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Our Little Piece of Paradise
Following on from ‘Another Day in Paradise’, Karen Telling’s ‘Our Little Piece of Paradise’ continues the story of a British couple’s new life in the Algarve. We re-join Karen and Nick Telling as they move into their own home after a period of renting. The same readable tone of the first book is present here as the author shares challenges with renovations, health battles and and the constant expanding of their family with adopted and fostered four legged friends. Bringing us right up to date, we learn more about the couple and ... View Full Review
Criminal Kingdom
Meet Joe. And go deep undercover as he infiltrates a dangerous drug ring. Criminal Kingdom is a fast paced crime thriller that switches in and out of several different scenarios so be prepared to pay attention. Some scenes are not for the faint hearted so be warned, but plot twists and turns have you hooked wanting to see what's next. I really enjoyed the different levels of Joe's character. Not wanting to give too much away, he's as kind hearted as he is dangerous which means that sometimes you never see what's coming next. Always a bonus. It's dark crime ... View Full Review
Shapeless Summers
‘Shapeless Summers’ by Hayden Thompson depicts a nomadic middle-aged William Greenwood on a journey of self-discovery. Unlucky in love and seemingly always missing the boat when it comes to lasting long term relationships, the former sea captain travels to the Pacific as a data analyst, finding peace and self-understanding amongst the beautiful islands and its people but not the family and home life he yearns for. This is a character driven story that maintains hope throughout. Despite missed chances and failed relationships, William still works to regain his happiness following his divorce and look for someone to share ... View Full Review
True Crime Stories You Won't Believe
A collection that will grip fans of true crime. Forensic psychologist Romeo Vitelli has put together the first in a series of collections of true crime stories. Focusing on crimes from around the world that are shocking, sensational ‘True Crime Stories You Won't Believe’ delivers exactly what it says on the tin. In just over 100 pages this collection includes the overview of 32 different cases, from a 14-year-old who faced the electric chair to the mafia boss that fooled psychologists, successfully pleading insanity for 30 years. This is a great collection for any true crime fan. Focusing on cases that ... View Full Review
‘Rode’ by J. Adams is a heartfelt and emotional story of how one man’s life got very off track, and the depths he would need to come back from. I really liked the description of this book as a ‘second coming of age novel’ because it does have that kind of feel. A restless young Jack needs to escape his life in New Mexico, so heads down to San Francisco. The reader gets the impression early on that Jack is quite rudderless, constantly searching for something else that’s missing in his life, ... View Full Review
The Wizard of the Kitchen. How a Dutch Chef Became a Pioneer in British Culinary Education
 ‘The Wizard of the Kitchen’ by Trudy Van der Wees is a biography that not only tells us more about the Dutch Chef who was at a pioneering point of culinary history, but also about advances and changes to the way the British cooked during World War 1. Iwan Kriens was dubbed ‘the wizard of the kitchen’ for his ability to make meals from scarce resources. He became the headmaster of the London County Council Cookery Technical School at the Westminster Technical Institute, which is now called the Westminster Kingsway College and was the very first ... View Full Review
Bold Slasher
Louise is studying at Oxford University when she meets Johnny Longmarch. As they grow closer Louise learns more about Johnny’s tragic past, that he saw his own mother being murdered, as well as his vast wealth, culminating in ownership of a grand house and its surrounding estate. After they marry, Louise moves on to the Tressy estate, where secrets lurk and the killings are about to start again. The prologue had me gripped, as we are introduced to the story via the shadows of horrid events that haunt Tressy. Written in a reflective tone, the rest of the ... View Full Review
The Summer of 66
A 60’s Spy novel set in the shadows of England’s historic World Cup win. ‘Summer of 66’ by Dan Wheatcroft has everything you would expect from a spy novel set in the 60s, a flippant and womanising male lead in Gally, cold war tensions and espionage. After his philandering ways lands Special Branch Detective Constable John Gallagher in hot water with his division, he is sent out of the way to join the British Home Office Statistical Unit. But this is more than a punishment placement, and soon Gally is embroiled in the investigation of the ... View Full Review
Flo has a slow start as the reader learns about the central character. A break-up after being cheated on, a search for somewhere to live, an invite to be a bridesmaid for a 'not' friend and many more situations that readers will identify with, including the 'pressure' of her own thoughts (and that of her mother) of being a female of a certain age to get married and have children. Flo is very self-absorbed and will make readers feel sympathetic, angry, empathetic and frustrated. Flo's mother, dying of cancer, is poignant and relatable. Intermingled with all that is going on ... View Full Review
A Glass of Milk
In ‘A Glass of Milk’ by Jo Eddy we meet Gemma, a vegan accountant, who knows exactly what she wants from life and why. However, her current boyfriend’s tastes don't fit into her plans, nor would he understand her desire to leave everything behind, go off-grid, and live in the middle of nowhere. Tim and Gemma couldn’t be more different and once Gemma decides to take the plunge and chase her dreams she finds that the course of true love never does run smooth. Especially not when families get involved without knowing the whole ... View Full Review
Fernando: Beethoven of the Guitar. Book III: Glory, Finale & Legacy
The final instalment of the life, successes and legacy of Fernando Sor. Following on from ‘Book One: Youth, Celebrity & War’ and ‘Book Two: Exile, Favour & Triumph’, ‘Fernando: Beethoven of the Guitar. Book III: Glory, Finale & Legacy’ by Lou Marinoff sees the Sor family head to Moscow on his Grand Tour. Continuing to hear the dreadful news out of Spain of the threatening and persecution of liberals and making it still impossible to return home Fernando and Félicité’s careers go from strength to strength as their musical ... View Full Review
The Albatross: Requiem
The fight against the Forsaken continues in this epic and action-packed Sci-fi series. The action in ‘The Albatross: Requiem’ by Connor Mackay picks up pretty much right where we left off in ‘The Albatross: Contact’ after the disastrous first battle against the hordes of enemy Forsaken on Stormwater. Down, but not yet out, the reader takes turns in following Elora, Sarah and Will as the war against this seemingly endless and scarily difficult to beat alien enemy continues. I was gripped by the first book and eager to find out more about what happened to these ... View Full Review