Rules for Mavericks

by Phil Beadle

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LoveReading Expert Review of Rules for Mavericks

Quite simply, a go to book for anyone who would like to explore their potential. You do not have to consider yourself (or have been told that you are) a maverick, in order to connect to the thoughts on offer here. Thoughtful, encouraging, and bitingly realistic, Phil Beadle made me smile, nod, and have quite a few ahah! moments as I read. I found the layout a little unsettling to begin with, however soon got used to having the flow of the words interrupted for a second as my mind took in the alternative way of punctuating the highlights. Chapter 11 struck a particular chord with me and cemented my own thoughts on the subject. As I explored, as I reflected and ideas settled around me, I found my inner voice inspired to speak up and discuss the points on offer. While it occasionally gives your mind a jolly good shake, ’Rules for Mavericks’ is a perfectly placed spark of encouragement to explore your creative side. Liz Robinson

Liz Robinson

Rules for Mavericks Synopsis

'If you make any stand against power, then power will stand against and on you. And it will do so with centuries of experience and techniques in how to do so effectively: you will be painted as barbaric, dismissed as stupid and insane, be told to know your place. Most of all, you will be termed maverick.'   This genre-flouting manifesto is written by someone who has achieved and has failed in more than one field.

As a Guardian columnist, award-winning teacher, award-winning broadcaster, author, editor, singer, songwriter, producer and public speaker, Phil Beadle knows a bit about leading a life producing good work across a variety of platforms. In this elegantly written book he glides and riffs around the idea of maverick nature, examines the processes of producing good work in creative fields and broaches the techniques that orthodoxies use to silence dissident voices. It is a 'how to dream' book, a 'how to create' book, a 'how to work' book and a 'how to fail productively' book; it is an examination of the many accusations that any dissident creative will face over a long career stirring things up, a guide to dealing with these with grace and a study in how to make creativity work for you.

Rules for Mavericks is for anyone who wants to live and work more creatively and successfully.

Contents include: Introduction: 'maverick nature' 1 Rules 2 Starting off 3 Failure 4 Creativity and the process of production 5 Work 6 The realm(s) of appearance 7 Performance 8 Change 9 Renaissance dilettantism 10 Writing (and reading too) 11 On being reviewed

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ISBN: 9781785831133
Publication date: 30th March 2017
Author: Phil Beadle
Publisher: Crown House Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 192 pages
Primary Genre Popular psychology
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ISBN: 9781785831133
Publication date: 30/03/2017
Format: Paperback

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Phil Beadle knows a bit about bringing creative projects to fruit. His self-described 'renaissance dilettantism' is best summed up by Mojo magazine's description of him as a 'burnished voice soul man and left wing educationalist'. He is the author of ten books on a variety of subjects, including the acclaimed Dancing About Architecture, described in Brain Pickings as 'a strong, pointed conceptual vision for the nature and origin of creativity'. As songwriter Philip Kane, his work has been described in Uncut magazine as having 'novelistic range and ambition' and in Mojo as having a 'rare ability to find romance in ...

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Rules for Mavericks
Rules for Mavericks
Rules for Mavericks
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