Toy Soldiers

by Amy Tollyfield

Poetry Erotic Fiction

LoveReading Expert Review of Toy Soldiers

There’s a wide variety of themes focused on in this collection and any poetry fan is bound to find a new piece to suit their mood.

‘Toy Soldiers’ is a short collection of 28 poems by Amy Tollyfield. There’s a wide variety of themes focused on in this collection and any poetry fan is bound to find a new piece to suit their mood. 

I enjoyed how each poem flowed, had its own pace but there is a notable lyricism in the author’s writing that I found stayed consistently throughout. Throughout the collection I found that Tollyfield was able to craft poems that were immediately immersive and evocative. Each one left me pausing for a moment, contemplating the scene that had just been brought to life, before moving on to the next. 

My favourite poem in the collection is ‘Gentle Rain’, there’s a cosiness and a comfort to it that sat very well with me, although I also found ‘Boudicca’ to have some powerful imagery too. I think that this is a great collection for fans of poetry. One that entices you back. I read this cover to cover then when skipping back to ponder over my favourites.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

Toy Soldiers Synopsis

I remember the details because I loved you. But it was not the storybook kind of love that you were hoping for. No hand-holding or kisses in the dark; Just missed calls and wanting to know where you were.' In Toy Soldiers, Amy Tollyfield presents a compelling collection of poetry covering a broad spectrum of emotions and feelings. Prepare to be captivated by themes such as disappointment and desire; friendship and female empowerment; hope and home; love and loss; mystery and memories, and patience and passion. Toy Soldiers is a profoundly moving and memorable journey through the rich tapestry of life and will not fail to evoke deep contemplation in anyone who reads this amazing anthology. Amy's writing is powerful, poignant and completely unforgettable.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781788307949
Publication date: 26th November 2020
Author: Amy Tollyfield
Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 41 pages
Primary Genre Poetry
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Toy Soldiers Reader Reviews

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Although quite short, they conveyed such meaning in just a few words.

An interesting and thought provoking collection of small verses.

Although quite short, they conveyed such meaning  in just a few words.

The title poem “Toy Soldiers” was so poignant,  I just loved it.

Maureen Gourlay

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ISBN: 9781788307949
Publication date: 26/11/2020
Format: Paperback

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