Covering the likes of closed-room thrillers from the Golden Age of crime, and present-day page-turners that tingle with whodunnit intrigue, here we present just some of the marvellous murder mysteries that have had us in their thrall.

While many of the books presented here are of the classic variety — think Agatha Christie and her literary heirs — others veer into thriller and cosy crime territory. What unites them, though, is evoking that sense of mystery. By no means exhaustive (there are so many brilliant books in the genre), we hope you’ll find fresh and thrilling reading fodder among the dozens of novels highlighted below.

Firstly, take a moment to peruse all Agatha Christie’s novels, just to make sure you haven’t missed any gems. Among her best are Murder on the Orient Express and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (part of the Poirot series), Peril At End House, and the Miss Marple series.

Moving now to a marvellous murder mystery that was sparked by a fascinating fact from Christie’s life. Namely, Lori Rader Day’s Death at Greenway, a glorious homage to Golden Age suspense stories. In real life, during WWII, ten children stayed in Christie's country home. Sparked by imagining how it might have felt to hide out here during the war, this novel presents a twisting murder story to rival one of Christie’s own.

More Christie-esque charm awaits in Alan Bradley’s Flavia de Luce series, which will surely chime with fans of Father Brown. Talking of whom, if you love the TV series, be sure to read G.K. Chesterton’s original novels: The Innocence of Father Brown, The Wisdom of Father Brown, The Incredulity of Father Brown, The Secret of Father Brown and The Scandal of Father Brown.

From the quaint countryside to another classic murder mystery setting — the glamorous hotel. One of our recent favourite, Hokey Pokey is set in such a location in 1929. Taking its name from an absinthe-infused cocktail, the novel blends Agatha Christie-esque mystery with folkloric horror.

Alongside fancy hotels, luxury liners are another classic murder mystery setting, as is the case with Rachel Rhys’ A Dangerous Crossing, an entertaining, read-in-one-sitting mystery that oozes glamour, romance and murderous twists aboard a ship bound for Australia in 1939.

Shot with Crimson by Nicola Upson is another ship-shape, ship-set mystery. Also set in 1939, it melds real-life intrigue with Golden Age glamour as a female crime novelist crosses the Atlantic to meet her lover, who’s working with Alfred Hitchcock on an adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. How’s that for a killer combo?

For a “wonderfully entertaining, witty exploration of murder and mayhem among the rich and privileged” (in the words of one of our Editorial Experts), read Old School Ties, part of the Tode Hall series.

Skipping forward now to a contemporary novel that exudes all the atmosphere and cunning of old school murder mysteries, we rated Sulari Gentill’s The Woman in the Library, describing it as, “clever, compelling, and laced with juicy clues… an elegantly written work of murder mystery magnificence”.

Love cosy crime? Mention must be made of Richard Osman’s bestselling Thursday Murder Club series, the Agatha Raisin series, and the charming Dinner Lady Detective series.

Under the impression that the book world is a genteel place? Think again! Set in the publishing world, I Know It's You teems with mind games and murderous demons from the past. Meanwhile, if you love speculative fiction, try Max Barry’s The 22 Murders Of Madison May — an inventive mash-up of sci-fi and murder mystery.

Last, but certainly not least, we turn our attention to a few standouts from the YA world, all of which will be enjoyed by murder mystery aficionados of all ages. First up, let’s delve into the darker side of academia. Set in an elite boarding school, This Book Kills dazzles with whodunnit suspense, while One of Us is Lying sees deadly secrets unveiled via a social media app.

For a thrilling blend of Gossip Girl and Crazy Rich Asians, read How We Fall Apart, Katie Zhao's super-suspenseful YA debut. Set in an elite high school, this edge-of-your-seat murder mystery serves insights into race, class and the pressure to perform. 

Then there’s Suddenly a Murder. Set in a glamorous art deco manor, this twisty murder mystery sizzles with suspense as the sinister secrets of privileged high schoolers are revealed. 

Love rambling country pile settings? You’ll adore Catch Your Death, a classic closed-room murder mystery underpinned by the fact that teenage girls are not to be underestimated.

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