First, We Make the Beast Beautiful

by Sarah Wilson

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First, We Make the Beast Beautiful Synopsis

If you have anxiety, this book is for you.

If you love someone who is anxious, this book is for you.

I Quit Sugar founder and New York Times bestselling author Sarah Wilson has lived through high anxiety - including bipolar, OCD and several suicide attempts - her whole life. Perhaps like you, she grew tired of seeing anxiety as a disease that must be medicated into submission. Could anxiety be re-sewn, she asked, into a thing of beauty?

So began a seven-year journey to find a more meaningful and helpful take on anxiety. Living out of two suitcases, Sarah travelled the world, meeting with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, with Oprah's life coach, with major mental health organizations and hundreds of others in a quest to unravel the knotted ball of wool that is the anxious condition. She emerged with the very best philosophy, science and hacks for thriving with the beast.

First, We Make the Beast Beautiful is a book with a big heart, paving the way for richer, kinder and wiser conversations about anxiety.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780552175029
Publication date: 16th May 2019
Author: Sarah Wilson
Publisher: Corgi Books an imprint of Transworld Publishers Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 320 pages
Primary Genre Self-Help, Personal Development and Practical Advice
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Sarah Wilson Press Reviews

Full of great, solidly researched, personal and genuinely useful tips for the anxious mind ...I loved this book. - Matt Haig

Probably the best book on living with anxiety that I've ever read, and I have (unfortunately) read many. Sarah is full of expert advice while remaining grounded and incredibly human. Her vulnerability is her strength. And after reading, it will hopefully be yours too. - Mark Manson, bestselling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Moving, sensitive and inspiring... this is comfort and serenity in book form. - Stylist

A witty, well-researched and often insightful book about negotiating a new relationship with anxiety. - Andrew Solomon, Professor of Clinical Psychology and author of The Noonday Demon: An Anatomy of Depression

Eloquenty written ... I love the concept of making the thing we fear most into something beautiful. - Andrea McLean

An insightful memoir. - Hello!

This book is just absolutely wonderful. I've loved Sarah Wilson for a very long time but this has blown me away. I return to this book over and over again. A really special gem. - Cherry Healey

Sarah is a brilliant and agile writer, who takes aim at under-exposed afflictions, helps us to understand them and shows us a path towards a solution. First with sugar addiction and now with anxiety, she curates the latest research and takes readers on a journey that will change the way we think about the disease and the people who suffer from it. - Dan Buettner, New York Times bestselling author of The Blue Zones

A tremendously entertaining, wise and effective book on how to walk through anxiety and reclaim life. Sarah's battle and triumph over anxiety inspires and gives solutions that work. First, We Make the Beast Beautiful resides at the intersection of science and lived-experience. I know of nothing in the same league. - Xavier Amador, PhD, psychologist and founder of the LEAP Institute

Sarah's life mission is to help us all feel less lonely in our pain. These pages are filled with authenticity and clear direction for how to return to our spiritual truth. - Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author of May Cause Miracles

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ISBN: 9780552175029
Publication date: 16/05/2019
Format: Paperback

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About Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is an Australian media personality, journalist, health coach and blogger. She's the former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and was the host of the first series of MasterChef Australia, the highest-rating show in Australian TV history, as well as the health makeover show Eat Yourself Sexy. I Quit Sugar is the bestselling Australian non-fiction title of 2013, selling over 100,000 copies and kick-starting a lifestyle revolution Down Under.

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First, We Make the Beast Beautiful
First, We Make the Beast Beautiful
First, We Make the Beast Beautiful
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