April has passed in a whirl of Easter and Springtime activity. If you've missed out on any of our recommendations this month, or are looking to refresh your bookshelf with some of the latest releases take a look through this summary for some of our top picks for April. Keep scrolling to read more and get some inspiration for your May Bank Holiday reading.

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Fiction Books of the Month

Our April fiction selections are vivid, addictive, satisfying and 100% recommended. With new-to-us and new-to-paperback fiction, scroll through our reviews and shop with us knowing you're making a difference to UK schools. 

All the Seas of the World by Guy Gavriel Kay - "This remarkably vivid, dynamic and beautifully thought-provoking tale reaches into great and small actions and consequences."

No Place to Hide by J. S. Monroe - "A thrilling, fearsome Faustian drama unfolds as a decades-old pact made at Cambridge University seems set to detonate a doctor’s comfortable life."

Two Nights in Lisbon by Chris Pavone - "Super-suspenseful, addictively twisty, and 100% unpredictable, this exhilarating revenge thriller sees an American couple’s pasts slice to the core of international politics."

The House of Whispers by Anna Mazzola - "A beautifully atmospheric and foreboding novel, where elements of the supernatural breathe in synchronicity with the uprising of Fascism in 1930’s Italy."

Woman, Eating by Claire Kohda - "Vampire fiction, but not as you know it — this smart, subversive page-turner explores isolation, hunger, longing to belong, and what it means to be human with biting style."

Nothing Left to Fear from Hell Darkland Tales by Alan Warner - "This novella delivers an almighty kick of historical fiction as it sends a fleeing Bonnie Prince Charlie across the Highlands of Scotland."

Eleven Liars by Robert Gold - "A satisfying crime thriller that sucks you into the vortex of a close-knit community jolted by lies and violence."

The Last Party by Clare Mackintosh - "Sensationally smart and gorgeously gossipy while being an absolute humdinger of a thrilling read, and what’s more, it’s the start of a new series!"

Pure Evil by Lynda La Plante - "DS Jack Warr fights tooth and nail to catch a monster whilst juggling a secret investigation to help his mentor. It's a twisty-turny crime thriller of depravity."

Non-Fiction Books of the Month

Learn more about the world around us and the people in it with these non-fiction recommendations. This April we have books that celebrate nature, dive into history, and explore our society. 

The Grove by Ben Dark - "An absolute dream of a read, this invitation to fall in love with plants and nature really shouldn’t be missed."

Undercurrent by Natasha Carthew - "Charged with the power of nature, writing and little-heard rural working-class voices, this beautiful memoir is an ode to Cornwall, creativity, and resilience."

In The Shadow of the Mountain by Silvia Vasquez-Lavado - "Wow. Just wow. This incredible story just blew me away with it's beautifully written words and inspirational story of triumph through adversity."

One Fine Day by Ian Marchant - "Visit a vibrant and vivid past with two fabulous guides, one from the 18th century, and the other his seven-times-great great-grandson from today."

Sea Bean by Sally Huband - "This eloquent and special book about a beachcomber’s search for a sea bean is a profoundly moving insight into the author and our natural world."

Femina by Janina Ramirez - "Inspiring, fascinating, and addictively moreish, this is a seriously serious and compelling look at some of the women who feature in medieval history."

The State of Us by Jon Snow - "Four decades reporting on the consequences of inequality"

Debuts of the Month

Uncover new authors or pick up that dazzling debut that's now available in paperback. With brutal stories of family secrets, funny page-turners, tough, tender or glittering reads, these debuts make a lasting impact. Keep scrolling to find out what our experts loved.

The Daughters of Madurai by Rajasree Variyar - "This beautifully told, brutally powerful story of family secrets, female infanticide and the conflict between personal desires and family obligations lingers long in the heart."

Hotel 21 by Senta Rich - "This beautiful, funny page-turner explores life-affirming friendship through a kleptomaniac hotel cleaner whose sense of self-preservation has seen her cut off connections to other people."

The Change by Kirsten Miller - "Three women discover a thirst for burning rage and retribution as they investigate the murder of a teenage girl in this all-consuming debut."

A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting by Sophie Irwin - "Delightfully charming, witty, and spirited, this historical debut contains a leading lady chasing a fortune."

Carmen and Grace by Melissa Coss Aquino - "Tough, tender and laced with tension, this Bronx-set Latinx crime drama tells a heart-pounding tale of female friendship, survival, courage and community."

Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson - "Class, money, love and family dynamics are dissected with wit in this wildly entertaining debut set around a clan of old money New Yorkers."

Love & Other Scams by PJ Ellis - "Sharp, flirty, and outrageously fun, this glittering rom-com is worth stealing *"

Thanks for Sharing by Eleanor Tucker - "A well-argued, rollickingly rousing call to join the sharing revolution."

Langdimania by Lach - "This zany fantasy adventure takes readers on a rollercoaster ride through the wild imagination of its 12-year-old hero"

The Ten Percent Thief by Lavanya Lakshminarayan - "A fiercely powerful and provocative assault on your senses as a small seed of rebellion threatens to overthrow the elite classes in the future."

Yinka, Where is Your Huzband? by Lizzie Damilola Blackburn - "A hug in a book, this is a joyous read."

Lies We Sing to the Sea by Sarah Underwood - "A labyrinthine fantasy inspired by the Greek myth of Penelope's hanged maids"

Liz Robinson's Picks of the Month

Liz Robinson's picks for April include fast-moving fiction and profoundly moving non-fiction as well as highlighting some books we loved when they were first released in hardback.

Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan - "This LoveReading Star Book is a captivating vibrant high fantasy influenced by the legend of the Chinese moon goddess."

#panic by Luke Jennings - "A fast-moving, provocative, and fabulously readable thriller which throws four young people against a group of far-right extremists."

Looking Glass Sound by Catriona Ward - "This LoveReading Star Book is a superbly plotted, acutely atmospheric and suspense-filled novel about twisted friendship, murder, and revenge."

The Book-Lovers' Retreat by Heidi Swain - "A truly lovely and gorgeously readable story featuring the emotional connection between different types of relationships and a much-loved book."

Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart - "A remarkable journey through one young man’s growing pains as he explores love and realises it has the potential to break him."

A Tidy Ending by Joanna Cannon - "This LoveReading Star Book tickles, suggests, and thoroughly provokes, it’s an absolute beauty of a read with an unforgettable main lead."

End of Story by Louise Swanson - "Fiction has been banned in this fabulously imaginative and emotional read where an author, classed as a criminal, continues to tell stories illegally."

Star Books

Our Star Books category is filled once more with a wide selection of books for all readers. What do they have in common? They stand out from the crowd as must-read, five star, shout from the rooftops books that sit at the top of our 'books to be recommended' list. They are stars of their genres. Enjoy!