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by Phil Beadle

Rules for Mavericks

Rules for Mavericks

Author: Phil Beadle Format: Paperback Release Date: 30/03/2017

Quite simply, a go to book for anyone who would like to explore their potential. You do not have to consider yourself (or have been told that you are) a maverick, in order to connect to the thoughts on offer here. Thoughtful, encouraging, and bitingly realistic, Phil Beadle made me smile, nod, and have quite a few ahah! moments as I read. I found the layout a little unsettling to begin with, however soon got used to having the flow of the words interrupted for a second as my mind took in the alternative way of punctuating the highlights. Chapter 11 struck a particular chord with me and cemented my own thoughts on the subject. As I explored, as I reflected and ideas settled around me, I found my inner voice inspired to speak up and discuss the points on offer. While it occasionally gives your mind a jolly good shake, ’Rules for Mavericks’ is a perfectly placed spark of encouragement to explore your creative side. ~ Liz Robinson

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