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2102: Pretense, the Play
A poet is transported into the future to record strange trials in the Theatre of Pretense in Onglander. I read ‘Presence, the Play’, a previous work by William E. Jefferson a few years ago. Despite the very similar name ‘2102: Pretense, the Play’ doesn’t immediately strike me as connected to his previous work and I would say that it could be read as a standalone. Written in a mixture of play and prose styles we see poet and resident of Poet’s Lodge, the aptly named Quillingsworth encounter a unique trio, Margin, Shadow and ... View Full Review
Gods Behaving Badly: Mischievous Mythological Deities
Travel around the world and discover the escapades of 40 misbehaving deities. Looking at African, Asian, Celtic, Classical, Egyptian, Mesoamerican and North American, Norse, Polynesian and Australian folklore, ‘‘Gods Behaving Badly: Mischievous Mythological Deities’ by John McKie introduces us to 40 gods and goddesses that got up to no good. From Zeus’ many trysts, to Loki’s schemes whether you’re familiar with mythology or not, this offers an accessible introduction into some of these deities and their escapades. I am quite familiar with Norse and Classical mythology so I was interested in reading this book ... View Full Review
The Missing Puzzle Piece (A Dying Truth Exposed, Book Four)
Annabelle’s family history continues as her family copes with loss and grief. ‘The Missing Puzzle Piece’ is the fourth book in the A Dying Truth Exposed series. Having read the series from the beginning it was compelling to see how the Lightning-Strongman family dealt with this latest trial. For those that haven’t read the previous books in the stories, go back and start with ‘Bloodlines’ as this one most definitely relies on your knowledge of the previous books. Following Annabelle and John’s story as they search for their missing son ... View Full Review
Father-Time Continuum
'Father-Time Continuum' by Tósìn Akọmoláfẹ embarks on an exciting journey from Lagos, Nigeria, to London, UK. The book is elegantly told through Akándé’s eyes as the chapters take us through his experiences from childhood, adolescence and finally adulthood. In the initial chapters, we encounter a young and curious Akándé in Nigeria, setting the stage for a comprehensive tale of his journey into fatherhood as an adult in the UK. Throughout the story, Akándé grapples with intense emotions, ranging from happiness to sadness, ... View Full Review
Where Two Worlds Touch
Available on Amazon Available from Waterstones River Faire returns to England from America to help his ex-partner recover from a serious illness. Stepping back into his old life offers a second chance at connection, one that with some benefits from hindsight allows the couple to take steps towards a brighter future this time around. In the acknowledgements River mentioned this memoir is six years in the making and I think that the time spent finessing the narrative has paid off. Everything is described with an artist’s keen eye for detail, whether it’s an experience of nature ... View Full Review
Into the Marrow
Pirates buried treasure and brutal murder await in this small town crime thriller. The second book in the Leroy Cutter series sees a former detective, former P.I. Leroy Cutter leaves Detroit behind to reconnect with an old Navy friend in Key West. Arriving after receiving a coded message for support and a lot of history to work through, Leroy doesn’t expect to find himself as the prime suspect in the investigation of a brutal murder. With suspicions and victims on the rise and not quite being able to help himself, Leroy uses his own skills to try ... View Full Review
Death's Delay
Emotionally raw, highly descriptive, very graphic and gory - the reader will experience disgust, empathy and mental images. The constant references in the book to darkness truly reflect this story's content but, at the same time, the reader will be in the clutches of malevolence and will be compelled to read on to find out how it all ends. The graphically described nightmares of the main character, Raven, serve as a warning to the reader that this book is likely to give you nightmares. Brilliant chapter titles and two unforeseen endings make this a story that will be remembered. Jill ... View Full Review
The Price of Thorns
Available from The Book Badgers A thief looking to reclaim his reputation finds himself embroiled in a magical quest for power and revenge. Nivvy, a thief cast out of the Thieves Guild and fallen upon hard times is hired to help the mysterious and impossibly ancient Bella retrieve her crown and kingdom. However, the quest is far from smooth sailing and what Nivvy uncovers could put himself and his new friends in danger. This is an entertaining epic fantasy story following a thief looking for redemption and personal acclaim who stumbles across a larger cause worth fighting for. The world ... View Full Review
The Brexit House
Political ideologies, personal lives and family rifts crash together on the far from calm waters of this seaside trip. In ‘The Brexit House’ by Julia Winter, we cast our minds all the way back to 2019. I say this partly tongue-in-cheek, but it does feel to me like so much has happened since the divisiveness of the Brexit referendum and its aftermath it kind of felt like another world to take that half step back in time. In a family holiday home on the cliffs of Dover we witness liberal Cecily, her wealthy sister Victoria, her caught in the ... View Full Review
Fire Child
An intense and provocative emotional thriller. Written in alternating diary entries ‘Fire Child’ follows Martin and Tessa, two dark individuals whose connection has devastating consequences. Martin is the son of a powerful politician and through his diary entries we hear of his life stacking shelves at the supermarket and the destructive obsession he’s had with fire since he was a boy. Tessa lives a reclusive life but through her entries we discover her ability to manipulate men, gaining the attraction of any that see her and able to drive any of them mad with lust. ‘... View Full Review
Herlot of Alonia: The Herlot of Alonia Series Book 1
Introducing a fearless young girl as she navigates life in her small village with unusual gifts before peril comes that threatens her whole kingdom. In this first instalment of a mediaeval fantasy series we are introduced to Herlot, a young girl with extraordinary gifts that showcased themselves even before she was born. Growing up seen as a curiosity and sometimes with cruelty by the other children in her village, Herlot learns to rely on her imagination for company before meeting unicorn Devotio one night during a storm. Herlot’s strength of character is shown as peril comes to the ... View Full Review
The Storybook Coroner
An irreverent tale that merges mythical figures and an adventure to reunite a love-at-only-sight couple. The synopsis for ‘The Storybook Coroner’ doesn’t give a lot away so I was curious about what I would find as I started reading. We witness the first meeting of a goat herder and a beautiful woman and it’s love at first sight, then the woman vanishes. What follows is a story that brings together Greek, Norse, Egyptian and Mayan mythology on a quest to reunite the couple. The book does feature everything included in the mysterious synopsis and ... View Full Review