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Forging Silver into Stars

"This riveting, rollicking fantasy adventure tingles with romance, magic, political intrigue and torn loyalties"

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Kicking off a new series in enchanting, gripping style, Brigid Kemmerer’s Forging Silver into Stars will thrill and delight fans of The Cursebreaker series that saw the author garner global acclaim for creating fabulous YA fantasy twists on timelessly appealing fairy tales.

Forging Silver into Stars heralds a heady return to the richly-evoked worlds of Emberfall and Syhl Shallow, and here we also re-meet Tycho of A Heart So Fierce and Broken fame, who voices one of the novel’s three narratives. Four years after Grey took control of Emberfall, magic is still outlawed in Syhl Shallow, and Tycho now works as the King’s Courier, entrusted to relay confidential messages between the two kingdoms.

In this context we meet best friends Jax and Callyn, who know first-hand how magic can lead to devastation, for magic killed Callyn’s parents, magic did nothing to help Jax in the wake of a debilitating accident, and magic cannot rescue them from the tax collector’s threats. Alongside their immediate problems, magic is rising in the wider world, with a magesmith married to their queen, and a stranger inviting them to help an anti-magic, anti-establishment plot in return for much-needed silver. Enter Tycho - instructed to root out the conspirator, handsome Tycho turns Jax’s head and unleashes torrent of conflict.

Appealingly familiar to fans of The Cursebreaker, this is also fresh, and zings with tension and the tingles of romance, with the stage well set for future twists and escalations.

Joanne Owen

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