Weird isn’t necessarily a word that I feel comfortable using when describing a book that I adore, however if you combine weird and wonderful then the meaning transforms. The books I’d like to welcome you to here provoke new thoughts and feelings, and the wish to explore more, further, to really test your own imagination. This is a very personal list, these are books that sparked into life as I read them, they feel unique, even when looking at something completely familiar. You sometimes have to look beyond the obvious, scrutinise the spaces between words, soak up the differences and allow them entry to your consciousness. There are the genres included here to which weird and wonderful attaches itself with ease such as fantasy and science fiction, I’ve also included crime thrillers, historical, modern and contemporary, and relationship stories. If you are attracted to different, unique, things that some would describe as a little weird, then you may just find something that speaks to you here.