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The Castaways

"A compulsive, enthralling and beautifully written psychological thriller that should go to the top of your reading lists"

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Oh my word, as I sank into the pages of this brilliantly addictive psychological thriller I actually forgot that I was reviewing and just read for pure pleasure. Sisters Lori and Erin are travelling to a remote part of Fiji for a holiday, after an argument before the final inter-island flight, only one leaves on the small plane, which then goes missing.

Lucy Clarke takes psychological thrillers to a whole new level. I adored You Let Me In, and The Castaways now ensures she is a must-read author for me. Set in two time frames, as the story progresses ‘Then’ inches, then hurtles towards ‘Now’. Each change in time frame felt like a hammer blow before I was immediately gathered up in the story again.

The most exquisite tension builds and thrums with increasing intensity. The release of information is so clever, almost teasing, and I balanced on a razor sharp wire of awareness. I felt a deep connection with the sisters, their relationship was wonderfully complex yet tangible. If you love intelligent, yet hugely entertaining psychological thrillers, then put this to the top of your list.

Chosen as a LoveReading Star Book, The Castaways really is the most compulsive, enthralling and beautifully written tale, it’s a 2021 sure-fire winner.

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Reader Reviews

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Couldn’t put it down. Wasn’t what I was expecting from the teaser on the front cover at all, but I really enjoyed it.

I whizzed through this book, it was completely unputdownable. The way it was divided into Lori’s story and Erins meant that you were just completely invested and needed to keep reading to find out what was coming next. It seemed that every chapter left you on a cliffhanger.

The descriptions of the Fijian islands and the climate made you feel that you were actually there in the stifling heat, getting eaten alive by the insects. I do think as it was really a story about being stranded on a desert island that more could have been made of the desperate struggle for survival.... Read Full Review

Amanda O’Dwyer

A gripping, tense thriller.

The Castaways by Lucy Clarke is about a group of people who landed on a deserted island and what happens to them. The chapters are split between two sisters, Erin who was suppose to be on the flight but wasn't and Lori who was.

I found it to be such a gripping read, one more chapter turning into several! The atmosphere was tense and so well written. I really felt like I was there. I really wanted to know what had happened and I wasn't disappointed with the ending it was a good ending.... Read Full Review

Cheryl Watson

The Castaways by Lucy Clarke is not your typical desert island novel. So many twists and turns along the way. The main characters, sisters Lori and Erin are totally believable and their anguish makes you want to keep reading in the hope it will all end harmoniously. Brilliant novel, thoroughly recommend!

A plane crash involving one of two sisters, the other searching for answers, a desert island with no hope of escape or rescue.

When I began reading I thought it was going to be a typical 'castaway - heroine gets rescued' type of book, but I was wrong! So many twists and turns to keep you engrossed, with survival being at the heart of the story.

I found this book easy to read, and even easier to pick up and not put down! I read in within two days and was sad when it ended. Erin and Lori the two sisters who were so close are separated by this dreadful crash - was it pilot error or a fault with the plane? Is Lori dead or alive, if dead how did she die, did she survive the crash only to perish on the island.... Read Full Review

Glenda Worth