Echoes of Light

by Jani Viswanath


LoveReading Expert Review of Echoes of Light

This is a very peaceful anthology of work. Each piece is separate but they all coexist perfectly in this collection.

‘Echoes of Light’ by Jani Viswanath is a collection of poetry and lyrical short stories that focus on kindness, hope and an appreciation for what is around you. Introductions before each poem and story display the title and a paragraph that sets the tone, I liked this as it helps you decide which piece to read, if you were reading the book out of order, or works as a literary palate cleanser, giving you a time to come out of the previous narrative and prepare for the next. All of the poems and the short stories are well written and well-structured. ‘Requiem’ was a poetry highlight to me, I liked the slow subtle revealing of the scene before me. The short stories all hold lessons about humanity and kindness being displayed in different forms and the tolerance and patience shown in ‘The Brahmin’s Karma-Sundra’ made it stand out to me. This is a very peaceful anthology of work. Each piece is separate but they all coexist perfectly in this collection. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an uplifting and pleasant read.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

Echoes of Light Synopsis

Synopsis – Echoes of Light A rare and inspiring gift of short stories and poetry which will warm the spirit and uplift the reader as they appreciate a world woven with messages of love, compassion and hope. Echoes of light accentuates the basic, simple requirements for the happiness we so desperately crave, and the essential quality that we are all gifted with, to attain it. These Stories and poems are immersed with the myriad emotions of kindness, hope, redemption; the magic of compassion, and the unparalleled joy of giving spontaneously. The Poems touch on the futility of our hyper active lifestyles and the need for slowing down to truly enjoy this beautiful journey called life. The stories are set in various parts of the world – reaffirming the fact that wherever we are, whichever part of the world we belong to and whatever religion we choose to follow – the fundamental thread that binds us and unites us is love, humanity and joy. Discover a world of true inspiration, of generosity and love so rarely experienced in our fast-paced world. Each story and poem reflect so much which has been forgotten and the humanity we long to rediscover and would love to teach our children….

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781543707762
Publication date: 14th June 2021
Author: Jani Viswanath
Publisher: Partridge Publishing India
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 180 pages
Primary Genre Poetry

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ISBN: 9781543707762
Publication date: 14/06/2021
Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781543707755
Publication date: 14/06/2021
Format: Paperback

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