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Trump You: Promises, Lies and Corruption: My Battle With Donald Trump's Fake University
Told by the lead plaintiff of the case and supported by public record and media coverage ‘Trump You: Promises, Lies and Corruption: My Battle With Donald Trump's Fake University’ by Art Cohen is a deep dive into the lawsuits against Donald Trump for his now Infamous Trump University.  Starting with the author’s reasons for wanting to join Trump U and taking the reader through the legal process and up to the end of Trump’s term in office in 2020, this book explores Trump and his team’s response to the lawsuit and actions ... View Full Review
Crash starts off as the perfect thriller novel. We follow a character called Alex Taylor who has woken up in a hospital after a near fatal car crash but he has no memory of the event. With such an exciting premise, it really hooks and pulls you into a world of unknowns that promises suspenseful mystery. But as the plot progresses it simmers down into being humdrum realist fiction that looks at the everyday, banal workings of village life. The affair that becomes the main focus of the story later on felt too rigid and elements of the writing such ... View Full Review
A personal account of the learning, healing and working your way to a more meaningful life, ‘Soulwork’ by Elizabeth Radcliffe contemplates how personal development, whether that’s connected to a faith or religion or not, can help you to get the most out of life. The book is well-written and broken up into clear and easy to digest sections with exercises and other tools that offer real-world applications to help with your learning. As it mentions in the synopsis, this book allows those who prefer to focus more on the scientific or rational and those who have ... View Full Review
Entrenched: A Memoir of Holding on and Letting GO
‘Entrenched: A Memoir of Holding on and Letting GO’ by Linda Lee Blakemore is a memoir detailing the interesting relationship and life choices taken by one woman through her life. An honest and open memoir that deals with childhood trauma, affairs, multiple separations, divorce and loss. This is a narrative that follows a toxic relationship that breaks down and comes back together numerous times before ending for good. This story may be of interest to those who have been in or a part of a destructive relationship. Although, as someone who hasn’t, I did find myself ... View Full Review
The Everyday Life Project
If you want a handy book of positivity and advice on leading a happier life ‘The Everyday Life Project’ by Marc Tuitt may be for you. A compiled list of ‘words of wisdom’ that applies to a variety of different situations and with anecdotal evidence to show how this piece of advice is a small step that can lead to positive life changes. Conversational and light in tone, I would say this book is widely accessible. ‘The Everyday Life Project’ gives common sense reminders about relationships, work and taking care of yourself that, like ... View Full Review
Iceapelago 2091
30 years after the dramatic climate events of ‘Iceapelago’ Peter Brennan’s sequel ‘Iceapelago 2091’ shows us how those who survived have managed to cope with the devastation and loss caused by the collapse of the gulf stream and the arrival of tsunamis, referenced as the Eriador event. Having read and enjoyed the first book in this series, I was curious to see where the story went next. There’s lots of explanation throughout, so those who haven’t read the first book won’t be too lost although to fully understand how Ireland ... View Full Review
Miles & Miles - Travels Through a Fragrant Europe
A travelogue is always a joy, particularly these days, as it transports us to somewhere new and different. This is an ideal holiday book, packed with a lovely mixture of culture, architecture, and food. It is a sort of gentle Paul Theroux without the biting humour, and Peter Mayle, without the distinctive structure of the seasons. Miles's descriptions of the places he visits are packed with detail and he is every bit as graphic writing about architecture or scenery as he about the restaurants, homes and cafes he samples. His descriptions of the food he tastes in the restaurants, local ... View Full Review
Wilde Type
A whirlwind, transportative romance, ‘Wilde Type’ by HK Jacobs is a book to curl up and enjoy when you’re looking for unadulterated feel-good and romance. Dr. Alexandra Wilde has lived life with lots of walls up, driven and dedicated to her profession. But a chance encounter with Ian Devall, a rich playboy heir of a billionaire mining company may be enough to send Alex’s perfectly controlled life off kilter. This is a lovely relationship story, with obstacles and vulnerabilities that need to be overcome by the characters but with a cozy and reassuring feel ... View Full Review
100 Ways in 100 Days to Teach Your Baby Maths Support All Areas of Your Baby's Development by Nurtur
A practical and easy to navigate resource to help provide your baby with the foundations of a bright mathematical future. ‘100 Ways in 100 Days to Teach Your Baby Maths’ by Emma Smith does exactly what it says on the tin. Broken down into 100 Days the author takes us through why a positive early experience and introduction to maths is important as well as a variety of activities that can help to boost a child’s mathematical development even before they can talk. As I learned in this book, babies are born with an innate number sense and the ... View Full Review
What a debut supernatural thriller! The main character is Detective John Dark, still trying to find his missing daughter after two years of looking while at the same time trying to repair his credibility as a detective. As such, a completely relatable character. Murders are committed, bodies staged, with the husbands all looking to be the obvious culprit. John Dark thinks differently, bringing him into conflict both with his boss and police partner. Supernatural elements appear as the book progresses. Confident and assured writing, all the more exciting considering this is a debut novel.  Helen Lowry, A LoveReading Ambassador View Full Review
Black Table
Two modern Sci-fi enthusiasts are whisked away on an adventure to other worlds. ‘Black Table’ by Anttimatti Pennanen introduces us to Jon and Gus, friends since school with a love of all things sci-fi. When a trip to Portland Comic-con to see their hero speak ends dramatically, their convention getaway becomes a road trip that transports them further than expected. This is a great story for readers of Young Adult fiction and beyond that are fans of sci-fi and adventure. Although you learn a lot about Jon and his past in the military, I would have liked to ... View Full Review