Grim Glory. Lee Miller's Britain at War

by Ami Bouhassane

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LoveReading Expert Review of Grim Glory. Lee Miller's Britain at War

A brilliantly-curated compendium of Lee Miller’s photographs of Britain during the Blitz.

Featuring 75 images (fifty of them full page), and an engrossing extended essay by Ami Bouhassane, Miller’s granddaughter and Co-Director of the Lee Miller Archives, Grim Glory: Lee Miller’s Britain at War is the perfect primer to Lee Miller’s inimitable coverage of Blitz-time Britain.

For context, a book called Grim Glory: Pictures of Britain Under Fire was published in 1941, the British edition of a book originally intended for an American audience. Miller was the largest contributor to this, and the only credited photographer. Skipping back a few years, 1939 saw Miller move from Egypt to Britain, with a summer sojourn in France to catch up with surrealist friends. She and Roland Penrose arrived in Britain on the very day war was declared. Being American, she wasn’t allowed to undertake paid work, or to do any official war work, so she offered her services as a volunteer to British Vogue (Brogue). Her outstanding fashion shoots are showcased in the highly recommended Lee Miller – Fashion in Wartime Britain, while this book features images of Britain and Britons during the Blitz – bombed-out buildings, eerily empty fashionable London streets, shattered statues captured at disarmingly jaunty angles, female fire service and textile factory workers, with some wartime fashion, and much more besides.

With notes on fifty-two images providing fascinating detail, variously on the likes of their subjects, historical references and composition, and a compact size that lends itself marvellously to extended, detailed appreciation of each image, this will surely inspire readers to delve deeper into Miller’s life and work (perhaps pair this with Surrealist Lee Miller).

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Grim Glory. Lee Miller's Britain at War Synopsis

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Arriving in Britain just as war was declared Lee Miller, an American with no permit to work, used her camera as her principle means of combat during World War II. Before Lee Miller left Britain to report in Europe she covered the Blitz, civilians braving the destruction around them and their contributions to the war effort as well as wartime fashion, camouflage and the women in the armed forces on the home front.

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ISBN: 9780953238965
Publication date: 2nd March 2020
Author: Ami Bouhassane
Publisher: Lee Miller Archives an imprint of Lee Miller Archives Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 100 pages
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