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The Colour of Magic

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Who would have believed back in 1985 that this first introduction into the madcap Discworld which satirised fantasy novels and introduced us to some fantastic characters would turn into the Discworld series numbering some forty works.  If you have wondered where to start in this huge series (which need not be read in order) then start here and read The Light Fantastic straight after it.  They are great books.


A "Piece of Passion" from the publisher...

‘The very first novel in what turned into the celebrated, magisterial Discworld series, this novel was first published by Corgi in 1985.  Although the more recent novels in the series have become more layered, satirical and thoughtful (number thirty-seven, Unseen Academicals, is the most recent) The Colour of Magic must remain one of my all-time favourites, for its soaring inventiveness, sparky parody and madcap humour – and for introducing us in the first place to that flat World so very different from, yet so very like our own. ' Marianne Velmans, Publishing Director at Transworld

Books in The Discworld Novels Series:

1. The Colour of Magic

2. The Light Fantastic

3. Equal Rites

4. Mort

5. Sourcery

6. Wyrd Sisters

7. Pyramids

8. Guards! Guards!

9. Eric

10. Moving Pictures

11. Reaper Man

12. Witches Abroad

13. Small Gods

14. Lords and Ladies

15. Men At Arms

16. Soul Music

17. Interesting Times

18. Maskerade

19. Feet of Clay

20. Hogfather

21. Jingo

22. The Last Continent

23. Carpe Jugulum

24. The Fifth Elephant

25. The Truth

26. Thief of Time

27. The Last Hero

28. The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

29. Night Watch

30. The Wee Free Men

31. Monstrous Regiment

32. A Hat Full of Sky

33. Going Postal

34. Thud!

35. Wintersmith

36. Making Money

37. Unseen Academicals

38. I Shall Wear Midnight

39. Snuff

40. Raising Steam

41. The Shepherd's Crown

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