Australia and New Zealand, sitting as they do on the other side of the world, often call out to the LoveReading team. We feel as though we know them, there is a recognition, an intimacy, a knowledge, even if we haven't actually been there, and that is because some seriously good writing wings its way to us from the lands down under. The two neighbouring countries offer some stunning locations, there is something mesmerising about the landscape of Australia, and New Zealand seriously thrums with Middle Earth attitude. Some truly inspiring and memorable novels have been there, and however or whenever you visit through the pages of a book, something completely different is likely to catch your eye each time. 

A Town Like Alice is a novel that can be read again and again, it opens a door to the not too distant past, even though the distance is felt in the pit of your stomach. It really does pull at heartstrings, and each time I delight in Jean’s determination to build a town like Alice. A truly wonderful crime series saunters from the pen of Chris Hammer. Scrublands his debut, was award-winning, and his second Silver, is one of our LoveReading Star Books. Liane Moriarty is another favourite with us, she opens the curtain on a normal world to reveal secrets, lies, and the occasional murder! If you’ve not yet read any of her novels, then you could start with the fabulous Little Lies. Recent standalone novels to have caught our eye are A Room Made of Leaves by Kate Grenville and The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone by Felicity McLean, both stories as different from each other as could be, yet feature unique and fascinating women.  

Let us know your favourite novels from Australia and New Zealand, what calls to you from the bookshelf and asks to be read again and again?