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Travels With Hafa
Author Nathan Pettijohn has just broken up with his girlfriend.  He rents an RV and takes to the road with his dog, Hafa, to explore the Pacific Northwest for the month of October.  He describes the people he meets and the places he stays beautifully.  He also shares his views on many aspects of life in America, up to and including their reaction to the current pandemic and the tragic murder of George Floyd. As a fellow motorhomer (as we call RVs in the UK) I read this book with great interest.  It is wonderfully written ... View Full Review
The Tale Of Miss Berta London
The Tale of Miss Berta London is one of reinvention and introspection. Following the powerful fashion editor as she experiences knockbacks and must work as a nanny, a position outside her comfort zone but one that allows her to reflect on the important things in life. I found the premise for this book to be quite traditional; the story of the rich person, through a degree of adversity, re-educated to become of benefit to society (A Christmas Carol anyone?) is a classic storyline that can be reinvented to suit a wide variety of situations and time periods. As I started ... View Full Review
Reckless Discernment
Reckless Discernment is a sleuth mystery with lots of twists along the way. Starting out a little in the middle of things we are introduced quickly to both Andrew and Elizabeth as well as the case of a bar patron’s girlfriend who seems to have disappeared suddenly and without a trace. The initial twist is detailed in the synopsis of this book, but there are more complications and revelations to come for Andrew and Elizabeth as they are dragged back into their investigations. I did find that this started rather suddenly and I had to clamber to get ... View Full Review
Legally High - A breathing space for miracles
Legally High is a combination of self help and memoir, detailing the author’s experiences of incarceration and solitary confinement in Holloway prison facing a life sentence in Broadmoor hospital for the criminally insane. Alongside this rather eventful background, Nikki also shares a range of mindfulness techniques that she uses and claims could transform how you feel in 10 minutes. This book begins by focusing on the author's personal experiences of being charged with arson, endangering life and intent to kill, the pronouncement of the psychologists that she was too far gone and should be sent to Broadmoor, her time ... View Full Review
A Cobra's Bite Doesn't Hurt
A Cobra's Bite Doesn't Hurt by Anil Nijhawan is as potent and daring as the title suggests, but in a way that felt endearing and fondly reminiscent. Kalu "Cobra" is an impoverished orphan boy who grew up in a mice and cockroach ridden orphanage, called Durga Bhabi Bal Kalyan in Haridwar, India. He often spends his days staring out the window of his hidden alcove, dreaming of escape. Then one day, his fortunes seemingly change when he is forced to work for some gangsters as a pickpocket, out in the big city of Bangalore. His retrospective tale, recorded on an ... View Full Review
BEYOND: The Frozen Future
In 'BEYOND: The Frozen Future' Ema Cory offers us a terrifying version of the future for our planet. Her short science fiction/horror story builds on trends already evident in society today and progresses them in a frightening but thought-provoking way. The writing is crisp and concise, the characterisations clever and original and the use of Biblical sounding titles to the chapters reinforces the apocalyptic feel of the storyline. The year is 2279. After WWIII devastates the world's population, China and North Korea are put on an enforced zero-child regime and the world's essentials- food, water, waste, housing and transport- are ... View Full Review
Better Than Our Dogs
Chloe is a brindle boxer. Socrates, the Devil Dog, is a pekingese, as is Darby who qualified for the title "great dog". Together with Young Pup and Old Vet the author uses these four-legged friends to explore and illustrate the New Testament book of James in an insightful and memorable way. I for one will never look at soft-serve chocolate ice-cream in the same way post Socrates It is a simple but not simplistic read, which engages and educates but doesn't preach! I would recommend this book even if like me you weren't looking for a bible study but are ... View Full Review
Missing A Beat... And Other Stories
Missing a Beat and Other Stories is a varied collection of short stories. There are 11 different short stories, spanning a variety of genres although contain a similar thread. Each of the main characters seemed a little bit broken in their own way, with additional obstacles and challenges to face.  I like the variety within this different collection of short stories, this is a book that you could return to, dipping in and out to find a story to suit your mood. Each short story is well-developed and the characters within them are nuanced and well written. Each story draws ... View Full Review
Obscene Genes
'Obscene Genes: The Ride of a Lifetime' is Steve O'Grady's third book of entertaining scientific theories. As a graduate in bio-science, the study of which he undertook as a mature student after a variety of jobs, the author uses his life experiences and great sense of humour to try to explain what it is that makes us tick.  His conclusion is that our genes are the things that drive everything we do throughout our lives. They alone are responsible for our behaviour, whether that be deemed good (such as caring for babies, appreciating grandmas and being loyal friends), bad (... View Full Review
When a volunteer doctor stumbles across inconsistencies in HIV treatment, his life and those of his friends is put in danger. But will he be able to get to the bottom of what’s happening? Pharmacrime is a tense medical thriller that follows the story of Lenny as he discovers that the efficacy of HIV treatment is dependent on where the patients register to receive it. There are some gritty and graphic parts throughout although I was intrigued to find out whether Lenny would be able to stay safe long enough to bring the truth to light. Kenya’... View Full Review
Poison in the Pills
In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, who would want to read a book about a horrendous disease sweeping through the country? In the light of the mistakes and cover-ups surrounding the Coronavirus, who would want to read a medical conspiracy thriller full of lies and deceptions? I hope that the answer is a lot of people because, otherwise, a lot of people are going to miss out on one of the most exciting and gripping debut novels around...'Poison in the Pills' by August Raine. Jack Bright is a researcher for pharmaceutical company Rathbury-Holmes in Manchester, working on finding ... View Full Review
The Ancestor
The Ancestor starts off in the middle of the action, I was immediately curious as I was led deeper into the story of Wyatt, his past and how he ended up in the circumstances at the start of the book. As I read I realised that this book has a sci-fi twist that intrigued me further. This book covers two distinct time periods and I like the way that the author uses memory and Wyatt’s diary to flip between the two.  There are a lot of twists and turns in the book, and the plot never quite ... View Full Review