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A Tidy Ending

"This LoveReading Star Book tickles, suggests, and thoroughly provokes, it’s an absolute beauty of a read with an unforgettable main lead."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A uniquely twisted and thought-scrambling psychological thriller set in the most routinely humdrum of circumstances, it made me think, wince, raise my eyebrows, and even cackle! Linda lives a mundane life, she looks out and dreams of more, but then her neighbourhood is shattered when young women start to go missing just as her husband begins to act differently, secretively even. I so love Joanna Cannon’s writing, she has real compassion and yet the ability to turn things, everyday normal things, inside out so that you see them differently and question your own thoughts. The prologue caught me, it felt like a truth, and I was held in thrall for the rest of the book. This is all about Linda, her thoughts, her feelings, she is different, wonderfully and deliciously different. I found myself wondering, doubting, hesitating, questioning my reactions to her choices and actions. The plot twists and turns and yet feels remarkably real, I believed! There is a quiet, but decidedly menacing dark edge to the fabulousness that is A Tidy Ending, it’s one heck of a compelling and entertaining read.


Liz Robinson

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