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"A truly fabulous and meaty crime novel set in Australia, containing a cracking storyline, intense atmosphere, and simmering tension. "

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A cracking and class-act of a crime novel stuffed full of atmosphere and detail which skilfully sits alongside a truckload of tension. Journalist Martin Scarsden plans on a new start in Port Silver, Australia. On arrival he finds his childhood friend murdered, and his partner is number one suspect. While this could be read as a standalone novel, I recommend starting with Scrublands, Chris Hammer’s debut novel which won The Crime Writers’ Association John Creasy New Blood Award in 2019. The author has been a journalist for over 25 years and I feel his knowledge is anchored in this tale. This is a satisfyingly long read which sets a quite wonderful scene before the story really takes off. Australia sings and Port Silver becomes a known town, with a map planting the locations firmly in mind. I sank in and only came up for air a couple of times. I feel this a beautifully balanced novel, the storyline, setting, characters, and potential for the next book all smoothly combining into one effortlessly compelling read. Silver just has to be included as a LoveReading Star Book, it is a vibrant, sweeping, fabulous read.

Liz Robinson

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Reader Reviews

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A crime story set against the backdrop of an unassuming seaside town, but with a deadly storm brewing!

Silver is the sequel to Scrublands and doesn't disappoint in the continuation of the main characters story. This book is gripping from the start and doesn't waste any time in getting to the heart of the story, whilst giving the reader glimpses of the main characters history.

Martin Scarsden is a journalist who has travelled reporting on war torn countries, and sacrifices nothing on the trail of a good story. However, in this story we see Martin at somewhat of a loss without the label of journalist and having to face up to his tragic childhood, whilst trying to save his partner Mandalay Blonde from being labelled as a murderer.

This story certainly keeps you guessing and is a must read if you love a 'whodunnit'.... Read Full Review

Laura Rowland

I enjoyed this novel immensely, great pace, interesting twists and turns, lots of cliff hangers and chapters just the right length. I would thoroughly recommend.

Martin Scarsden, a journalist returns to his childhood home town of Port Silver for a fresh start with his partner Mandy. Right from the beginning trouble begins, with his old friend murdered, and Mandy being the main suspect. Trying to cope with the media frenzy and his own journalist instincts, Martin begins to investigate the murder, coming across scenes of sexual debauchery, drugs, religion and money making scandals, all in the small town and surrounding area. Martin's past threatens to catch up with him while he is investigating and there is tension between him and Mandy which has to be overcome if they plan on staying together.
The book is written to draw you in, with cliff hangers in each chapter, willing you to read on and find out what happens next.... Read Full Review

Glenda WORTH

This is a well-written and entertaining story. Set in a small Australian coastal town, it describes an investigative journalist's mission to prove his girlfriend's innocence and find the real murderer.

It did take a while for me to get into this story. However, after a few chapters, the story started to draw me in properly and towards the end of the book I found that I couldn't put it down as I wanted to know what happened. Beautifully written in the present tense, which moves the story along and adds to the tension, it's very descriptive. I liked the way the narrative switches from present to past in order to tell Martin's back story, which in turn informs his current actions.... Read Full Review

Pauline Braisher