Em & Me

Hardback edition released 03/02/2022

by Beth Morrey

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LoveReading Expert Review of Em & Me

Gorgeous in every possible way! This eloquent heart-warming novel about second chances is a firm favourite here at LoveReading.

Beautifully glorious, this book danced into my heart and soul and I want to dangle from the rooftops to shout about it. Since Em was born Delphine has spent her time as a single mum protecting her daughter and a secret, as she begins to taste the joy of life, her past starts to unravel. This compassionate, generous, and heart-warming novel about being brave and second chances deserves to be a huge hit. I adored Beth Morrey’s debut, the LoveReading Star Book, Saving Missy, and Beth’s unique touch is just as evident in Em & Me. She has the ability to take your thoughts into unexplored places yet plant the story in vibrantly authentic circumstances. She also develops the most charmingly relatable characters, they become known, cared for, a part of you. The plot weaves and flows through good and dark times with eloquence and empathy. I stepped into this book with trust, and came out with my heart full of warmth and emotion. Yes, I know I’m being rather gushy, but I seriously love this book! A LoveReading Star Book and Liz Pick of the Month, the wonderful Em & Me is delightfully rewarding novel I’ll be recommending far and wide.

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Em & Me Synopsis

A mother.

A daughter.

A secret waiting to be discovered.

For too long - since the sudden death of her mother as a teenager, since the birth of her daughter, Em, when she was just seventeen - Delphine has been unable to let go of the past, obsessed with protecting Em and clinging to a secret that could ruin everything. She's been living life in safe shades of grey.

The day that Delphine finally stands up for herself is the day that changes everything.

Delphine begins to remember what it's like to want more: rediscovering her singing voice, opening herself to friendship, and reviving not only her mother's roots, but her mother's memories. As her life begins to fill with colour, can she be brave for herself and for Em? And what would happen if she finally told the truth?

A big-hearted, hopeful novel about finding second chances - and taking them.

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Beth Morrey Press Reviews

'Glorious! An uplifting celebration of mothers, daughters and female friendship - it left me feeling better about the world. I loved it, such a joy' Clare Pooley, author of The Authenticity Project

'A beautiful, uplifting and deeply moving story of found family and second chances, which I devoured in one sitting. I fell hard for Delphine and Em, and I know that readers will too!' Freya Sampson, author of The Last Library

'An adorable novel about hope, second chances and the things that shape us ... It's full of wit, warmth and wisdom' Katy Regan, author of Little Big Love

'An absolute gem! Beautiful story of second chances, everyday people and love in all its forms' Jessica Ryn, author of The Imperfect Art of Caring

'A gorgeous, heartfelt story of love, grief and second chances filled with poignant warmth and a cast of irresistible characters' Annie Lyons, author of Eudora Honeysett is Quite Well, Thank You

Praise for Beth Morrey:

'Bittersweet, tender, thoughtful and uplifting. Reminds you that everyone deserves a second chance. I loved it' Nina Stibbe, Reasons to be Cheerful

'A touching, deftly written debut that celebrates community and kindness' Sunday Times

'A thought-provoking, uplifting read that is far from predictable' The Independent

'Tender, funny and thoughtful... wholeheartedly celebrates second chances and the power of friendship' Daily Express

'Moving and optimistic... will delight readers right up to the very last page' Stylist

'A beautiful story about love, loss, guilt and the power of friendship' Jill Mansell, Maybe This Time

'The most beautiful and moving book I've read in a long time' Emma Flint, Little Deaths

'A story of friendship and having a second chance at life - one to savour' Woman & Home

'A generous-hearted story showing the transformative power of friendship and community... fabulously enjoyable' Sarah Haywood, The Cactus

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Publication date: 03/02/2022
Format: Hardback

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Beth Morrey is an ex-TV producer who was behind shows you watched and loved, like The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds; shows you might not have watched but would enjoy, like 100 Year Old Drivers; and shows that you haven’t watched and maybe shouldn’t, like Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents.  Since her early twenties, Beth has been trying to write a book. Her first attempt was a spin-off from Mary Poppins called ‘Sister Suffragette’, which was all about Winifred Banks’ adventures when she wasn’t at home singing. It’s ...

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