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by Gavin Fuller

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A celebration of 160 years of reporting from the end of the Crimea War in 1856 to the Fifa scandals in May this year. A Daily Telegraph reporter always on hand to report war and protest, death and glory. 160 articles have been chosen and the journalists range from “Our Special Correspondant to famous names such as Winston Churchill and Cornelius Ryan. It's a fascinating collection revealing the events of the past century and a half and the way in which they're reported as the newspaper world changed to reflect growing media diversity. ~ Sue Baker


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Sue Baker

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Celebrating 160 years of reporting, this is an anthology of the headlines that the Telegraph made. The paper sent Stanley to Africa and George Smith to discover the Babylonian story of Noah on ancient tablets. The 22-year-old Churchill wrote from the North-West frontier at GBP5 a column, and Kipling from the front in the First World War. As well as showcasing the talents of many of these eminent correspondents, The Telegraph History of the World gives a fascinating picture of the way people lived and how news was reported. In 1932 when reporting on the German presidential elections the Telegraph's headline read 'Herr Hitler's Hopes Dashed Forever.' Not all doom and gloom, the royal births and weddings as well as political scandals make for a diverse and interesting collection from late 19th-century to the duration of the 20th.

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ISBN: 9781781315064
Publication date: 15/10/2015
Publisher: Aurum Press Ltd
Format: Hardback

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ISBN: 9781781315064
Publication date: 15th October 2015
Author: Gavin Fuller
Publisher: Aurum Press Ltd
Format: Hardback
Genres: Biography / Autobiography, History, The Real World,

About Gavin Fuller

Gavin Fuller is head of the Telegraph library, responsible for maintaining that newspaper’s archive. He is also a former mastermind champion and the editor of The Telegraph book of Readers’ Letters from the Great War, The Telegraph Book of the First World War, Leaves on the Line, and Lovely Bits of Old England: John Betjeman at The Telegraph. He lives in Surrey.

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