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"Meet thirty very different women and ponder over a book to be taken slowly."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Thirty very different pieces about extraordinary women, keenly observed and astute. They cover the spectrum from triumphant to pathetic, sad to humerous, surprising to surreal. There is the woman who unravels, another who grows wings, one who secretly paints her grass green, one talks to ducks, one slips through a timeless crack and another is put on a shelf. Some will irritate, others make you laugh or cry. Do not read too many together else you will lose the flavour. I would believe it to be a good bedside book, read two or three a night and take the next day pondering and digesting them before the next batch. I also believe it would make an excellent Christmas present for any woman any age.

Sarah Broadhurst

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Primary Genre Modern and Contemporary Fiction
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Reader Reviews

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One of the best short story books I have read in a long time!!

This is a terrific book by Cecelia Ahern - a book of thirty short stories, all covering different genres and is a must read. This is the sort of book that you can pick up, read a full short story and put it down again til next time.

The stories are all completely different, some humourous, some strange, some horror, some romantic and the list goes on. Cecelia Ahern has written each individual story from the heart and all are written in an easy to read, flowing manner, but it is the variety of the stories that really impressed me.... Read Full Review

Catherine Bryce

A collection of stories that is both empowering and relatable, speaking to women of all ages.

Empowering and relatable but also somewhat frustrating in places. Cecelia Ahern’s newest work is a powerful collection of 30 short stories. All centre around a different but unknown woman, you are given no name. Here lies the magic in the narrative, these stories are about women in different points and aspects of our lives. Women’s who could be any of us, these stories resonate a truth in us. You understand the frustrations and revelations of the characters because you have lived them or recognise them in others.

The frustration comes from the stories varying lengths. Some of the shorter ones I wanted more of and some of the longer less of.... Read Full Review

Karen Swanscott

A selection of entertaining and witty short stories about women's place in society as seen from a woman's viewpoint.

I am a big fan of Cecelia Ahern but sadly, I didn't like this collection of short stories. I completely understand what the author is trying to do: most women have at some time in their lives been in one or more of the situations described in the stories. I also understand why the main character is not given a name. She represents all women and the stories focus on the situation she is in, not her character. Unfortunately, the effect this had on me was that I could find no empathy with any of the protagonists even though I recognised the situations they were dealing with. I also felt that this anonymity detracted from the issue the author was focussing on.... Read Full Review

Pauline Braisher