Hotel Magnifique

by Emily J. Taylor

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LoveReading Expert Review of Hotel Magnifique

Delicious magic and decadence dance through this tale of two sisters and a most mysterious hotel

What a dazzling debut this is. Founded on the alluring concept of a glamourous hotel that changes location each night, Emily J Taylor's Hotel Magnifique presents readers with a sumptuous world of magical soirées and shows. It’s a story that’s shot-through with intrigue, mystery and menace as two sisters longing for a better life discover that the grass might not be greener, however bright it gleams.

When Hotel Magnifique comes to her bleak hometown, 17-year-old Jani devises a plan to make sure she and her sister enter it. Her sister gains employment as a singer, while Jani enters a lowlier profession. Within the hotel’s opulent walls, the sisters are separated by their roles, and Jani is quick to catch onto the fact that the contracts they’ve signed might mean more than they’d bargained for. 

With distrust lurking in every shadow, and a sense of time running out, this sweeping story is a spellbinding read, and comes recommended for fans of the Lady Helen Dark Days Club series and The Night Circus.

Joanne Owen

Hotel Magnifique Synopsis

The legendary Hotel Magnifique is like no other: a magical world of golden ceilings, enchanting soirees and fountains flowing with champagne. It changes location every night, stopping in each place only once a decade. When the Magnifique comes to her hometown, seventeen-year-old Jani hatches a plan to secure jobs there for herself and her younger sister, longing to escape their dreary life. Luck is on their side, and with a stroke of luminous ink on paper the sisters are swept into a life of adventure and opulence. But Jani soon begins to notice sinister spots in the hotel's decadent facade. Who is the shadowy maitre who runs the hotel? And can the girls discover the true price paid by those who reside there - before it's too late?

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781782693475
Publication date: 5th May 2022
Author: Emily J. Taylor
Publisher: Pushkin Children's Books
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 400 pages
Primary Genre Fantasy
Other Genres:

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Emily J. Taylor Press Reviews

'It was wonderful to escape into such a rich imaginative world and lose oneself in a story so compelling, I genuinely could not put it down. As dizzyingly inventive as the Hotel itself. A real imaginative tour de force' - Celia Rees

'Emily J. Taylor creates a world both dazzling and dark. Readers won't want to turn the final page' - Laura Sebastian, author of the Ash Princess trilogy

'Dazzling, enchanting, and expertly crafted... impossible to put down and had me positively spellbound from start to finish' - Adalyn Grace, author of All the Stars and Teeth

'In Hotel Magnifique, Emily J. Taylor creates a world both dazzling and dark. Readers won't want to turn the final page' - Laura Sebastian, New York Times bestselling author of the Ash Princess trilogy

'Hotel Magnifique opened the door to a sumptuous and glittering world of magic and mysteries and left me enchanted. Perfect for fans of Caraval and The Night Circus' - Erin A. Craig, New York Times bestselling author of House of Salt and Sorrows and Small Favors

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ISBN: 9781782693475
Publication date: 05/05/2022
Format: Hardback

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About Emily J. Taylor

Emily J. Taylor is a writer of YA fantasy. Emily was born and raised in California and has since refused to stay put. She's lived in four states and two continents, all of which have conveniently given her an endless amount of story fodder. She currently works as a creative director in Minneapolis, where she spends the long winters dreaming up glittering words to spin into dark tales. Hotel Magnifique is her debut novel.

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