am. You could choose from the Regular or the -' 'By the way, what is your name?' 'I am Stanley.' 'Okay, Stanley. I want the Royal Suite.' He smiled at her. 'I am sorry. But we don't give -' 'Can I speak to your manager?' He nodded. 'I am the manager.' She pursed her lips at him. 'Okay. Good. It makes things easier. Mr. Manager, I insist on being given the Royal Suite and I would not take no for an answer. Do you understand?' He rubbed the back of his neck. 'I understand you.' 'Good. Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it to me. I need it now.' 'Ma’am, it’s not that easy.' 'Why? Aren't you the manager here?' 'I am. But-' 'But what? You don't know how to manage anything?' 'Excuse me?'

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The Best Chauffeur Service: Crossdressing Stories Audiobook

The Best Chauffeur Service: Crossdressing Stories

Author: Hellen Heels Narrator: Katrina Medina Release Date: September 2021

Enjoy this short story by Hellen Heels. He rubbed the back of his neck in disgust. What was he going to do, he wondered. He barely had less than 24 hours to come up with their rent. Dave punched the steering wheel. This was all he needed to enjoy his hot dogs: the pressure to raise money at short notice. He thought of the loan and decided to contact his office to make an application. Before he could dial a number, his phone began to ring again. This time it was his manager. Was this a coincidence? He quickly picked the call. 'Good morning, sir,' he answered quickly. 'Good morning, Dave. What are you doing at the moment?' 'I just dropped off a client, sir.' 'Okay, the family you took to the City Park?' 'Yes, sir.' 'Did they ask you to wait for them?' 'No, sir. They didn't.' 'Good. I have a job for you.' 'Okay. I am all ears, sir.' 'You need to go to the airport.' 'Okay, sir.' 'I would text you the client you are supposed to pick from the Arrival Lounge.' 'Okay.' 'Now, I know that you have picked up clients from the airport before. Or haven't you?' He nodded. 'Yes, of course I have, sir.' 'Good. But I need you to listen carefully.' He sat up. ' Yes, I am still with you, sir.' 'This is a very important client. Dave. When I say very important, I mean it. In fact, I would not mind coming to the airport to pick her up myself. But because of the distance from our office to the airport I wouldn't make it before she arrives.' 'The client is a woman, sir?' 'Not just any woman, Dave. She is a very sophisticated and wealthy woman.'

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