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  1. It Happened One Summer: A Novel Audiobook It Happened One Summer: A Novel
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me Audiobook The Viscount Who Loved Me
  3. Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life Audiobook Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life
  4. The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World Audiobook The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World
  5. The Dictionary of Lost Words Audiobook The Dictionary of Lost Words
  6. The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close Audiobook The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close
  7. Arsenic and Adobo Audiobook Arsenic and Adobo
  8. The Cabinet Audiobook The Cabinet
  9. The Night Circus Audiobook The Night Circus
  10. Open Mind Audiobook Open Mind
A Very Cerberus Christmas Audiobook

A Very Cerberus Christmas

Author: Marie James Narrator: Aaron Shedlock, Kasha Kensington Release Date: April 2022

As a child, I believed Christmas wishes were supposed to come true. As an adult, I realized making those wishes were pointless. As an original member of the Cerberus MC, I knew hard work and determination is what brought a good outcome so I stopped making wishes. I didn't ask for Lucy or her son Harley, but when having them became a reality I knew I needed to hold on tight. Her past makes her decisions for her, and letting them go will be the hardest thing I'll ever do. Contains mature themes.

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Bonded Fate Audiobook

Bonded Fate

Author: Beck Michaels Narrator: Aaron Shedlock, Melissa Moran Release Date: April 2022

JOINED BY BLOOD. BOUND BY DESTINY. Reeling from Cassiel's confession, Dyna struggles to understand what the Blood Bond means for them both, all the while trying to stay one step ahead of a new found enemy. When reuniting with a familiar sorceress, she realizes the only way to defeat Tarn is to find her Guardians-all of them. Cassiel never meant to tie himself to a human, especially one that inexplicably draws him. But then the bond develops a startling change, and it puts into question everything he thought he knew. Zev straddles the line between human and wolf, unsure if his dark thoughts truly belong to the Madness. It's growing stronger, determined to take over-and he may just let it. The journey to get the answers they each need will test them all. But what Dyna doesn't know is that it comes with a price, and it may cost more than she bargained for.

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Fireproof Audiobook


Author: Delancey Stewart Narrator: Aaron Shedlock, Desiree Ketchum Release Date: March 2022

The newest barista at the Busy Bean is about to steam the place up . . . Former Marine Mason Rye can make a cappuccino with military precision, but he finds it much harder to serve up a smile. It's not that he doesn't like people. But he knows from experience that once you let someone in, it hurts like hell when you lose them. And Mason's lost too many people already. So it's pretty damn inconvenient when his old Marine buddy shows up on Mason's goat farm with his younger sister in tow. Heather's work in Washington D.C. has turned dangerous, and she needs a safe place out of town. Mason doesn't need a new roommate, especially not a pretty, single one who insists on rearranging his spice rack and giving his chickens cute names. Although there's no denying the haunted look in her blue eyes. Every time her fear shows its face, he wants to reach for her. The problem is that she wants him, too. And when Mason breaks all his rules, they practically burn down his bed together. But her life is in D.C. And the threat against her is over. Unfortunately, neither of their hearts is fireproof . . . Contains mature themes.

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Dirty Deal Audiobook

Dirty Deal

Author: Mira Lyn Kelly Narrator: Aaron Shedlock, Savannah Peachwood Release Date: February 2022

There I was, working to get a rise out of my cranky little rule-following, fun-wrecking, soon-to-be ex-neighbor when my one-night stand from last season shows up... in labor. Next thing I know, I'm a single-dad begging for a crash course in caring for this tiny miracle from the neighbor who loves to hate me. It turns out Nora raised half her siblings. She knows things. And I know my son needs her. Unfortunately, she's not impressed by my NHL career, my legendary charm, or the rumors surrounding the size of my stick (all true btw). But I'm not trying to impress her-not anymore-I can't. I'm asking her to help me out. My son deserves better than some player who hasn't even had a chance to read the manual yet. And that means-no matter how hot I find her spitfire mouth and those rules she doesn't break-that Nora is off-limits.

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Fortunate Son Audiobook

Fortunate Son

Author: Jay Crownover Narrator: Aaron Shedlock, Kasha Kensington Release Date: January 2022

Ry Archer and Bowe Keller are as different as night and day. That doesn't mean they don't share similar struggles. At the moment, both are realizing the reality of getting closer to reaching their dreams is not living up to all the hype. The childhood cohorts always seem to connect when one of them needs help. They might constantly rub each other the wrong way (except for when they rubbed each other really-really right), but there is no denying they've always made one hell of a team. For Ry, he thought he had the perfect girl. He was going to marry young and have the same kind of legendary, lifelong romance his parents did . . . or so he believed. His girl was going to stand by his side as he chased his dream of being a professional football player in the NFL. He was wrong. Bowe's about to figure out that maybe she wasn't meant to be in a rock and roll band and that it is entirely possible she let her father's dream and road to success cloud her own idea of what making music should be. Bowe needs to find her own way to fame, and there's a good chance she wouldn't be brave enough or bold enough to start over if Ry Archer hadn't pushed his way back into her life when she least expected it.

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Cerberus MC Box Set 4 Audiobook

Cerberus MC Box Set 4

Author: Marie James Narrator: Aaron Shedlock, Kasha Kensington Release Date: December 2021

Cannon: The first female Cerberus team member wasn't impressed with my corny pickup lines and wide smile like the other women I use it on. I should move on, but her rejection stings. I also can't figure out if it's the chase I crave, or if this woman is someone special I've been missing in my life. Rocker: Life can change in the blink of an eye. But I never imagined the biggest life-altering situation of my life would show up at our door bruised and bloodied, confessing her role in a man's death. It's a lot to wrap my head around. Unfortunately, it's not even half of the story . . . Colton: Detective Colton Matthews has experienced a lot in the last ten years. How hard would it be to allow, Sophia, Dominic Anderson's daughter, to shadow him for a few months to complete a college credit and keep things professional? The short answer . . . Impossible. Especially when his job puts her in danger. Drew: Falling for a girl I just met was never in my plans. Then I found her again. She was broken . . . unseeing eyes no longer filled with life. My life was ruined, and all I had to fall back on was the Cerberus MC. Contains mature themes.

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Room for Three: A Reverse Harem Romance Audiobook

Room for Three: A Reverse Harem Romance

Author: Ivy Fox Narrator: Aaron Shedlock, Stephanie Rose Release Date: December 2021

'Don't hate the player, luv. Hate the game.' College. It was supposed to be my new start. I made a promise to my father I would be a good girl from now on-focus solely on the game and play nice for once. Aside from him, basketball is my only love, therefore sacrifices must be made all in the name of the game. So, no more fights. No more trash talk. No more getting my ass into trouble. I was all set to become this new and improved Spencer Clarke-someone who would be able to open the NBA doors I've always dreamt about and coach my own team one day. The only thing standing in my way are the three hot AF basketball players that I have to share an apartment with. Apparently, they didn't get the memo that I wanted to turn a new leaf. Not an easy thing to do when they insist on playing dirty. Such a shame they have no idea who they are dealing with. But they are about to find out. Contains mature themes.

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Embracing Today Audiobook

Embracing Today

Author: Kahlen Aymes Narrator: Aaron Shedlock, Melissa Moran Release Date: December 2021

Some might call Bennett Brady a hero, but he was only doing his job. Fighting fires and rescuing people was dangerous, but that's what he did. He never failed to save the day, until the day he failed Marin Landry. Her boyfriend died in a fire Ben was called to, and he was unable to save him. Marin was lucky to be alive, but the loss left her broken, and something deep inside Ben yearned to save her. He wanted to take her pain away, to know her, to get closer; but she was too damaged. From the moment he laid eyes on the injured young woman in the back of that ambulance, his fate was sealed. Her soul called out to his; her tear-filled eyes and the ache in her voice said she needed him, and he was moved to the core. This would not be a casual fling and that was the last thing Ben wanted it to be. As he peeled back the layers and discovered the ugly truth, he wondered why Marin couldn't seem to leave her past behind and embrace the new and better life he so desperately wanted to give her. A terrible tragedy may have thrown them together, but Ben is unable to walk away from Marin. Whatever it takes, he won't rest until convinces her she belongs in his arms. Forever. Contains mature themes.

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Hunted Audiobook


Author: Grace Goodwin Narrator: Aaron Shedlock, Lia Langola Release Date: December 2021

Trapped. Tortured. Only she can save him from the Hive. Vice Admiral Niobe has resisted the temptation of the Interstellar Brides Program for years, certain there is no male in the universe willing to sacrifice his vision of a perfect life to be with her. Shocked to be matched to her father's home world of Everis, she transports, expecting to find an eager mate waiting for her. Instead, she arrives within a secret Hive integration center to find him resisting a merciless enemy. Elite Hunter Quinn might have been captured by the Hive, but he'll sacrifice anything to save the mate he never expected ... never imagined would appear like an angel in the middle of hell. A warrior in her own right, Niobe's too stubborn to leave him behind. And even if they escape the Hive, their personal scars run deep. Battle and bloodshed are easy. But healing a wounded warrior's heart? That may prove impossible.

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Beautifully Broken Redemption Audiobook

Beautifully Broken Redemption

Author: Catherine Cowles Narrator: Aaron Shedlock, Maxine Mitchell Release Date: November 2021

She's hiding secrets. For Anna, keeping her deepest scars hidden from the world has always been a necessity-from the bruises of her childhood to the mistake that nearly cost her everything. To keep herself safe, she must keep everyone around her at a distance-especially the man who has tempted her since the moment they met. His demons are taunting him. Mason has done his best to bury the past by achieving more than he ever thought possible. But even with all of his success, his life feels empty. When tragedy strikes, Anna is left fighting to protect the only family she has left. And Mason will do anything to keep her and her loved ones safe-even if that means the ring of wedding bells. But as a new spark ignites between them, someone is watching. And they'll do whatever it takes to snuff out that light for good.

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Not So Sincerely, Yours Audiobook

Not So Sincerely, Yours

Author: A.M. Johnson Narrator: Aaron Shedlock, Kirt Graves Release Date: October 2021

Ethan, About last night . . . I could blame the bourbon. I could say I let things get out of hand, that I should have never called you, but I'm done lying to myself-to you. I know what you're going to say. You're not very good at keeping your opinions to yourself, but this can't happen. It's inappropriate, at best. I'm your boss. Not to mention, you're clearly still hung up on him. I'm not a consolation prize. Anders~ Anders, You didn't think it was inappropriate when you had your tongue down my throat, but I digress. As for your accusation, I'm not the only one stuck in the past, but at least I'm not running from it. I can't believe I'm about to say this . . . Maybe you're right. You shouldn't have called me. Especially if you never intended to own it. Own that you wanted it to happen. Admit that you wanted me. Not so sincerely, Yours Contains mature themes.

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Spellbound in a Kilt Audiobook

Spellbound in a Kilt

Author: Anna Durand Narrator: Aaron Shedlock, Marian Hussey, Shane East Release Date: October 2021

She holds the power to enchant him, but he only wants to debunk it. When a lass's college sweetheart calls her insane and promptly dumps her, she has a right to expect never to see him again. But Luke Turner has returned—by crashing my cousin's wedding reception, no less. Has he come to win me back? No. The scunner wants to 'study' me so he can determine how to disabuse me of my Wiccan beliefs. Maybe Luke is the only man who ever made me wish I were 'normal,' but I don't feel that way anymore. Kirsty MacTaggart was my first love—until she announced she's a witch. The girl must be insane to believe she has 'witchy powers.' Twelve years after we broke up, I find myself face to face with the only woman I've ever loved. But the experiment I'm about to conduct isn't quite what I've told Kirsty it is. Will she ever forgive me when she finds out my ulterior motive? Fall under the spell of the tenth book in the bestselling Hot Scots series of contemporary romances!

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