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Eleven Liars

"A satisfying crime thriller that sucks you into the vortex of a close-knit community jolted by lies and violence."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A fast-moving and addictive plot with fabulous characters shapes an intense read. This is the second in the series featuring investigative journalist Ben Harper, do start at the beginning with Twelve Secrets. Arriving back in his home town of Haddley, Ben saves a person trapped in a fire. As he begins to investigate what appears to have been an arson, a web of secrets, deception, and crimes are revealed. Author Robert Gold ensures the lies within the story are sent spinning, creating subterfuge and ensuring my thoughts were constantly moving. An intriguing cast of characters are kept in play, with snippets and pops of information dancing around each other. Ben narrates his chapters, forging an intimacy and trust with his story. Other chapters feature further characters in the third person, keeping you at a distance and I found myself questioning everyone and their motives. The chapters are short, and the plot speeds along, this is such a readable novel it kept my attention throughout. If you think of yourself as an armchair sleuth, you can definitely join in with piecing together the investigative jigsaw. Not just entertaining, Eleven Liars is also thought-provoking and thoughtful, and so features as one of our recommended reads.

Liz Robinson

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Reader Reviews

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Good page turner

This the second book in the Ben Harper series. There is some back story which is easily explained and did not intrude in the story. This is my first read by Robert Gold and it worked quite well as a stand alone. This was a thrilling ride and kept me turning the pages. There were plenty of twists and turns and just when you thought you had worked it all out another curve ball was thrown into the mix and all your ideas were shattered and lay in pieces at your feet. If book one was as good as this one then I will need to dig it out and dive in. The short chapters worked well and the prose was of a quality that kept the reader engaged. I will look forward to book one and any subsequent books by this author. Recommended.... Read Full Review

Alfred Nobile

Such excitement in every chapter, so many twists and turns. It's just riveting so don't expect to do much else but read!

Wow! I have just discovered a new favourite author! I had to make myself stop reading and do other things. There is a twist in every chapter. It took a little while to remember who everyone was but then it was just excitement and intrigue!
The only thing I wasn't happy about were the last two chapters. It felt as though the story should have carried on as it left me wondering what happens next, but maybe that is intentional and the characters will continue into his next book!... Read Full Review

June Fox

Robert Gold delivers a fantastic read set at a great pace. Each resident has their own story and in turn their own secrets. The short nature of the chapters mean you keep reading long after you should. An absolutely riveting read!

Eleven Liars sees a welcome return to the town of Haddley where nothing is quite as tranquil as it appears on the surface. The residents who go about their everyday lives all have some element in their history they don’t want revealed.
A much anticipated second book featuring Ben Harper, a true crime journalist, centres on the aftermath of a fire that destroys the local community centre and with it the discovery of a body in the foundations. Who is it and how did they get there?
As the police investigation unfolds, a number of individuals of interest are identified and interviewed. Past memories are tested as new evidence comes to light via photographs unearthed showing firm proof of a situation.... Read Full Review

Caroline Highy