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Audiobooks Narrated by Alexander Cendese

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. The Final Twist Audiobook The Final Twist
  2. The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War Audiobook The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War
  3. Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking Audiobook Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking
  4. Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself from the Cult of Overwork Audiobook Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself from the Cult of Overwork
  5. Left You Dead Audiobook Left You Dead
  6. Protector: The epic new adventure through the battlefields of ancient Greece Audiobook Protector: The epic new adventure through the battlefields of ancient Greece
  7. Because of You: The instant Sunday Times bestseller 2020 Audiobook Because of You: The instant Sunday Times bestseller 2020
  8. The Wife Who Got a Life Audiobook The Wife Who Got a Life
  9. Covet Audiobook Covet
  10. The Power of Geography: Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World Audiobook The Power of Geography: Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World
The Girl With Stars in Her Eyes Audiobook

The Girl With Stars in Her Eyes

Author: Xio Axelrod Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Tamika Simone Release Date: May 2021

Her name's Antonia Toni Bennette (yeah, she's heard all the jokes before) and she's not a rock star. Neither are the Lillys-not yet. But the difference between being famous and being almost famous can be a single wrong note... or the start of something that'll change your life forever.Growing up in dive bars up and down the East Coast, Toni Bennette's guitar was her only companion... until she met Sebastian Quick. Seb was a little older, a lot wiser, and before long he was Toni's way out, promising they'd escape their stifling small town together. Then Seb turned eighteen and split without looking back.Now, Toni's all grown up and making a name for herself in Philadelphia's indie scene. When a friend suggests she try out for a hot new up-and-coming band, Toni decides to take a chance. Strong, feminist, and fierce as fire, Toni B. and the Lillys are the perfect match... except Seb's now moonlighting as their manager. Whatever. Toni can handle it. No problem. Or it wouldn't be if Seb didn't still hold a piece of her heart... not to mention the key to her future.

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A Crown of Shadows and Secrets Audiobook

A Crown of Shadows and Secrets

Author: Sloane Murphy Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Sarah Puckett Release Date: May 2021

One thing I've learned since I became a hunter . . . Anyone can betray you. It's exactly why I find myself traveling to a place I never thought I'd go. The Shadow Realm. Demons hide in every shadow and around every corner. But here in the darkness I discover even more surprises. Things I never thought possible. With a Queen to hunt, and a witch to find, what could possibly go wrong? Contains mature themes.

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Wedding in the Pines: A perfect feel-good romance from Hallmark Publishing Audiobook

Wedding in the Pines: A perfect feel-good romance from Hallmark Publishing

Author: Cassidy Carter, Hallmark Publishing Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Melie Williams Release Date: May 2021

Life took them in very different directions...but a wedding in the pines brings them together. Slater's job has never been busier at Cabins in the Pines, the recently expanded resort. On top of everything else, he's the best man for his boss's upcoming wedding, and he's trying to make sure everything goes perfectly. But there was one detail he didn't plan on: the arrival of his ex-girlfriend, Hope.Years ago, when Hope dated Slater, she dreamed of a musical career. Now, she's working at her father's financial firm, and he expects her to take over someday. Hope's determined to make their conference at Cabins in the Pines a success...while ignoring her misgivings about her own future.When Slater and Hope meet again, all their memories come rushing back-including the pain of their breakup. Could this unexpected interlude lead to a new beginning?This charming second chance romance includes a free Hallmark original recipe.

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Loving Jesse Audiobook

Loving Jesse

Author: Andrea Smith Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Noelle Bridges Release Date: May 2021

When is love wrong? Jesse Ryan has always been the love of my life, from as far back as I can remember. But time, distance and circumstances beyond my control separated the two of us for many years. Now things have changed. Because you see now I'm a grown woman, and it's time that Jesse sees that for himself. But will he see me as anything other than the child I was when we last saw one another? It's up to me to make sure that he does. Look out Jesse Ryan. September is back. ADULT CONTENT

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Hard Love Audiobook

Hard Love

Author: Sara Ney Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Elizabeth Hart Release Date: March 2021

'HARD TO LOVE.' Hard head. Bad attitude. Terrible boyfriend. That's what my exes have said about me-but I wasn't serious about any of them, so what do I care what rumors they spread? What I need is to be left alone; by the press, by the paparazzi, and by women. Too bad I'm about to be surrounded by them for the weekend. My obnoxious, matchmaking brother is getting married, and he's doing his damndest to find me a wedding date . . . 'HARD TO FIND.' That's what they say about good men-they're hard to find. Not that when I find one, I'll be the type he's looking for; too nice, too ordinary, too boring. My cousin is getting married, and her fiance insists on throwing me at his brother. Cold, uncaring professional football player Tripp Wallace would never look twice at a woman like me. Too bad for both of us, I was wrong . . . Contains mature themes.

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Cohen Audiobook


Author: Bella Jewel Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Cindy Harden Release Date: March 2021

I'm just the girl who lost her family, who disappeared. I'm the girl who seems normal on the outside, confident and strong. But if you thought that you'd be wrong.Nobody knows who I am anymore. Nobody knows why I'm back. All they know is I have information they need-information to end the reign of terror falling over their club.I'm all they have right now, and they trust me.I know one thing for certain: they shouldn't. I'm evil. I'm sadistic. I'm out for my own vengeance. I'll bring the club down. I'll bring everyone down who ever hurt me, starting with him: Cohen.Want to know what the best part is? I'll do it with a smile.

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Single Dad Seeks Juliet Audiobook

Single Dad Seeks Juliet

Author: Max Monroe Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Stephanie Rose Release Date: March 2021

Dear Internet: I (33F) work at a local paper, and two months ago, my editor assigned me a huge project-run the upcoming, highly anticipated Bachelor Anonymous contest. Men from all over Southern California, vying for the coveted bachelor role, submitted their personal ads to my paper. The readers voted, and Single Dad Seeks Juliet won by a landslide. Enter Mr. Bachelor Anonymous (40M), the single dad Romeo seeking his Juliet. Blah, blah, blah, right? Wrong. This guy is the ultimate man in a six-foot-three, chiseled-muscle, freaking Adonis package with aquamarine eyes. He's a former Navy SEAL, successful business owner, motocross-riding, charming, supportive, funny-as-heck single dad, and the more time I spend with him, the more I want to bring this contest thing crumbling to the ground for an entirely different reason. Real talk: I think I'm falling for him. Me, the woman who despises love, might be falling for the completely off-limits Bachelor who I'm ironically assigned to help find love, while five other women think they're the only contestants competing for his heart. So, Internet. Am I scum? Or is all fair in love and war? Contains mature themes.

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Just Friends Audiobook

Just Friends

Author: Saxon James Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Kirt Graves Release Date: March 2021

Roo: Five years ago, I walked away from Sunbury, Oregon, and left my best friend behind. The move was supposed to get my life on track. I even had a list: Life changing epilepsy surgery. Check. See the world. Check. Get over my straight best friend . . . Not exactly. No matter where I go or who I meet, I can't let Tanner go. I'm back to tell him how I feel. To get the closure I need once and for all. Only now I'm here and falling for him all over again, it's getting harder to say the words. Because once I have my closure, I'll be gone. And this time it will be for good. Tanner: When my best friend, Roo, left for Australia, it was the worst day of my life. I thought we'd have each other always. But Roo needed the surgery so I let him go, thinking he'd come straight back. Five years is a long time. Now he's here, all I want is to hold on tight. I need to show him what he means to me. The problem is, I'm not exactly sure what that is. My draw to him has always been confusing and different-everyone in town says so. But I struggle to understand it. All I know is I won't survive him leaving again. And I'll do anything to make him stay. Contains mature themes.

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Half-Blood Academy 4: Magic Unchained Audiobook

Half-Blood Academy 4: Magic Unchained

Author: Meg Xuemei X Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Marnye Young Release Date: February 2021

I abandon all hope that my demigods will come for me. In Hell's Academy, it's either kill or be eaten. Demons turn violence into an art form, and they've marked me as their newest victim. A charismatic archdemon offers me a way out of the pit. His price Spend one night with him and his three dukes. They don't want to conquer my heart, but they have every intention of riding my body. I'm no longer the Marigold my demigods once fell in love with. I've become a nightmarish monster bred in an inferno. Yet when my mates find me, they insist I'm still their beautiful monster. Now and forever. Too bad the truth is dirtier than they could ever imagine. Contains mature themes.

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Beautiful Thief Audiobook

Beautiful Thief

Author: M. N. Forgy Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Anastasia Watley Release Date: February 2021

My name may be Romeo, but I'm far from romantic. My brother betrayed the family, forcing me into the role of underboss beneath the criminal mastermind that is our father. I've never been a merciless criminal, and my father tests my resolve by giving me a stolen woman, knowing the situation disturbs me. What he doesn't know is the disheveled beauty intrigues me. She tried to kill me with my own gun on the first night, pushing my fixation into a dangerous addiction. She's unknowingly teaching me the power I have, and now I'm going to take over my father's empire, and now I'm going to take over my father's empire. It's a cold dark path to the top and I'm finally ready to lead the way. Contains mature themes.

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All Hell Breaks Loose Audiobook

All Hell Breaks Loose

Author: Cate Corvin Narrator: Alexander Cendese, Sarah Puckett Release Date: February 2021

He stole those who meant everything to me. I will hunt him down. I will lead him into the light. Into everlasting fire and torment. With Satan's escape the Circles are in chaos, ravaged by the Dragon's emergence. The Sword of Light was shattered. Lucifer and Vyra are gone. But this isn't the end. Not all of the demons in Dis are happy over the loss of their king. Assassins lurk in the shadows, and they're determined to ensure the Seventh Circle loses both of its princesses. With the help of a long-lost archangel who takes Tascius under his wing and Azazel's dark arts, we'll fend off the traitors and search to the end of the world to find our missing family. And when we do . . . all Hell will break loose. Contains mature themes.

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Fool's Errand Audiobook

Fool's Errand

Author: Jeffrey S. Stephens Narrator: Alexander Cendese Release Date: January 2021

Years after the death of his gangster father, a young man discovers a letter that sends him reluctantly defying the mob as he races to locate a hidden treasure. It's been six years since the untimely death of Blackie-a charming rogue who endlessly pursued 'The Big Deal'-when his son discovers an enigmatic letter telling of a cache of stolen money. Feeling no choice but to pursue his father's dream, he embarks on a search that leads from New York, to the Strip in Las Vegas, and ultimately to the south of France. Along this life-altering journey, he is confronted by the dangers of his father's past as he unravels a decades-old mystery, while revealing other long-buried secrets as well.

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